Monday, March 23, 2015

4 years… and updates

Superman and I escaped for an hour in Duluth, with the sun shining bright and the boys busy with their friends.  We simply went for a drive.  Rick googled and found the name of a park- Enger Park- that was close by.

The light was bouncing off everything, surrounding us with warmth and beauty.  Everywhere our eyes sought out, seemed to be cast with a golden glow.

Enger Park is the home to an observation tower that overlooks the city of Duluth,  as well as Lake Superior.  

Up we climbed.  Stopping to soak in the golden hues already lowering in the sky.

People were quietly traipsing about, going in and out of the tower.

The concrete staircase was in the middle, with each level having places to sneak a peek.

And this is what awaited us at the very top…  my camera may have been tilted just a tad, but what I love is that it looks like the curve of the earth, in the photo below.  Could the sky be any bluer?

Here is the draw bridge below, and areas where the the ice has been broken and it won't be long and ships will be moving through once again.

A peek out the back of the tower which overlooks a golf course.

The lake view through the front.

One last look back, as we descended the hill out of the park.

As we drove down the hill from the park, I squealed when I saw this next structure looming in front of us.  This was just one of the hotels we stayed at over the course of our honeymoon- almost 18 years ago.  

I sometimes feel, like God, puts these reminders in my path and helps me conjure up memories of what has stood the test of time- like Superman, love, and our marriage.  

Speaking of still standing...

As much time as I spent at the hospital with mom last week, when our book club found a night we could all meet last week, I knew how much my spirits would lift being around these beautiful women.  Impulsively, I lifted my glass and said I had just passed a milestone worth mentioning.  

March 16th, 2011 was the date of my breast cancer diagnosis.  We had book club just the night before my appointment. 

Last Monday, marked my 4th year of living with cancer.

So many have continued to walk with me, all 4 years, like these special friends.  We lived fully this night, and I am one blessed woman.

I've always thought that reaching a million views on my blog, was like a fantasy dream.  But suddenly, I am well over half way to that reality.  Want to help me achieve another goal?  Visit away! 

Its still the "little" things that add up to the biggest joys.  

Mom is settled back into room 212 at Bethany on University.  I finally crumbled on Saturday.  My body simply unable to tolerate much food, my legs cramping, and the rest of me just worn out.

It was Rick and my Uncle Bill and Aunt Carol, along with my cousin Pam who saved the day for us.  They fully moved mom out of her apartment in the basic care side and moved her all the way in to the skilled nursing side.

We took pizza over to her last night and Colton entertained with his new card tricks.  

Mom ate a little.  Talked a little.  But she has a new look in her eyes.  A far away look, that goes right past the grandchildren, right above my shoulder, and seemingly penetrates the brick wall, in a dreamy way.  

We talked about celebrating her 80th birthday earlier than October 21, her actual birthdate, with a big party, sometime this spring.

But as Rick so poignantly said last night, "the time to celebrate your mom, seems to be right now, in this moment, today."  

Thank you to all who have done exactly that- the love is streaming throughout her room.  

I have received some lovely and encouraging gifts in the mail, and on my doorstep.  Thank you!  
 Nolan's re-test for his concussion looms later today.  Infusion tomorrow.  I will be back with more as soon as I can… 

Live your moments.  Live them full. 


  1. Those pictures are stunning, especially the ones framed by the window. I'm grateful to have been on this journey with you these past 4 years. It has settled my restless soul. Hugs to you, Colton and your mom.

  2. Vicky, four years means even more years of friendship, and I'm glad for every one of them. Duluth is sure a special place. Thanks for introducing me to even more of it. Glad you had that time with Superman. And here's to a million -- a million views, and a million more hugs! XXOO

  3. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

  4. Vicky.. so glad that you have such wonderful friends around you. I continue to keep you, your Mom, and Colton in my prayers.

  5. Your pictures are so pretty, Vicky! The stone on the tower is beautiful. I too love seeing the curvature of the earth. When I fly, I always try to look out the plane's window to see it. Sending warm hugs and keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Congratulations. Lovely images and I can't imagine what good shape your legs must be in to be in that tower, unless it had an elevator. Just the front stsps would kick my butt! Hope Nolan is doing better.

  7. Oh sweet friend,
    I love this post...the sense of all that is "still standing"... the hotel where you had your honeymoon, the view from the tower of God's gorgeous world, your Mom, still here yet slowing moving 'home", Nolan after his accident, your wonderful book club friends, your precious marriage to your Superman and, dear Vicky... by the grace of God and so many wonderful doctors and friends and being surrounded by love and prayers...still standing.
    Standing strong. Loving life. Sharing your grace. You... the writer, the photographer, the wife, the mother, the daughter, the friend.

    It is the little things, isn't it?! All the blessings, one by one, that call us to remember how blessed we are. You are such a HUGE blessing, my friend. Thank you for being such a reminder about what really matters!

    Love you to the moon and back! And I am praying, always praying!

  8. Your writing always leaves me with a full,warm heart, like I don't have anything good enough to say in response.

    So much emotion here. I can just feel the Joy in your four-year celebration toast! Clinking imaginary glasses with you now.

    So much love to your family. I'll be sending this one to my mother--by way of link and cell phone. :)


  9. Just seeing this because you know.....Monday. So glad you had this time with Rick and to recapture the memories of what started the "you" as a couple that you are. Beautiful stonework on that tower. Wow.

    Rick is right and each day your mom is here is a reason to celebrate. And Colyon tracks with my Hunter once again in that cards and tricks became a huge part of his life at Colton's age and he's still going strong and it's really fun to watch. XO Love you, Honey.

  10. It never occurred to me that your mom is 79. She looks so young in her smiling photos. ..even from the hospital bed. Always keep you and Clan Westra in prayer. Happy Easter

  11. It never occurred to me that your mom is 79. She looks so young in her smiling photos. ..even from the hospital bed. Always keep you and Clan Westra in prayer. Happy Easter


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When you get lucky

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