Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Duluth East vs. Moorhead Peewee AA's and the big comeback!

My nerves were off the grid just thinking about this game.  Nolan's Peewee AA team was scheduled to play a top ranked Duluth East Peewee AA team last Saturday night.  At the high school level Duluth East is a perennial powerhouse team that is always in the run for a State Title.

It was out first time playing them and the hype about them was filled with accolades at how well they played.  Our own kids had this hype firmly in mind.

The first period clearly showed we could hang with them.  The score was 1-0 in their favor at the end of the first period.  They would score another goal and go up 2-0.  Our chances were slipping through our fingers.  But our boys battled on.  They fought for loose pucks and battled along the boards.  They passed to each other and took advantage of many scoring chances.

Karson (#15) gets the scoring started for Moorhead, capitalizing on a rebound from their goalie, and the score becomes 2-1.

But they answered us with two quick goals of their own.

With 7 minutes left in the 3 period, we were down by a score of 4-1.  Its an awfully large deficit to come back from, especially with just 1 period to go.

And yet- our boys did not back down.  If anything they pressured more, and increased their intensity.

Suddenly, Nolan ( #22) rifles off a quick slapshot and the score goes to 4-2.  Suddenly, the energy inflates and we are fully back in the game.

With a beautiful goal from Justin ( # 14) and then a drop pass from Ethan (#18) to Clay (#19) who scores again... suddenly with just a few minutes left in the game- we are tied!! 4-4.

Now can we just hang on to get to overtime?  Or... well you'll just have to see...

Watch the video to see a compilation of all the goals and the big finish!!  You will not be disappointed!!

The screaming on the video- may or may not have been- me.  I was one proud hockey mom!  Proud of all those boys and truly felt blessed by being able to watch her #22 doing what he loves to do!

Way to go Moorhead Peewee AA team and coaches!  Thank you to the Duluth East Hounds who lived up to their billing of being an outstanding team, and agreed to travel a long ways to come and play us.  We went on to split with them, losing an early morning Sunday game.  But we learned a lot that weekend.  Never count yourself down and out... you just never know when you will persevere and come out victorious.


  1. how cool is that! what a great life lesson. man, can they skate FAST!

  2. This is fabulous Vicky! I can't wait to send the video to grandpa to see how great these boys worked together, thanks for sharing!

  3. hooray for youth sports - hooray for the moms who cheer & sit on the edge of their seats, holding their breath!!

    love these moments! So glad you shared this Vicky!!


  4. Oh how I wish for these days to come back. What lovely stories.
    So much emotion and praying and tears. Boy learning to be men.
    Men learning to be a team.Fighting,never surrendering.
    This is what makes watching these games so much fun.

  5. Wow the energy is palpable...I would have been screaming like a mad woman... Congratulations for a beautiful goal Nolan, thank you for sharing Vicky xo

  6. Clearly I have become a hockey mom when this brings tears to my eyes. AWESOME!!!

  7. Wow! Great comeback win for them, Vicky! And, Nolan sure looks like he knows what he's doing!!!

  8. Vicky, I've been enjoying watching my 7th grader play basketball this year. As a former basketball cheerleader, I see how easily it comes back. I can't help but get into it! Thanks for sharing in the excitement, and tell Nolan that 22 is my all-time favorite number. :)

  9. Way to go, Nolan! And I am totally a screaming sideline mom too. ;)

  10. This was so fun to see! Thank you for sharing the video! LOVED the moves, the victory jump, and the dog pile! Too fun. My niece is married to a Minnesota hockey player, Luke Curtain. Thought you might get a kick out of this:


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