Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

The Christmas of 2011 will not soon be forgotten, because of the things it both was and wasn't. And by wasn't, well it wasn't white. And I am perfectly fine with that. Because as our pictures over the next couple of days will show, we've been outside enjoying the temperate weather. Its been sunny, warm in the 40's and completely enjoyable.  Its a gift all on its own.

I have to admit by the time Christmas Eve came around I was exhausted. Just plain worn out.  So I put the camera down and soaked it all in. Saturday afternoon brought the most awesome surprise. Dinner! Cooked by three friends the night before- either for freezing or for eating. And so we ate! It was so tasty and delicious, it got our night started off right! Thank you Angie, Jen and Julie!

Colton, was beaming after opening his gifts.  His little list had the most inexpensive small items you could ask for.  It was a pleasure buying him Pokemon cards, Lego sets, and Beyblades. But we snuck one surprise in, Rick found a Pokemon DS game and Colton screamed with joy when he saw it.  "Dad, I didn't ask for this but I always wanted it!!"  He was so easy to please and you could see his heart expanding with joy.  It was pretty contagious.

And Nolan was a blur of activity all night.  His list looked nothing like Colton's except it was short.  It was a bit more "Caviar wishes and Champagne dreams..." And well, he'll have to keep dreaming!  We did buy him an NHL hockey game he had asked for.  And he was still happy with the remaining gifts, although they weren't close to what he thought he wanted. 

We tried to surprise mom by showing up at her church, ( my childhood church) and attend service with her.  But she had the same idea and had already called us from OUR church earlier in the afternoon, wondering where in the heck we were?  She managed to make it back over to her church to sit with us in time for the service.  

The solo for the night was Breath of Heaven, which is one of the songs my friend Gitz recorded when she could still sing.  I was filled with remembering her and my Dad and so many others who have gone before us. 

I awoke early to try out my new waffle maker.  Colton and Rick had gone shopping for some "family" presents.  Do you know what they decided?  They would look for "memory making gifts," so we all could make some memories together.  So I got a waffle maker, and an ice cream maker so we can start some memory making traditions together.  Love that kid and his dad.  

We then jumped in the car and headed to Rick's mom and dad's lake by Park Rapids.  It was warm, the roads were clear and the sky was bright blue.  As we drove I plugged some earbuds into my cellphone and looked to see what music I had to play.  Only 5 songs were downloaded, but I smiled for joy when I realized Sara's rendition of "Breath of Heaven," was one of the 5!  So I put it on and listened to her pure and beautiful voice sing.  

In my head I wondered what her first Christmas in Heaven must be like and if she could feel me as much as I feel her sometimes.  I felt a smidge silly "talking" to someone like this.   Suddenly, I swear, at almost the same time I was thinking this, a huge flock of birds flew up out of the trees creating a huge commotion.  We all startled and went "what was that?" But I laughed thinking it would be just like Sara to answer me back, grabbing my attention with those birds.  

Christmas Day was filled with so many of our favorite things.  Family, good food, lots of activity for the kids, and amazing weather.  

Aunt Missy and Colton putting his Hotwheels track together. He was entertained all afternoon. 

Even Crosby enjoyed the wide open spaces of the lake country.  He ran and played and non stop all afternoon.  I was so psyched to accidentally get an "action"shot on my little camera.  

The ice was thick and took Rick a long time to hand-auger a hole through the ice so they could fish.  

I had already gone for a long walk and so I zoomed in with my camera from the top of the hill- therefore the photos are not sharp, but it was good enough for me.

And Nolan?  Was in hockey, ice- heaven.  Just a boy and his dog, with an entire lake at their disposal, enjoying mother nature at her finest.  The moments don't get any better than this.

Sara was kind enough to "share" her music with us and allows the download of it so I am therefore able to share with all of you.  


  1. Beautiful, Vicky. I remember the first time I heard her sing this. I'm so glad your Christmas was as lovely as you.

  2. Beautiful, Vicky. I remember the first time I heard her sing this. I'm so glad your Christmas was as lovely as you.

  3. Beautiful song, voice... love these photos of a perfect day.

    May the new year bring you much joy, Vicky -

  4. So much in these beautiful hearts ... so much.

  5. sounds like it was a great holiday and that you captured many of the memories made for posterity! we were walking on the beach with sand between our toes yesterday, and it was pretty surreal. all the kids love snow, but we are all enjoying our island Christmas on captiva in FL. loved your thoughts about Gitz and the birds. that WOULD be so like her!

    the waffle maker present reminded me of a story: my sister found a belgian waffle maker for $10 day after Tgiving. her daughter is enamored with it and wanted to stick it in her luggage to bring to FL. her mom said no, so i put my waffle maker in our car and she'll be able to have waffles sometime this week.

  6. I am so glad you had a "memory making" day! Those waffles look so yummy, I am starving right now:) Funny about your Mom going to your church and you to hers! XO, Pinky

  7. your christmas looked as beautiful as you in that family photo.....xoox

  8. Thanks for sharing Sara's song. I only got to follow her for a short time. Beautiful! Love seeing the snow...still none in WI! Hoping to see some in MN this week :)

  9. "Breath of Heaven" is a wonderful of my favorites.
    Sara sang it beautifully, Vicky.
    A portion of the lyrics spoke to me as I listened.
    Help me be strong.
    Help me be.
    Help me.

    Love you, my friend.

  10. looks like you had been blessed with a great christmas and happy children :)
    I am overjoyed for you :)

  11. You had a beautiful Christmas Vicky. I'm so glad the weather cooperated for your travels to be with family.

    Isn't this warm weather amazing?

  12. I can't wait to hear Sara's version of the song. I actually played this on the piano at church this weekend.

    What a sweet boy to choose memory making gifts. I love that.

    It always cracks me up to see/hear the difference in weather for different states. Our weather was beautiful so it's hard to complain, but sunny and 65 didnt't feel very Christmasy. ;)

  13. What a wonderfull song from Sara. She sounds like an angel and now she is the sweetest angel of all, I´m sure!!!


  14. I'm looking forward to hearing Sara's beautiful voice. Thank you for sharing this gift with us my friend. I love all the pictures. The last one with Nolan and Crosby is awesome. It's cute to think that you and your mom had the same idea about surprising each other at church. Thank you dear friend for your loving thoughts and words to me always. Hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs!!!!

  15. Oh one more thing...I wish I could come to your house for waffles! Yum!

  16. Vicky, it's a beautiful song. Thank you so much for sharing this! I've sung it before and it is NOT easy. Amy Grant makes it sound so easy. And Sara does a remarkable job as well. What a gift. It's were the memories and smiles you shared. Loved the sun coming through the evergreen and the glass polar bears. :)

  17. Beautiful Christmas, beautiful photos, beautiful memories. So glad your Christmas was so blessed, Vicky!


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