Tuesday, March 3, 2015


My word believe was put to the test over and over again this weekend.  We breathed it in, sitting in the bleachers at Roseau.  I chanted it under my breathe in the frigid temps of the arena near the ice.  Believe, believe, believe.

Imagine my sheer surprise to arrive home after 3 long days… to find this beautiful bracelet with my word on it!!  A wearable word- one of the treasures I adore.

Thank you, Karen, you surprised and delighted me more than you could know.

I'm off to chemo infusion this morning and blood work.  My lymphedema has swollen my arm, hand and fingers to huge proportions and will have it looked at today.  I'm drained, but otherwise hanging in.  

I've been so uplifted by the number of friends and family who have gone to visit my mom while we have been gone.  Thank you, thank you! 

Nolan started coming down with what seems to be a bad cold last Thursday.  He has been so miserable with a deep cough, sore throat, and runny nose.  It made for a very difficult weekend for him to play hockey this weekend.  He is still in bed today, questionable for school again.  Praying we can get him well and back to our smiling boy. 

Back soon with some photos from our weekend- it will go down in the books as a memory we will come back to time and again! 


  1. Praying for calm and peace as you sit in that infusion chair today. I'll be joining you in spirit from my own infusion chair.

  2. Love the bracelet. Hoping Nolan feels better soon. Hoping you have a compression sleeve for your lymphedema. Love and Hugs.

  3. what a thoughtful, loving gift from Karen!
    I love your new layout with your word for the year. Mine for this year is 'joy' inspired by one of the many joy-filled quotes by Mother Teresa and other saints. I hope Nolan recovers soon.
    blessings to you and yours

  4. Here's to hoping Nolan feels better soon! Tell him congrats on the big win this weekend!

  5. Good thoughts for your busy day and here are some suggestions for Nolan.
    * Oscillococcinum is a combination remedy used at the first signs of a cold or flu. Some people use it when they travel, are in crowds or throughout the flu season on a weekly basis.
    * Gelsemium: for colds and flu due to overwork and exhaustion
    * Dulcamara: for colds and flu developing at the end of summer and into fall.
    * Aconite: can be used for the first signs of a cold or flu.
    * Ferrum phos: is also used for the beginning of a cold.
    * Kali bich: is used for colds and sinusitis with tough, stringy mucus.
    * Hepar sulph. is used for a left-sided sore throat with a cold.
    * Pulsatilla: is used for a cold with thick yellow mucus.

  6. My dear sweet friend,
    Your word, BELIEVE, is such a hopeful reminder of how to live our lives in expectation of God's goodness and presence with us. I could see you on those bleachers, your hands clenched, BELIEVING, willing this hockey event to have a positive outcome for Nolan and all of those dedicated Moorhead boys. Truthfully, I thought about them all weekend and kept them in my prayers. I anxiously await the details of the finale that will long be remembered. :) :)

    And speaking of your Nolan, I am so sorry that he is feeling so poorly and I hope that by the time you read this that he is in the recovery process. How tough to play when you feel so awful. And you, my dear soul-sis, are also in my prayers as you work for a solution to all the swelling and lymphedema you are struggling with. You too are in my prayers, dear one.
    And in the midst of the challenges...blessings pouring down. What a blessing to have all those angels help out with your Mom. Aren't people so wonderful and generous? !

    My prayer for you today, sweet Vicky, is that you continue to BELIEVE and feel His presence and comfort in all that comes your way. You are never alone. He is always there with you. And
    the cherry on top of the sundae? You are held up in prayer by all who love you!

    Love you to the moon and back again!

  7. Every time I see "BELIEVE" at the top of your blog (or anywhere!) I get Holy chill bumps. Thank you for all you do--and for just being you.

    Hugging you from here.

  8. I love the bracelet Would sure lift my spirits up. :)

  9. Dearest Vicky, I didn't know about the swelling when we met the other day. We bear so much with so little complaint. I am praying that swelling will be relieved quickly, and for restoration of health on all ends at your home. I hope infusion went as well as possible. Thanks for stopping by my blog today too. XXOO

  10. Hi Vicky, popping in to see how you are doing, praying for health to all, I have thought of you often, sorry to hear your Mom has not been well. Does the swelling really hurt for you, hopefully they can give you some comfort. hugs Cinner

  11. Dear Vicky,
    You have been on my mind and heart today. The sun is shining and it is about 55 degrees. I hope you are feeling some of that sun where you are. You may have had another busy hockey weekend, but I am praying that you also got some rest and refection time as well.

    Love you to the moon and back, sweet friend, and just wanted you to know.

    1. What Linda said. Wondering about you. I sort of lost a week though I would have sworn I commented on this because I know I read it. But with a high fever anything was possible last week! Sending you a little something as soon as my fever is gone and I'm not contaminating anything in or on the envelope. Love you.


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