Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I hoped it was just because of the gusts of wind.  Maybe I was imagining seeing my scalp in places I'd usually see thick with hair.  But as I carefully combed through and moved clumps of hair to one side or the other, all over the front of my scalp I can see my hair has thinned in patches- bald patches.  

After trying to grow it one length, I acquiesced  and chopped 3 inches off the sides and back. Then the stylist carefully scissored out some pieces to help it lay smoothly.  It feels thinner, and yet healthy for the first time in a long time. 

It otherwise looks remarkably the same- just inches shorter.  Apparently, there are a few people who do experience thinning of hair with Arimidex, and I am one of them. 

Arimidex, might also be explaining the pain I feel in my right thumb.  Its stiff, sore and throbs and aches at times.  That, as well as my left shoulder.  You can feel the tightness in the muscle all the way down my shoulder blade.  

I just haven't felt well.  I'm more fatigued than I've been in a long time. 

This last Saturday, I finally caved in, and took pain meds to alleviate the ache.  I slept restfully, for hours and felt so thankful for the relief.  

Then I picked this up and read.  

Oh my- its a page turner!  Plus it had such a satisfying ending, I had no idea it would leave me with such a life lesson in the end.  This was a great read!  I'm excited to pick up her next novel.

I also got the sweetest call, wanting to know if our family would like a fresh out of the oven apple pie?  Oh my… we would… we did! 

And then before I could take any more pictures, an apple crisp, and some brownie cupcakes may have also walked through our door and were instantly opened and cut into.  More deliciousness, and not a single bite left anywhere.  Comfort food took on a whole new meaning! 

We're so touched whenever someone goes out of their way to think of us.

Our fundraiser officially wrapped up and I am speechless.  Every offering, every note, every anonymous donation, it all adds together to weave a tapestry of hope and love for our family. I can't wait to announce the winners after they've been drawn!  

Mom is being discharged today from Bethany on 42nd over to Bethany Towers on University.  My cousin, Pam, has graciously offered to transfer mom.  I'm conceding I need just a bit of help these days, and grateful for all the help with rides, and help with mom,  and so many other blessings coming our way.

Rick worked all weekend in putting insulation in our garage.  He and my father-in-law took out the sheet rock, placed the insulation inside, wrapped it in a barrier, then put up the sheet rock again.  We were very humbled by the help of Cullen Insulation in making this project doable for us through their generosity.  

The boys have a big surprise for tomorrow.  They just arrived back at school after going to a radio station with their teacher.

They met, Pike, Jesse, and Amanda and will be broadcast on the air - BIG 98.7 tomorrow at 7:15 am!!  

I was also told the story with pictures will be on  BIG's Facebook page.  

 The boys texted and said they had a "surprise" to bring home to me today.  

I am giddy with anticipation and extremely honored and humbled.  


  1. You are always beautiful Vicky. Always. I know the hair thing is a big deal. I've experienced some hair stuff of my own - enough to know what a change it can bring. Just know that in these worries, and in your joy, too. Homemade apple pie fresh from the oven? That sounds a bit like heaven to me. And the surprise? I'm giddy with you! Can't wait! Hugs from across the river...

  2. Oops. Which we could do blog edits like Facebook posts. I meant to say, "Just know that we are with you in these worries..." That was an incomplete sentence otherwise! XXOO

  3. I need to get brave enough to just cut whats left of my hair. It's pitiful!

    Keeping you in my prayers each night and wishing you good things and healing.

  4. Vicky, you are amazing and I am so excited and wanting to know what your surprize is as well. As for the fatigue and other thing's...more prayers going out... and always so greatful you have so many who watch over all of you! lots of love from me to you!

  5. can't wait to hear about the surprise and i hope you'll link to BIG's FB page so that we can see pictures!

  6. My dear sweet friend,
    You are my example of thanks-living! I hold you in my prayers as you see physical and energy changes. Not easy. What I know for sure is that your inner and outer beauty shines, no matter what. May the Lord God bring peace to your heart and renewed energy to your soul. May His presence give you rest and hope and rejuvination.

    Can't wait to hear about the surprises. ;) Thinking of you as it is 19 degrees in Spokane.
    Wondering if you already have snow. Brrrrrrrrrr....

    Sending loves and hugs and prayers, always prayers

  7. I'm sorry about the hair, Vicky, because we women so identify it with who we are. But I also know you run deeper than any of that because you started out deeper and have been carved to allow so much to flow through you and reflect incredible beauty that hair has nothing to do with.

    I'm glad your mother is moving along though I know this is also a very, very difficult time. I pray you have the strength you need and I'm SO grateful for those who have stepped in to help and give you the rest you need.

    Can't wait for this latest news! Headed over to Facebook to check in. Love you, friend.

  8. sending you love dear friend - my heart aches for you - and I am reaching in for some extra grace, peace and healing for your!!!

  9. I always love to read your blog. I am so happy you are tickled pink from the results of your fundraiser, and smiled, when I saw that someone dropped off a yummy pie! Sending love and prayers to you! (((Hugs!!!!!!)))

  10. Aw. Same with some of my friends. Modern science could help surely.
    That pie looks sumptuous by the way.


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