Friday, December 23, 2011

holding on... choosing Him

" is hard, unfair, painful. But life is also guaranteed- to offer unexpected and sudden moments of beauty, joy, love, acceptance, euphoria. It is our ability to recognize and then hold on to the moments of good stuff that allows us to survive, even thrive. And when we can share the beauty, hope is restored." 

Muriel Barberry, The Elegance of the Hedgehog 

I've kept this on my computer stand because it's beautiful, it came as a surprise gift from a beautiful soul, and I've needed the reminder in big doses.  Thank you Mary.  In fact, just look at all the things that landed at my feet while I was on the hunt for joy.

Snow!  Its warm outside and it isn't guaranteed to stay.  I'll take it!  Its as close to a white Christmas as we'll get. Yep, I snoozed through the weather last night and it came as a complete surprise.  Last year at this time we already had two feet of it!  We're setting records of another kind and spirits around here reflect the warmth and reprieve from a harsh winter thus far.  

My clever and creative and funny and beautiful friend Amy made these- out of hockey socks!  They're felt on the inside for warmth, in our school colors, and they have a skate lace for decoration!  What hockey-loving person wouldn't adore these?  She is selling them for $20 and you should email me for details if you'd like to know about getting some for yourself! 

These are from my other beautiful, clever, crafty, and all things love-filled friend, Robin.  Sigh... I adore her and she knows how to bring comfort and warmth like no other.  

So you all came out in droves of support ... literally.  Goodies came to my door, my email is bursting at the seams, and the cards and letters have stuffed our mailbox.  Plus, some very, very, extremely generous people have stepped up to ensure our Christmas is Merry.  We're honored and humbled.  

I've steeped in your words of faith, hope, healing and love.  

They were a balm to my battered mind and spirit.  

My daily devotional today had this message: He could have roared on top of a mountain, but he whispered in the voice of a baby.  He could have ordered our obedience; instead he calls for our hearts.  Choose Him.  - Sheila Walsh


  1. There is hope always, Vicky. I believe it is the light we all need to guide us through the bumps of our life's journey. I keep you in my heart and my daily prayers. :-)

  2. You are so blessed, friend. I love seeing how God is working in your life through others and through your own receptivity to those gifts and what they're meant to do, which is...exactly as you've figured it...bring hope. Not all would respond as you have. But then, you're a pretty special gal. Thinking of you, friend, and if you have a chance, read the paper tomorrow. I think I have another article coming out in SheSays. :) You'll enjoy it - especially the end.

  3. A nurse once told me at a very very dark hour, that there is always hope. And she was soooo right.

  4. Really good to see and hear you this morning, Vicky. How good God is to send so much love your way and so much support. How good you are to see His hand in the hands of others and their hearts. You always encourage me and I am GRATEFUL when I see how hugely surrounded with love you are. Praying for good news, healing, and endurance until it comes. May you all have the most blessed Christmas this year. With Love, Robynn and Family

  5. Beautiful, beautiful post. I want to wish you JOY, hope, love, faith and GOOD HEALTH at Christmas and all year. XO, Pinky

  6. I love that. "p.s. there's hope" What a neat gift to find.

    As a nurse and as a christian I can say that with God there is always hope.

    I've seen the impossible made possible over and over again.

    Praying for God's peace and presence this Christmas.

  7. Praying for hope and Christmas blessings. I only know you through Robin but think and pray for you often. Thank you for your ministry of hope. Blessings to you.

  8. Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas. May you all be safe and may you Vicky, continue to get stronger and healthier for the new year.Gods' Blessing sent your way.

  9. Beautiful post, and beautiful words Vicky. My thoughts are always with you.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. know I love ya real good. I'm holding on to the fact that God is gonna see you through this. Your joy and hope are contagious. I'm not sure you know how much you bless me...and others.
    It's only natural that you would be hearing and feeling all the love coming your way. It's bouncing back to you! That's physics, you know. It's simply that simple.
    You are loved.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  11. Here's wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I pray to God to totally heal you and make you hale, hearty and healthy again. A beautiful soul like yourself deserves all of this love. I am very honored to know you :) Love you loads

  12. Choose Him. Choose Hope! You're following Our Lord and He's with you always :)


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When you get lucky

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