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Thank you gifts- were you a winner?

The winners of the thank you gifts were drawn and announced this weekend!

You can read about them here.

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The Winners of our Fundraiser
"Thank you gifts"

Basket 1- Julie Garmon

Basket 2- Diane Schotl

Cottage Pillows- Kathryn Feigal

Western Cabin Pillows- M. Fahey for his mom Nancy

Quilt- J. Porter

Please e-mail  (Peggy Sue) with your address so we can get
your gifts sent to you!

Thank you everyone
for donating and making this
a huge success!

We are thrilled, humbled and feel 
so blessed!!!

Our weekend of hockey turned into one of the most memorable experiences these young 14 year-old- boys will ever experience.  

For all the reasons, as parents, we hope will never happen.

But it all started off filled with possibility.  Craguns Resort hosted all the teams.  While its an older resort, on Gull Lake, in Brainerd, MN, it has a charm and warmth to it that make it very relaxing.

This was the view out our patio screen door.  It was too cold for me to want to open the screen for a clear view. 

Each room was equipped with a real wood- burning fireplace.

And below is the Blue Ox, the trophy on the line for the winner of the tournament.

We were slated to play some of the toughest Bantam AA teams in the state of Minnesota, and see how our team measured up compared to those.

Our first game we were matched against a long-time rival- Bloomington Jefferson.  Early predictions had them as the team that would go on to the championship.  

We were all nervous about how our team would fare against them.

We had faith in our boys and the level of competitiveness they contain.  

The Moorhead Junior Spuds team did not disappoint!

After a slower first period they got the scoring going through teamwork and were first on the board with a goal by Nolan.  Our team continued on for two more goals, before Jefferson finally answered back with one.

But when Jefferson decided to pull their goalie nearing the end of the third- we scored one more time and ended the game 4-1.

We beat Bloomington Jefferson- one of the teams predicted to go to the championship.

We quickly saw that the next team we would play, was a team we felt we stood a chance against, early the next morning.

The boys were off to an amazing start in the tourney.

We went back to our hotel for the tournament pasta feed and banquet.

As Rick and I headed down the hall to go to the feed, we ran into a heavy discussion going on in the hallway.  We were quietly pulled into the conversation.

A young 14 year old player, had collapsed on the ice.  The early reports were saying that despite extensive attempts to revive the young man, he had indeed died.

We went numb with shock and disbelief.  

The rest of the night, bits and pieces of information kept coming in.  It wasn't long, before the kids all new.  Soon, the story was being picked up by the news and local media.  Word continued to spread.

There were so many big questions our boys were asking.  And as parents, we had some really hard answers to give them.  

We were devastated, sad, and subdued.  "At a loss for words," seemed to be the first response by everyone.  

The tournament was cancelled, out of respect for the young player, later reported to be Patrick Schoonover, who played for Eastview.  

The following is part of some of the most recent news...

"... cause of death to Eastview Bantam AA Defenseman, Patrick Schoonover, was a defective heart. In an email to the team Saturday, Patrick's parents confirmed via the Brainerd Medical Examiner that Patrick's heart failed while playing. The fourteen year old young man collapsed on Friday in a game between his team and Wayzata in the Battle for the Blue Ox, in Brainerd, Minnesota. 

In a statement posted Sunday on the Eastview Hockey website, the Schoonover's reiterated that Patrick's death was due to a heart defect and not related to what happened during the game Friday, "...Patrick's death was due to a heart defect. More information will be forthcoming, but they wanted to clarify that this was not a hockey related injury."
Patrick is survived by his parents, Michael and Gayle, and three siblings, Abby, 18; Anna, 17, and Matthew, 11. His family lives in Eagan. "

Nolan has been subdued and sad.  At some level he understands the tragic nature of what happened, while still not completely understanding the sheer magnitude of it all.

I was impressed, with how well our hockey community came together.  We may be opponents on the ice, but off the ice we come together as friends and family.  There was nothing but compassion and sorrow and support, heaped with prayers, by so many.  

So each day, we talk a little more.  Assure and reassure our son's uncertainty.  And hug him with arms that reach all the way around in sheer gratitude that we were one of the families that got to bring their young hockey player, home, with them.  

Because one family, didn't.  

And we will be forever changed as we take the ice each time from here forward, remembering to #playforpatrick.  

Its infusion Tuesday tomorrow, Dr. P,  and tumor marker testing.  

Back soon with updates.  


  1. Wow, what a tragedy for the boy and his family - and what a sobering experience for all the other hockey players and their parents. When the young die tragically like this, our minds seem to rebel and almost refuse to 'compute' the information at first. It takes time and effects may manifest at a later date among the other hockey players. Parents and coaches need to be alert to that.

