Friday, March 27, 2015

I am~

My arm bling, is bringing me such joy.  I trace over the words trying to imprint them on my brain, when I'm struggling to hold tight.  This was a dear and thoughtful friend who gave me a beautiful card and remembered I had turned 4 years in living with cancer. That shouts "blessing," bigger than anything right now.

A jar of beautifully hand-folded stars, shining bright with affirmations on them.  These came from a friend in Texas and she had them sent from an Etsy store named SistaLuna.  Worth checking out!

The devoted hockey moms behind this rapidly rising brand of hockey everything- TeagsandRy- gifted me with this bag.  Its light, yet durable.  Has pockets for water bottles, change for the concession stand and lots of mittens, hats, and scarves.  Its the perfect bag for any busy hockey mom!  You have to check out their adorable site!  TeagsandRy

When I received a message from a friend wondering if my mom would like some flowers?  Naturally, I said yes, knowing my mom.  She is such a caretaker to plants and flowers.  The bigger surprise came with a knock at MY door.  Flowers were gifted to myself as well.  

I'm searching for the rest.  Struggling with the words.  Needing the time to soak in His tender mercies.  To feel His Grace wash over me, again and again.

I'll be back as time allows, and words pour forth. 

I'd be so honored to pray for you, as you all have done for me and mine.  Please leave a comment or message me if you desire to be added to my list.  

~All shall be well~ 


  1. This is the best news I've read all morning: to hear that you are covered in love and caring gestures and that it even reaches your mom, too. I love you, Vicky. My prayer request would be that when you think of me, you pray for your own dear family whose needs are so great right now. XOXO

  2. Blessings are all around. Thanks for sharing yours.

  3. I love you sweet Vicky - always praying - keeping you in my heart - holding you before Him! His love and mercies endureth forever!


  4. Hi sweet friend,
    Yes, you are blessed and all of us who know and love you are so blessed to have you in our lives. I love your "arm bling" too. :) Gorgeous!

    I mentioned this before to you, Vicky, and I would also ask any others who read your blog to keep my daughter, Amy, in your prayers as she has neck surgery next Thursday. Several years back, while running along a road and training for a race, a truck deliberately hit her. She flew up and into a ditch and landed on her neck. She has these surgeries twice a year and they are almost unbearably painful. I would so appreciate your prayers for her, for her peace and knowing God's presence and a quick recovery.

    Love and hugs and prayers to you sweet Vicky...and especially for your mom and Nolan.

  5. Not only are you blessed, dear Vicky but you are a blessing to others as well. You let your light shine and bring hope to others. Continued prayers for you and loving thoughts also. If you would, you can say a prayer for me, for peace in a situation. Thank you. xxoo

  6. You are blessed....and you are a blessing.
    Much love to you,

  7. You, your Mom and now Nolan, are in my prayers each night, prayers that... "All will be well."

  8. What lovely gifts!! Praying for all this morning❤️

  9. Praying for you, your little, and your Momma! Lots of squeeze hugs....

  10. I always, always, always sense God's embrace when I read your words.

    Prayers right now....


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When you get lucky

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