Thursday, March 12, 2015

…never let it rest...

"Good, better, best, never let it rest.  Until your good, is better than, your best."

There is no "rest," amongst these boys.  

They skate as a team.  Each of the 3 lines has its own flair- its own way of working- of getting it done.  All three lines contribute to the success of the team.  Our defensemen rotate in and out, matching the play of each of those lines, seamlessly.  Along with the work of both of our goalies.  Equally contributing to the strength of our team.  

Hockey is a game of mistakes.  And yet, it seems that when one player can't make the play he desires, another player is right behind him, making the next play.  When one is injured, another steps in and fills the void.  When Nolan was sick, the others stepped in and stepped up.  Repeatedly, we've seen these boys play with their whole hearts.  

This team, won all three of their games two weekends ago,  and earned a berth at the Minnesota State Hockey Bantam AA Tournament, March 12th- 16th.

Nolan slept for almost 3 full days after his game.  I've not seen him so weak and tired in a long time.  After taking him to the doctor, he was found to have an acute bronchitis.  For a kid who has only had antibiotics a few times in his life, he is starting his second round now, and we pray it helps him breathe more freely.  

How cute are these treats?  It was Clay's birthday, and his mother, Nancy, surprised us with these clever  cake pops treats.  The addition of Snoopy is just the best touch! 

So many of the siblings of our players came to this game.  They spent an afternoon making posters for each player.  

Some of our moms cheering our boys on.  

Colton talking, hockey, with one of our teams biggest fans.

So we're off to the State Bantam AA Hockey Tournament for the next few days.  We could use all of your positive vibes and energy!  

I pray mom will be okay.  I see her often, and talk to her daily, often twice a day.  I've reassured her, I'll find my way back to her, if needed.  But we'd welcome your prayers that she simply feels well enough, despite our being gone. 

Back soon with all the details!  


  1. Yes, all my best sent your way!

  2. Have a wonderful time and may Nolan recover fully, completely, and quickly! May they prevail! Enjoy!

  3. You and your Mom are in my prayers each night. Hope Nolan gets well... and I sure hope they didn't put him on a fluoroquinolone.

  4. My dear friend,
    "Good, Better, Best" ...Wow! That statement is what my 4th grade teacher put in my autograph book. A memory from long ago and still true to today. It's perfect to represent Nolan and his team! I LOVE the sign "#7 shoots like heaven!" It just doesn't get any better than this does it! What an exciting weekend ahead. I am so grateful to God that you are able to go and cheer on your boy!!

    Prayers for Nolan that his health continues to improve so he can leave it all on the ice and still feel okay. GO #7! You shoot like heaven!!! (sorry, I just couldn't help giving that little cheer!!) :)

    Prayers for your Mom so that she is in good hands and okay while you are gone so your heart can rest and you don't have to worry about her (just have fun). And as always, prayers for you my sweet friend for health and stamina and fun and joy.

    Love you to the moon and back!

  5. Praying along with you!




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When you get lucky

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