Monday, November 12, 2012

Here we go

Nolan's AA Peewee team played their first games of the season.  The AA division is brand new to us this year and means we will be playing some pretty stiff competition.  Every year there are pre-season jitters leading up to the first game.  How will they look as a team?  How well will they break the puck out?  How well can they move the puck?  How will they handle the increased speed and size?  

Nolan's team played 3 games.  Below are just a sample of some of the hundreds of photos that Rick took. 

We were pleasantly surprised- we won all three of our games.  Each weekend we will face tougher teams as we move into our season and discover the challenges of the this new district.  

But the boys played well together.  Scoring came from every line and everyone passed the puck well.  Nolan's off season work has really improved his strength and speed.  While you can never turn a blind eye to all the areas that will continue to need work, its also good to notice all the areas where improvement has taken place.  

We were so proud of all of our boys!  Congrats Peewee AA team! 

Colton also had a big weekend of hockey.  It was the Squirt jamboree.  They have one inhouse team already, but this weekend they are all vying for 1 of 4 travel teams.  Colton played two games Saturday and two games Sunday.  

Colton has really stepped into playing goalie and he loves it.  He is pretty level headed and even keeled.  He can shake off a goal by the other team fairly well and get his head back into play quickly.  A couple of his friends are in the collage below as well.  

Colton's team tied twice, lost one, and won one.  He truly has embraced his role as goalie and we are excited to see which travel team picks him!

Last Thursday night, the "little" in our boys was abundantly with us.  Embracing the vulnerable, the worried, the sad helped propel us into a weekend of growth, discovery and sheer joy at watching them focus their efforts on what they love to do.  

If we accept whatever moments as they come, there truly is a grace that settles in all around.  

I have infusion tomorrow, and an mri of my brain on Wednesday, with sedation.  I have also realized I will need to refer myself back to wound care as it has abruptly stopped scabbing over and is open and angry looking again.  But my eye is fixed firmly on the grace certainly surrounding my days despite where and what I may be doing.  How about you?  


  1. Thrilled the boys had such a great weekend (can't believe how BIG the older group looks) and glad for their fun and focus. REALLY not thrilled to find out about your wound opening again. I'm so sorry, Vicky. What an immense frustration and struggle. Just when you think you're almost there but we will all continue to hope and pray.

    So glad you have your MRI's with sedation, especially those of the brain. I had no idea (until you talked about this this past year) that it was even a possibility. They make it seem (here, at least) that if you can't do it you're out of luck. I've been scheduled to have one for a month but I won't go or even call them because of it. Now I think I'll pick up the phone and see if sedation is possible for me too. I just know I can't get through without it. Thank you for sharing that or I would never have known. You do much good, my friend. Praying for your infusion day tomorrow.

  2. Thinking of you during your appointments this week. I love all the hockey pics. I am especially impressed with the photo of Colton with the puck hovering over his glove-very cool.

  3. Praying for infusion day for you...and for healing for your angry place.
    Your boys are growing up before my very eyes. They look like men in these photos...sigh.
    Love you,

  4. Your banner is breathtaking! Such beauty as the seasons change.

    Trust all will go well with your infusion and MRI and that you will be strengthened for the coming season.

  5. I'll be thinking of you this week Vicky. I'm so glad you could enjoy the hockey game. I hope you have a good week and please remember to treat yourself!!!

  6. Sounds like a full weekend! Completely not important, but I always imagine how cold the rink must be when you talk about games.

    Will be saying extra prayers for you this week. So glad you're able to have a little extra help during those MRI's.

  7. Vicky, my thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. You always bring me back to a good place, friend. Thanks for your inspiring words! I loved seeing the boys in action, too, after all you've shared about their growth and what it has taken to get there. I'm rooting for them too! I look forward to what life has in store for us in the coming weeks. Looking forward to another coffee, though we may have to switch to peppermint mocha now. :) XXOO Let grace surround you tomorrow. Let blessing comfort you. Let the One who loves you most rest with you.

  8. Sending healing thoughts your way, hoping you get great results from the MRI and that it is uneventful...

    Love seeing those boys in action.. Hockey is such an action packed sport. My husband misses the action big time!

  9. Hockey is a tough sport. Congrats to your team!!
    Being a goalie is the toughest job since it's the goalie that is always blamed for losses . Defense has to always watch and protect the goalie.

    I am sorry to hear about your wound. I just don't understand why it's not healing?
    Try to
    Eat more, take vitamins. Take care Vicky and don't despair. Every day is a new day.
    Just keep fighting.

  10. I am praying all of your tests went well!

  11. How grownup all of Nolan's group looks! They grow so fast!!! Hope it is a season of growth, team spirit and fun for your boys as the enter another season of hockey.

    And for you, Vicky I am praying that all went well with your MRI yesterday and that you will find help for healing of that wound.

    Thoughts and prayers, Eileen xxoo

  12. Colton is brave I always think that the goalie position must be the hardest of all in any sport. Great photos and well done boys.


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