Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

We had a joyful Christmas and felt so blessed we got to spend it with at least part of our family. With a big blizzard breathing down our necks we didn't venture too far from home. With the wind whipping the snow about and the roads slick and slippery in spots, Rick picked up mom and dad and brought them to our house Christmas Eve.

I enjoyed watching the boys get just as excited to see Grandpa and Grandma opening their gifts as the boys did opening their own gifts. I've spent a great deal of time making a photo book for my dad with all the pictures from his 80th Birthday party. I also edited a stack of photos for my mom from her retirement party and made some prints for her to scrapbook. I even saved my babysitting money and used it to buy some things for Rick, something I haven't been able to do in a long time.

My dad surprised us all with his own gifts for us. He wrote a card to the boys and enclosed it with a small check for them. He thanked them for all the little things they help him do and told them how much he loved spending time with them.

He also gave a card to Rick and I. But he shook his head when he we opened it and found only his words inside... as if to tell us his words weren't enough. No explanation was necessary. I know what limited "spending" money my dad has. He makes due with very little and yet he has never focused on what he lacks. So I shouldn't have been surprised when he told us what he had done instead of being able to give us money.

With what limited money he had, he decided to send some money to the pastor. He knew Pastor Craig helped people get a hot meal from time to time or helped them when they had a specific need. Dad wanted to contribute to helping Pastor Craig help others in need. He also sent a small amount to the women's circle at church. They have always sent cards and well wishes to him and prayed for him. He thought it was only prudent to help them be able to buy more cards to help others who might need some support.

Despite the fact we got a Wii for Christmas, and Nolan got a new hockey stick and Spud sweatshirt, and Colton got Star wars Legos and a Wii game, and many other generous gifs, its my father's words in a simple card that were one of the best gifts I received.

The other favorite gift I received that day was a visit from a friend. I need to seek her permission before I share about it, but either way, I'm noting for the record her visit really touched me and I am grateful.


  1. I am glad you had a great Christmas. Your Dad is such a noble soul! Do give him a hug from me the next time you meet him :) A very Happy New year to you and your family- full of good health and cheer :)

  2. Oh Vicky, your Christmas sounded great, despite the snowy weather and all. The kids looked excited too.

    Can't wait to hear your story about your friend's special visit.

    Stay warm....the winds are strong and cold for all of us today. brrrrr.

  3. Tranquility, I hope you have a Happy New Year as well! I will pass along your greeting to my dad, I know he will enjoy that!

    Tainterturtles, I'm dreading the fact the temps are due to drop! We've at least been blessed with mild temps while getting dumped with 17 inches of snow!

  4. Oh I am so glad that you had such a wonderful Christmas! Your dad sounds like such a sweet man:) Looking forward to hearing about your special visit with your friend! (BTW....LOVE the pictures!)

  5. So glad your Christmas went well despite the snow! Your dad is the sweetest! This is a great post!

  6. Vicky, I am glad yo got to spend your Christmas with your parents. Your dad should feel bad as words a re far more important than money and they last for ever (something money does not). You dad sounds like a very beautiful man and I am sure he loved his photo book.

    I hope you are able to share your story about your friend.

  7. Ok, I think I've told you before that I don't cry easily at all, but your card from your dad has given me chills and watery eyes.

    He has a grace I know he has passed on to you, and I admire it so much. What a beautiful heart.

  8. Kaleena, thanks sweetie! My friends visit is coming tomorrow :)

    Missy, I think he is too :) Thank you!

    Liss, we just felt so glad to be sharing another Christmas together. Love your new profile pic!

    Gitz, I love how you get him and me... totally what happens to me too with him :) So good to read your words here :) Thanks sweetie!

  9. How precious this Christmas was for you Vicky. Your dad and mom have found a place in my heart. What an amazing family you have.
    Love and warm hugs~

  10. So nice to see your dad. Gosh, I know I've missed a lot and can't read EVERYTHING :( but very glad I saw this. :)


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