Friday, February 27, 2015


These two.  They rebelled against the dress clothes for sure.  And to stand next to each other?  C'mon.  Pure torture.  Plus, although the sun was bright, it was in the teens for the temperature.  They were not happy.  So we told them to look serious in the photo.  

It's one of my favorites.  Because somehow we pulled it off.  And you'd never guess by looking at the photo, all the drama that ensued before it was taken.

In the end, it was just worth it.  The time.  The patience.  The cajoling.  All worth it.  

No different than this group of boys below.  Nolan's Squirt A team from what feels like ages ago.   For some of these boys it was their first Squirt International Tournament.  For most of these boys, it was the first year they had all played together.  The coaches invested a lot of time teaching them how to play the game. 

We had no idea out of the 64 teams from across the country, we'd end up finishing in 5th place.

Their ability to finish so well, far exceeded our expectations.  I think the seed was planted.  The dreams ignited.  And every time these boys have been on a team together in the following years, they've gelled as teammates more and more.  They lead with their hearts, their strong will,  and their desire to compete at all costs.  

This weekend we have a big tournament.  It's the MAHA Regionals for Bantam AA hockey, held in Roseau, MN.  The top two teams will advance to the State tournament.  

Good luck boys.  

Time and again you've shown us, what happens when you leave it all on the ice.  And you always do.  Lots of sweat, sometimes blood, and even tears- along with the victory celebrations like the one above.  

We believe in you.  

Onward Moorhead!  


  1. You're right. That picture is awesome. Go Moorhead!

  2. It's such a fulfilling thing to witness a team that started young and has had the chance to travel and grow together. We've been part of that at times, but never all the way to the finish. So far, our kids have ended up quitting athletics right before high school. But I can just imagine your joy, knowing there's likely to be no quitting here. God bless you hockey mama, soul sister!

  3. I love the pic of those boys of of my favorites! love tht back ground story as well!!! ha ha ha siblings and attitudes....oh how I remember...just love! because it is all so 'normal'
    5th out of! go go go go go Enjoy your weekend and time with all of this 'normal'
    love you and those boys of yours! Prayers for a wonderful weekend :)

  4. GO, MOORHEAD!! GET 'EM, BOYS!! Cheering with you, Vicky! Have a GREAT weekend, friend! XO

  5. LOVE the picture of your boys....they are both so handsome. And I can imagine what it took, but oh, yes, it was worth it.

  6. Love the picture!!! Little men! Cheering from Georgia!! And sending Love.

  7. Oh my sweet friend,
    We are cheering in Spokane!! Go boys! You can do this! I LOVE that picture of your two boys, serious looks and all with the story behind the photograph. I love that they play hockey having some blood, sweat and tears. I love that they leave it all on the ice!

    You, Vicky, are such a great role model for them, and for all of us who love you so.
    You go for it! You leave it "all on the ice." You are willing to go all out... risking the blood, sweat and tears to be all in. I am so grateful for your wholehearted role model of how to live life and for the team's role model too.

    So know we are yelling and praying and cheering! No matter how it goes, we are so, so proud of you, Nolan, and the rest of your team!

    God bless,
    Love you to the moon and back, Vicky.


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When you get lucky

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