Friday, November 28, 2014

When Joy chooses...

So much at once happens, it feels like I need to be quick in all that I do.  Wednesday night was spent in the ER with my mom who was in the most pain I've ever experienced her have.   It was not in her back, but shooting through her stomach.  Her blood pressure would drop, and her Oxygen levels would go low as well. With several increasing doses of morphine the edge was taken off, and she began to relax.  It was 3 am when they found a hospital room for her and allowed sleep at home for Rick and I.

So we spent Thanksgiving Day in the hospital with mom.  She dozed and asked goofy questions, which kept us giggling.  She called Rick, "Lee," my brother's name.  She would wonder where she was at, and then her eyes would grow wide when we told her the hospital.  Then she'd laugh, as though she had known all along.  Oh the side effects of pain meds.

But her pain quieted.  And so did she, able to sleep mostly.

So the boys were determined to go home and cook Thanksgiving, while I stayed with mom.

You see, it seems, in preparation for all of this, Joy walked through my door.

It had been just hours before the call from mom, on Wednesday.  My sweet friend Carrie, came for a visit bringing with a hand made art piece she created using the words of our Gitzen Girl- Sara Frankl.   

We had a delightful chat about life, and knowing what matters, and what counts.
Carrie is filled with an insightful wisdom, at a young age, and I truly just listen, as she pours out so much of what its taken me years to learn.                                      

This is her precious art work so carefully chosen and made for me.

But its Thanksgiving Day, and I am still at the hospital with mom, and I help her eat.  She takes a bite, and falls asleep with the fork still curled in her fingers and her mouth open to receive the food.  

I guide her hands and make small talk to awaken her, to help her get the food in.  She has had a scope of her esophagus and she has no bleeding, but its inflamed and sore.

Yet still, she needs nutrition, and something in her stomach to help with her meds.

So we maneuver to keep sustaining her.

In the meantime, the boys are determined to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Through several phone calls, we manage to get directions across, and the food gets cooked.

This one, managed the pumpkin pie, completely on his own.  He is so sad about his Grandma, but, also determined to step up, and contribute in a way that makes my momma's heart soar.

And his pie?  Was fantastic! 

The last call I received from Rick was that Colton wanted me home to eat with them.  How could I resist?  With mom resting comfortably, Rick came and picked me up.

In all honesty, the table wasn't  beautifully decorated, or fancy by any means.  We've all been stripped bare.  But for one of the first times, the Thanks, was really foremost in our Thanksgiving.  

The pride these boys displayed in making this meal 
happen.  We said Grace and ate heaping spoonfuls of deliciousness.  Afterwards I asked what the best part of the meal was.

Without skipping a beat, Colton says, "my pie, but even before that, faith, family and love, is the most important part."

I believe, he is saying it, because he fully feels it.  

I can't help but look at my table where my framed artwork of Joy resides…

"Joy: the unwavering trust that God knows what He’s doing and has blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of it… not despite what’s happening in my life but because of it. When everything earthly feels heavy He gives me an internal lightness that can’t be touched." Sara Frankl

I remember the day Sara wrote her post about Joy.  I wrote in my comments that I felt as though is you choose joy, it will choose you right back.

It does, friends. Without a doubt, it will choose you right back.


  1. This looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Love your family.
    Hope your mom feels better soon.

  2. That pie looks wonderful! Hope your mother is feeling better! The effects of morphine can really take its toll on people and their response to it. ( my mother-in-law did some wild things when they gave it to her). Glad you were able to have dinner with family. You have great sons!

  3. You have such an amazing family, but I'm sure you already know this.

    Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery. The two of you are always in my prayers.

  4. Oh, how heartwarming that they would go through the trouble. And Colton is a guy after my own heart. I always wanted to be in charge of the pies too. My mom didn't do pies so I started making them myself in high school. It all looks like it turned out very well! Prayers for your mom and you all. XXOO

  5. what a yummy looking pie! Colton has produced a pie far better than any I tried to make. Now I just buy my pie from Bob Evans. Colrton's looks as good as ours, tasty too, I'm sure.
    Prayers for your mom and for you and your family.
    God bless.

    1. Ditto!!

      Beautiful pie :-) Well done, Colton!

      And I am adding my prayers.

  6. So sorry about your Mom. Hope she feels better soon.
    I am happy you had a nice Thanks giving.
    You know, family is so important and it is clear you are very much loved and this is the most important thing and much to give Thanks for.
    The pie looks delicious. NICE JOB!

  7. My sweet friend,
    If there was a contest for the best looking Thanksgiving table, I would nominate yours. Yours because love abounds. Yours because your sweet boys, all three of them, took it upon themselves to make the meal. Yours because real families that support each other are decoration enough for every holiday occasion! Yours because that sweet son of yours is GLOWING having made that yummy pie!

    Prayers going out to your Mom and you for energy, peace, comfort and a sense of His presence. We are all walking each other home and you are doing that with love for your mom.
    I did that too. The feeding and the hospital and the change in roles. Bless your heart and hers.
    Your Dad would be so proud of you for being such a good daughter!

    Love you to the moon and back!

  8. What super sons you have. Hope your mom will soon be feeling better and you can all have a good rest. Blessings as we move into the Advent season.

  9. Well I am incredibly sorry about your mom, but what a great way to pull Thanksgiving dinner together. I keep thinking how proud your kiddos must feel to have done that.

  10. I'm so sorry my comment wasn't here. I've left it twice and was having troubles logging in to Blogger from my iPhone. Frustrating but very small compared to the real struggles of life. Love you and loved this post and the Thanksgiving cooking the boys did and the hearts represented. XO


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