Friday, November 14, 2014

Our BIG surprise!

Holy- canoli! 

What a great surprise the boys brought home to me Wednesday after school.  So generous! I could hardly wait to hear their interview this morning on BIG 98.7 radio, with Jesse and Amanda, and Pike.

We actually listen to them every morning.  

Mrs. Laudenbach, (Front row, yellow coat) is Colton's Language Arts teacher, and she also had Nolan when he was in 6th grade.  She is the one who nominated our family for the The Christmas Wish and wrote about us to the station.  

So early this morning, while Rick was shooting hockey photos and Nolan had hockey practice, Colton came to my room to listen to the story.

 Hearing the boys voices ring out loud and clear was a moment I never thought I'd have with either of those boys.  That alone was pure gift.

To hear them speak from their heart, so candidly, was a beautiful thing.  

Shortly after the story aired, I received fb messages from both Amanda, and then Jesse.  How neat is that?  Amanda's mom is in the midst of fighting ovarian cancer, and knows all too well what a heavy burden this is for us all.  

If you'd like to hear the story- a podcast is available on BIG 98.7's website HERE.

We're truly blessed and will be seeking out all the ways we can be good stewards of these generous gifts to us.  

Thank you Mrs. Laudenbach!  Thank you BIG 98.7! 

We have a big weekend of hockey with both boys and I am attending as much as possible.  

Go Junior Spuds! 

Happy Birthday, Superman!  As usual you will be our driver, our arena- finder, our care-taker and the last thing you will focus on is you.  We love you!  


  1. What a delight to read of all the love that is coming your way, Vicky. Cannot think of anyone who deserves it more. Let the love pour into every cell. xox

  2. I'm so happy that your family was blessed with this gift. All the best to you this holiday season.


  3. Oh my sweet friend,
    I am thrilled that you were surprised and honored with this gift! It is SO deserved. What I loved most was listening to the podcast and hearing Nolan's and Colton's voices :) and hearing their devotion to YOU! What a treat to have that to replay.

    Sending you loves and hugs and prayers, always prayers!
    To the moon and back again!

  4. I love it!! "You get what you give and what comes around goes around" You sweet friend are a wonderful example of that!!!

    Have a great weekend - sending you some extra engery and endurance!!

  5. Oh, Vicky! This is SO wonderful! I listened to the radio show, and I was so happy for you, your boys, and your family for receiving the "Christmas Wish!" You and your family deserve it! Yipeeeeee! This made me smile! :) I hope you have fun at the hockey games this weekend, and the boys do grrrrreat!

  6. Hearing your boy's voices was so wonderful...Nolan sounds like a man already! I smiled through the whole radio broadcast. And I could see in my mind the looks and inneraction between both boy's at certain moments in the broadcast. What a amazing blessing to be picked..but more so what an amazing blessing to be there mom. Cancer can't take the love out of your's there tangiable and true...Thanks for sharring the link to the broadcast...I truly enjoyed Hearing them. Love to you Vicky and more and more prayers!

  7. Oh, so fun!! I am definitely going to listen to the podcast on my way to work Monday.

    And I love the picture of your big boy - your husband is so talented!

  8. Hi Friend,

    Wrote two comments early this morning from my iPhone (you know my iPhone problems - ha) and had them both freeze up so finally gave up but I wanted you to know you were on my mind. Woke up about 4:30 to a thumbnail moon in an inky sky and was praying for you and Rick and the boys. It was good to think that we look out on that same moon.

    But I was so impressed by what the boys did and the teacher and how warm and loved it must make you feel. I want to listen but have to download a player and I need updating here so, waiting on tech support because I am pathetic. I WILL figure it out! XOXO


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