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"Thanksgiving only becomes thanksliving when the thanks for His vertical, coming-down grace — is expressed as a horizontal, reaching-out grace."  Ann Voskamp

"Coming down Grace" reached us this Thanksgiving- vertical, sideways, backwards and twirly topped. The Levaquin I've been taking has helped me fight the sinus infection, but rendered me even more dizzy and fatigued than normal. 

And I steady my head to number my gifts and count them.  My gratitude journal filling and spilling into the corners of all my days. The daily practice of Thanksgiving = Thankful living.  

I am rescued, as my head swirls, and my cousin Jennifer, offers to send us dinner that we only have to heat up Thanksgiving Day. Then her sister Pam and husband Scott deliver the meal Thursday morning.  Their daughter Amanda even bakes us a pumpkin pie.  It is delicious- so tasty I couldn't have made it any better myself.  Thanks and giving.  

The boys pick out the tablecloth and their favorite dishes and help set the table.  I cringe a little at their choices- and yet, it speaks to my mama heart that her boys want to please her and to take part and they beam all the way through when they are finished. 

The beautiful flowers surprise me at the door Wednesday and become the perfect centerpiece for our table.  Thank you Moilanen Family! Then Anne comes, bearing fruit and dip and love and warmth. And grace flows and my heart grows.  

Grandpa Jim arrives to help carve the turkey and Uncle Dale (Carole's brother) stops by too.  Grandma Mary Ann has an unfortunate run in with a flu shot Wednesday that leaves her too sick to join us.  She rallies quickly.  Grace rains down.  

We eat, we talk, we rest, we savor.  

And thanksgiving only becomes thanksliving when joy in the blessings given from above — overflows into the blessings given all around.  Ann Voskamp

Overflowing blessings- given all around- and counting gifts teaches so that Thanksgiving becomes Thanks-living.  

And I steady my head and and bend my knees and give thanks for the living and the bounty and blessings.   


  1. Love this and love seeing you all healthy, happy, and at home together this Thanksgiving. :)

  2. Beautiful family together sharing and giving thanks is what it is all about. Thankful living is the way to be and you are doing it wonderfully sweet friend. I am sending you strength and hope your sinus infection is now gone. xo

  3. You should listen to Grace Flows Down - such a beautiful song, and your post reminds me of it.

  4. Great post! :) Love the Thanksliving and looks like your thanksgiving was more enjoying in the moments than getting caught up with all the busyness in life!

  5. For me the whole thing is embodied in the photo with father and son snuggled up on the couch. Just beautiful. Thankful for help for you and a moment to just enjoy what the day is about. Thank you for the pictures and always including us in your life. :) I pray blessings on all of you and on those who continue to be His hands and feet. (And Levaquin can be REALLY hard on the tummy - I'm sure your doc told you but take the BEST probiotic you can find, preferably refrigerated so more of them are alive and kicking. Ok - I'll stop soap-boxing now!)

  6. I love the idea of Thanksliving - something that I find myself forgetting to do way too often.

  7. What a lovely post Vicky.:)
    Blessings to you and your family from Canada

  8. Hi Vicky!!

    I have been thinking about you so much over the last week! I am so glad you have a good day - filled with so much love!

    Thank you for always bringing positive grace filled words to my life - thank you for helping me learn how to expand my moments - thank you Vicky for being you!


    1. Vicky, Beautiful post. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your gracious way of life. Makes me question whether I live in Thanks living as I should.

  9. Beautiful family photos, my friend.
    Spending time with family is the absolute best time ever.
    I thought of Mr. Willard, this week. I do that a lot. I look at my Daddy's hat hanging on the peg in our home in NC (that's where we spent Thanksgiving) and I immediately think of your Dad, too.
    Sending you love and hugs and letting you know always that you are in my thoughts.

  10. Vicky, the warmth of family and love just exudes from your words and photos. Precious. Oh, and that turkey! Yum. We had ham, which I love, but I missed the taste of turkey this Thanksgiving. Wishing you a year of giving thanks,and thanksliving. :) XXOO

  11. I was thinking of you on Thanksgiving and wondered how you were feeling and how you spent it. I'm glad to see that you were surrounded by family and love.

    Eileen xxoo

  12. So glad you have such a loving support system. Hope you are much improved by now and will be able to enjoy the Christmas season.

  13. Thanks-living. Can it be said any better than that?

    Happy Holidays to you and yours, Vicky :-)

  14. Sounds like you and your family had a very nice Thanksgiving. That's just wonderful.
    Thinking of you, sweet friend!

  15. Blessings and gifts counted, the overflowing grace tumbles from your words. The table looks all sorts of boy- beautiful and you shine despite the infection and antibiotics. I'm praising Him for the stable results and praying for the node...and I'm giving thanks for a year of you and your beautiful fight, my friend. I'm usually put on levoquin for its strength and the dizzy it comes with isn't pleasant. Praying it all subsides.


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