Monday, January 9, 2012

"...shake the world..."

I was working on this post before my little speed bump of a hospital stay.  Wednesday morning I felt pretty good.  By early afternoon the pressure and tightness were back in my chest.  With Rick scheduled to leave with Nolan for three days for a hockey tournament, I had to call in to the oncologist's office on Thursday. They suggested I get myself to the ER and that no, the walk in clinic would not see me.  As I made plans for the kids... there was a knock on my door.

I went to the door and "love" floated in like a hot air balloon anchored to a basket.  And after freeing the basket from its shroud of plastic, we stepped back and oohed and awed over it.  Then someone plucked one of the skewers and the smile in their eyes as they ate their flower was enough for all of us to dive right in.  It was sweet and perfectly ripe, and we ate and ate.  What else would you expect love to taste like? Thank you Barb and Russ!

Rick left with Nolan on Friday and I came home and slept, and rested, and slept again.  Colton and I had 4 hockey games over the weekend and were on the run the whole time.  Our whole family is exhausted today.

But we're feeling rather spoiled.  I know its an odd thing to say given our situation right now.  But we don't take lightly the kindnesses and the generous blessings that have come our way.  We're completely humbled by it all and continue to be blown away by the abundance in our lives.  We continually seek to pay it forward in whatever ways we can.  

Saturday we were completely surprised by another knock at the door.  Can you guess who may have been thinking of us and sent us Cullen t-shirts and Wild hats from the The Hockey Lodge?  Bridget and Matt Cullen.  Lets just say there may have been "squeals of delight," involved.  The Cullen's do so much  for families with cancer, and our family has been no exception.

This morning, I grabbed clean clothes for the boys to wear to school and they ignored them.  Instead they ran for the Wild t-shirts and hats and socks and decked themselves out before leaving.  Plus they ASKED me to take their picture.  

Matt will play in a career defining game tomorrow- his 1,000th game in the NHL!  Help us cheer on #7 tomorrow of the Minnesota Wild! 

 Bridget wrote us a note and then added a quote that spoke to my heart at the end.  She got to see the photos Rick took at the Wild game we attended a few weeks back on my blog and read my blog for the first time. She left me with this...

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Thank you Bridget, I'm honored. 

I think in our own way,  each and every one of us can find a way to gently shake the world.  What is YOUR way?  

Dr. Panwalkar and chemo tomorrow.  I have a list of questions prepared for him... smile... I'll let you know what he says...


  1. I know what you mean by feeling spoiled. :) And you were SO busy this weekend. Don't know how you do it!

  2. In a gentle way you can shake the world Wise words :)

  3. I love that thought, Vicky. So powerful! Thoughts and prayers are with you for tomorrow...

    Eileen xxoo

  4. Love the Gandhi quote!! Beautiful, just like you. I want some fruit now after looking at that lovely basket. What a wonderful gift for your family! And we'll be cheering on Matt Cullen for sure.

    Thank you for your friendship and support during the job hunt! It means the world to me :) Please feel this big hug that I'm sending you now. Wish I lived next door...

  5. Great, simple words. Yes, I'd like to know what the Dr. says.

  6. The shaking the world in a gentle way quote is awesome and is perfectly suited for someone as gentle as you, Vicky. And you do shake the world through your profound and beautiful thoughts! You've shaken mine at least. I hope that I can do the same through my new job. As you move into the chemo room tomorrow, I will bring a piece of your spirit with me into my new environment. I know that I will be feeling a little vulnerable, too -- first day jitters and all. I will draw strength in those moments through thinking of you and the courage you have demonstrated in taking on new obligations these past months. XXOO, Roxane

  7. What a sweet note of love that was left for you and your family.
    Continued blessing to you, Vicky.
    You know that I'm thinking of you.
    Love you my friend,

  8. You crazy hockey family people. What a schedule. Oh, by the way, love the header. When my kids were in school we were a track family and thought we were busy, but you hockey people have us beat by the sounds of it.
    Great little surprises you were given, great friends that you have.

  9. I agree what wonderful friends you have, I don't know how you manage 4 games in a weekend with all you are going through, you handle all of this with such strength and grace Vicky, not sure how I shake the world but going to think on this one...all I have is kindness and love that I try to show the people around me. hugs to you. That fruit basket was wonderful, just gorgeous. hugs.

  10. I have been busy, I missed you. Glad you all are happy! Much love! xoxo

  11. Love it! I try to help rescue dogs, and sometimes people, which doesn't always work

    The boys are beaming! Very cool, these thoughtful gifts - as well as the gift of light you give all who come here, Vicky -


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