Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas surprise

The best presents are the ones you can't buy. They're the ones that burst through your door and take your house by storm when your best friend comes to town for a visit.

He walks in all full of himself in his 3 year old big boy glory and makes you laugh till your sides ache. With the promise of Christmas and presents dancing in his eyes, his magnetic energy draws you in.  And you know this energy well.  It reeks of "boy" and is fueled by trains, and playing games of chase and turns presents into chairs when it needs a quick breather.  And then like a flash he is off again, a whirlwind of motion and noise and chaos.  So you breathe in deeply, as your memory takes in the smell of yesterday... your own were this young once.

But that isn't all. They bring you more gifts.  The gift of a tiny new miracle.  A baby sister.  Longed for, hoped for, waited for.  Then one November day she arrives.  And she is plunked down into the midst of this family, where it turns out it was a "Brynne-shaped," hole waiting to be filled all along.

She is 4 weeks now and makes those cute "o's" with her mouth and still curls herself into a tiny ball when you hold her up on your shoulders.  You hold her and melt.  And you know what you are really holding is an answered prayer.

Although, her big brother wasn't so sure Brynne was the name he would have chosen for her. His favorite name for her? Colton... and when that wasn't approved? Nolan-Colton. The compromise? Brynne Nicole... with the Ni for Nolan and the cole for Colton...  this time your eyes mist over at the thought of her history forever entwined with your own as she shares in the names of your own two sons.

With the excitement of Christmas Eve looming and my mind focused so completely on later, this visit from my friend and her two kids, caught me so off guard (even though we had talked about it.)  I was filled with the spirit of Christmas when they left.

Its several days later and looking back I can say it became my other favorite Christmas gift.  I don't make Christmas wish lists anymore.  I may toss out an idea or two, but I'm finding the best "gifts" are the ones you wouldn't even know how to put on a list.  


  1. Oh Vicky...what a precious bundle of absolute sugar...and her name makes me smile...and I know it makes you smile even more! She is so pretty...and I can picture her with that sweet little mouth making the "O' shapes...and her curling up in that 'baby' position and giving and getting all the loving that can possibly be shared. What a great gift for your friend and family to come over...and I love the way you wrote about it. You have a gift for writing, Vicky. You are such a marvelous Mother...I'm sure you are just as marvelous a friend. Thank you sooo much for these photos (look at that sweet milk-tongue on the baby...I just want to hold her and love on her...)
    I can't wait for my new granddaughter...sigh. I saw ultrasound photos of her this past week. Have I shared that our awaited grandbaby is a girl? I can't remember if I did or not.If not: She's a girl!!! Name?
    I have no idea. I'm thinking "Precious"..."Beautiful".."Gift from God"...but I will give you the oficial name once she is born. Due date: June 1.
    I love these photos, Vicky.
    I'm so glad we're blogging together. I feel like I've known you a long time. You're more like a sister to me....truly...a sister that I can share happiness and joy with...and can ooooh and ahhh over your boys...and your friends' children. How do I pronounce "Brynne"? She is certainly a cuddly and beautiful baby sister for this adorable train-loving cute sweet brother.
    What a great post, Vicky!

  2. Nicole as her middle name literally made my heart squeeze in the middle. That is real connections, right there :)

    I love how you wrote this... I felt your moments... and, oh my soul, I wanna hold that baby!!!!

  3. Beautifully written sentiments Vicki. Nothing can match the gifts of life and love. Looks like you and your family had a wonderful, loving Christmas. These are the 'good old days'....

  4. Apologies Vicky - I see I spelled your name wrong in my previous comment.

  5. Your story is better than I could have imagined. What a beautiful close friendship that exists between you two for her to name her daughter after your 2 sons.

    I agree the best gifts are the ones money can't buy and the ones that come from the heart. Just proving money can't buy happiness, love or true friendship.

  6. It was truly a wonderful way for me to spend Christmas Eve day also! I enjoyed our visit together so much. As entwined as our lives have been and are, it makes me smile to know that our children's lives will also be shared and they will always have connections. Christopher is waiting to come back and I can hardly wait to show him this blog when he gets up. I love the blog entry and the words you wrote are the same words I feel -- friendship is priceless. I love the photos!!! This truly was a wonderful Christmas!!!
    As we said in our notes in high school "BFF" - Kristi

  7. What a wonderful post. I couldn't agree more about the best gifts.

  8. These pictures are so wonderful. What a wonderful tribute to your friendship. I am so excited for Kristi and her family. I hope we all can get together some time.

  9. Oh what a lovely post! You put your whole heart into the posts on your blog and it shows! I am thrilled that you were able to spend time with your friend for Christmas. I can tell that the visit meant alot to you and (by reading her comment) I can tell it meant alot to your friend too. Kristi is so lucky to get to know you IRL. (That sounded stalker-ish didn't it? I'm not a stalker I promise:) I'm not a stalker!) Friends like you are a rare find. All of my friends are of the internet variety:) Ok, This comment is getting weird. I'll stop now. Disregard the rambling, ok? I need sleep.

  10. Spending time with those who we love most are the best gifts. See you Thurs!

  11. Jackie! Oh my goodness... where do I begin to respond? I'd have to say right back at you! And I too can't wait till the newest grandbaby is here and in your arms!

    Gitz, I didn't want to put her down! Nothing snuggles in quite like a newborn :) "... made my heart squeeze in the middle... " perfection in those words... that is the feeling exactly :)

    Bonnie, yes... the good old days as best as we can hang on to them. Trying to savor them as they seem altogether fleeting! No worries on my name :)

    Liss, I think you summed it up exactly right. And yes, the friendship is easily 25 plus years strong!!

    Kristi, the universe doesn't align very well for us at times but part of the joy in this visit is that despite the impending storm you/we pulled it off!! Its been such a joy to share both of your sweet ones today!

    Lisa, I am kicking myself for not grabbing a photo of what she made... the two of you and your craftiness would mesh well! She made the cutest mittens out of jeans and lined them with fleecy-fur... I was thinking of you when I saw them :)

    Karla, thank you. So fun to have you here! It would be fun to gather us all together sometime... the universe has conspired before... maybe it will yet again?

    Kaleena, YOU are not stalkerish! Although I found that statement altogether hilarious!! Internet friendships, in my very humble opinion, can be every bit as good as irl friends :) There is no doubt in my mind we are friends!

    Bonnie, I was willing to trade one nine year old for Maggie today!! I happen to love your circle of friends and the fact you have been friends... all of you for so long... its very cool!

  12. Oh that does sound like a WONDERFUL gift!!! She's a perfectly picture-perfect little present. =0)

    Glad you had a great Christmas and hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  13. I'd agree with you here. The best moments and things in life are indeed free :-) The 4 week old bundle of joy is so adorably cute and has such a delicate feel to her name. I hope the love between the two families never ends and the next generation just takes it forward :) Children can always bring so much happiness wherever they go :) Happy New year to you and your family :)

  14. There is so much love shining from those faces ... a wonderful gift indeed.

  15. This is such beautiful writing, Vicky...As always, your photos are simply perfect!!! But blend your words and photos together, and you bring tears to my eyes...Simply beautiful!!! And YES, the best gifts never make it onto a list...they are the intangibles that you have so poetically and beautifully described!! Happy New Year, dear, beautiful friend!!! Love, Janine XO

  16. Can you tell I've had too many holiday sweets? My brain is mush...wonder how many times I used the word beautiful in my previous comment???...ROFL...and yet, there is simply no better word to describe your fabulous post! Love you! ~J.


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