Monday, December 8, 2008

One of my favorite Christmas presents.

I think I received this present either last Christmas or the Christmas before. I feel bad sometimes. I focus so much on helping the kids open their gifts and remembering who sent what and who needs a thank-you, that I don't really feel my own delight in my presents is expressed very well.

This is a recipe-keeper. Let me just tell you what a treasure this homemade gift has been! If you're looking for a heartfelt, memory making and preserving gift, that is also inexpensive, consider one like this. My mother-in-law, Carole put this one together. Its more than just a place to keep recipes. The special part, is that she photocopied family recipes and put them inside. There are recipes from both sides of the family, and they are copies of original handwritten recipes. They go way back, to Great Aunt Tillie's recipe for powdered sugar cookies. And Carole then added her own comments in places. On several she wrote "This recipe was Uncle Jack's favorite." Not only do you get a sense for the families special dishes, but who prepared them and who loved to eat them! Its a very unique and clever way to tell a family's story, preserve a little history and give a great gift from the heart.


  1. It was a special gift, I keep mine in a special place so I can keep it for Mackenzie when she is older. I love the handwritten recipes, it gives a wonderful sense of family tradition. This is definitely an idea to pass on to others, I'm glad you thought to do a post about it!

  2. Hey Julie,

    Which reminds me, I would love to ask for a recipe or two from you, would love to have a little Southern tradition to add to our book!

    Its so nice to have you back in blog world again! Is everything settling down now, at least a little bit?

  3. That is so fantastic... I made a little cookbook for our family a few years ago, but getting to see the recipes in the original handwriting with all the flour and smudges... brilliant.

    So homey and loved on. Great idea. And so timely now when you're freshly missing grandma... to have pieces of her there with you. Lovely.

  4. Sara, I couldn't agree more with you. I love the smudges too. Now if I could just get the other side of the family to give up some of theirs, they are a bit more guarded : )

  5. Vicky that is one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever heard of. The book itself is beautiful and the handwritten recipes are just priceless. How wonderful~

  6. Vicky, I always love reading your comments on my friend, Robin's blogs so I thought I would come a calling.(southern talk).
    My aunt sent me my grandmother's handwritten recipes. It is such a special gift. I think putting them in the book would preserve them better. Great idea. My grandmother wrote in an old english style and it makes my heart warm when I see it and read her gingerbread recipe, which she was famous.

    Thanks for bring up that special memory in my old memory bank! I will be back to visit! Ruthie

  7. Hi Ruthie! How nice of you to come a calling! Another Southern woman, I love it! Of course, any friend of Robins is instantly a friend of mine :)

    I will have to be sure to share your comments with my mother-in-law. She just comes up with the most clever ideas. Old English stlye handwriting, that would be so neat to see. I am sure you treasure those recipes.

    Now it will be my turn to come a calling, one day soon! Thanks for the sweet words!


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When you get lucky

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