    My best friend lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack due to an unknown heart defect. Four months later her 17 year old son dropped dead on the ice while playing in a tournament - from the same defect.

    Your description of this weekend brings me right back to my friend's double loss 15 years ago.

  2. Yes, Bonnie- thankful for your insight and experience- will pass that info along. Its truly heart wrenching to hear of your friend- my goodness- a husband and then a son within 4 months of each other- how do you even begin to process and go on from there? Beyond tragic.

  3. Oh my gosh, Vicky. Cannot imagine. These heart defects are often unknown until there is a tragedy. We have had a couple young athletes near us who had the same thing happen. One at a track meet and the other I can't remember which sport he was involved with but how can you know unless there have been previous problems? So, so sad and very hard for US to process, let alone the kids. My heart goes out to his family.

    1. So true, Robynn- thankful for your compassion for this family!

  4. How sad, Vicky. I have heard of so many young people who collapse and die during sports and they find out that they had a heart defect. It is too bad these things don't show up in physicals before these kids go out and play. Thoughts and prayers go out for this poor family and to Nolan also.

    Your pictures were very nice. The fireplace especially looks warm and cozy.

    Hugs dear friend.

    1. Eileen- so true- we have talked about that as parents. Not sure what kind of test could even be done, that would not be too expensive, but would also give a good measure of function and/or defects… so much to think about.

  5. So young, so tragic. My heart goes out to the family, as well as my prayers.

    1. Thank you for those prayers- I know, you know more about this than most having watched your own son and his heart go through so much.

  6. Very sad and sobering. Saying a prayer for the family, as well as their community. Thanks for this well written post, you really are an artist with words. Also praying for you and your day (it's Tuesday :-)

    P.S. I immediately thought of you and your family when I read about Patrick on the news)

    1. Susan- thankful for those prayers. I received so many texts and emails- so many knew we were at the tourney and word spread so rapidly. We continue to process and recover. Your kind words are such a gift to me- thank you!

  7. My dear friend,
    I am up early this am (3am here) and you are in my thoughts and prayers as you have a busy day today with infusion, a meeting with Dr. P and tumor marker testing. I am continuing to remember Patrick and his wonderful family and all of the hockey community who feel this loss so acutely. I am especially asking God to ease Nolan and Colton's hearts after such a shock.
    May they both know how much God loves them right now.

    Loves and hugs and prayers, always prayers.

    1. Goodness- that 3 am is beyond early! Thankful for your specific prayers- Nolan has had to work through a lot to understand and I am grateful to have you thinking of and praying for him. Love you sweet friend~

  8. Oh, wow! That is incredibly sad. How hard for your boys to have to experience.

    Prayers for your testing today. Praying for very clear communication and a clear plan with Dr. P.

    1. Very hard- for us, and the boys. Thankful for your prayers! Many being returned for you as well- you never far from my thoughts and prayers.

  9. Wow, that is called a real problem...No words can express how sad I feel for them. Vicki, we need a 6 hr talk and i HAVE AN IDEA,.....i will be home on the 5, Russ and I are going to a b and b for our anniversary for 2 days and then on the 9 i have surgery on my foot,(one of 5) so, I recoup on couch for 9 days before we head back to AZ....if you are free, feeling ok and feel like it, come over one of the days and we can spend as much time as you have! Hope your Mom Cave is still working out for you.. Love you xoxoxoxoo Prayers to his family. Also praying for a real talk with Dr P and real clear path for you. God is Good, I know He wants you around for a long time. You are sooooooooo good with everyone, are so wise, so smart, so caring, so amazing....We need you here for self centered reasons, for us, all of us....He knows that. I believe we all have our Work to do for the Lord and yours, my dear is not going to be done for a long time!!! Thank you Lord!!!

    1. We will definitely have to find a time to catch up, Barb! I have infusion that day so we may both be reclining on the couch a bit :) Will keep you close in thoughts and prayers! xxoo

  10. Hi Vicky!
    I LOVE your blog's festive new Christmas look and the picture of Colton and your sweet doggie! It put a smile on my face! :)
    Just thinking of you and sending hugs and prayers your way!

    1. Thanks Linda- my friend Karen always helps me and I love how it refuels me to see her creativity in this way! Love, hugs and prayers to you!

  11. Oh, heart breaks for this family. I'm praying for them and thank you for bringing their story to us.

    I read the beginning of this post a few days ago--far enough to discover I'd won. Was moved to tears. Didn't enter to win. Just to say I love you, and now am reading the full post. My heart is full, my friend.


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