Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lewis and Clark, or Clark and Lewis

Friday was the big event. We've been hearing about his "performance" for weeks and weeks. Nolan has gone to school early on occasion to "study his lines." Each fifth grade class puts on their own performance in their music class.  In the performance of Lewis and Clark, Nolan would play Clark.

From the beginning the humor infused in the play provided for lots of laughs. It seems that Clark takes exception to everyone saying Lewis and Clark, and so one of his repeat lines that he shouts out above everyone is "That's Clark and Lewis..." His teacher told us afterwards that he shouted it the first time they practiced it and she both laughed and decided it should stay that way from then on.

While this clip is not the famous "Clark line," it is a sampling of their performance.  Lewis, is being played by Nolan's friend Jack and Nolan is on the left.  The clip ends with a snippet of Lewis and Clark singing.

Untitled from Vicky Westra on Vimeo.

I was still battling nausea Friday morning.  But nothing could keep me away.  I saw a couple of confident and competent young boys, embrace a part they'd been given and give a flawless performance.  Nolan didn't seem nervous, or embarrassed.  He remembered his lines and when to say them.  As soon as it was done, I had only one thought... again please... I want to see it again.  

Nolan, you rocked dude!  Mom and Dad were so proud of you and your fifth grade class! 


  1. So cute to see them work very hard and perform to such an appreciative crowd. Nolan did great and you'll all love watching this as the years go by! Thanks for posting so we could "be there," too, Vicky!

    I'm sorry you're battling nausea and praying for easier days, my positive and patient friend!

  2. So much fun to watch school plays, the pride of a mother's heart can be read in your words, Vicky.

    I am so sorry you were still feeling the effect of chemo on Friday.

    I hope you are feeling better and I am sending you healing and strength vibes :-)

  3. That's just great Vicky!!! What a sweet group of kids. I saw many kids I recognized. :)

  4. Vicky, guess what? Elizabeth was in this same performance last year and played my favorite -- Sakakawea! :) Brought back happy memories of a similar experience here!

    I've finished the project we started together and look forward to the day I can share it with you. :)

    XXOO, Roxane

  5. Wonderful and well done!
    Sure makes you feel proud.
    It's not easy to stand in front of people to do this sort of thing.

    Sure miss my kids growing up.:)
    So much fun watching them grow.

  6. I'm glad you could be there for Nolan performance. Sorry you were feeling nauseated. Hang in there Vicky.

    High-five to the fifth class!

  7. Seeing this video makes me miss the classroom soooo much, Vicky.
    To Nolan and Company: Great job cast.
    Nolan...Way to go, bud. I can see from only watching the video one time that you not only knew your lines, but you knew everyone's....and you were very good at cueing and helping. That's the mark of a fine classmate. I would love to have a classroom full of students exactly like you.
    Vicky....I don't know if Nolan has the software "Oregon Trail" for his computer or not...but if he hasn't tried it, please encourage him to. He would love it...especially since he has done this study. It is a LOT of fun...and the learning experience is invaluable.
    I'm so glad that you were able to go to the performance, Vicky. Continue to take care of you, and know that I hold you close in my thoughts, dearest friend.
    With much love,

  8. So glad you were able to attend. They look as though they are enjoying this experience.

  9. Rocked it alright. How proud you are comes through in the post, and that's cool.

  10. Congratulations, Nolan!... what a great production. Performing in front of people is no easy task, good work!

  11. I love this journey of being a parent and watching our kids do something new, something that challenges them and makes them new, turns them into how they are supposed to be.

    Clark and Lewis, it is! And so it shall be! Well done, Nolan!

    I love these faces! So full of energy and goodness, so inspiring!

    Hope the nausea has passed...!

  12. That's great. I'm glad you didn't miss the performance.


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