Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

Where do you go after you've spent a year  focusing on living with intention?  I took the Ali Edwards one word challenge, last year and chose the word intention.  With Sara's  beautiful artwork displayed in my sidebar I have joyfully been reminded to live with intention, with purpose, every day.

For this year, I finally decided to make a list of words...






Help!  All of them?  None of them.  Just one of them.  Which one.

I wish I had an epiphany to share about the word I finally chose.  I just don't.  Although it came to me while watching Nolan play hockey this afternoon.  I was telling one of the other moms it has been a real stretch for Nolan this year, as well as for Rick as his coach.  We've incurred some losses and had some fun wins.  But we've had to keep reminding Nolan the outcome he desires someday is always within his abilities, he only has to continue to reach.  And so do we.  So do I.

And that is how I chose my word.

It means:

1- To stretch out or put forth

2- To arrive at; attain

3-To succeed in having an effect on

Have you come to a conclusion yet? might be a stretch....  

but I am going to... reach...  

How about you?  



  1. Happy New Year.

    How silly of me to never take much notice of you intentional button in your sidebar.

    I love all your words for 2010 and think you can intertwine all of them together with out to much extra effort.

    sometime is not important why you chose the words but where they lead you. May these words take you beyond your expectations.

  2. Oh goodness Vicky I am going to reach as hard and as far as I possibly can. Thank you for this post-it really spoke to me tonight/this morning :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I LOVE that "reach" came to you in the way that it did. It's perfect, and can take on so many different meanings in so many different situations!

    Now I'll just have to make you some "reach" artwork to keep you on track :)

  4. Vicky...I have always been in awe of your wisdom. You've put the icing on the cake with this post.
    I'm glad we met, my friend.
    Happy New Year, Vicky.

  5. Oh Lord I feel dumb. We need to have these conversations at hockey! Unfortunately I am putting out fires of my own. I love reach.
    It's a great word. You are a great mom!

  6. Liss, yes I think they all sort of correlate don't they and maybe that is why not one jumped out over the other... until reached jumped up and grabbed me :) Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Stephanie, I know you will sweetie, way too much for you to not reach for! So glad it spoke to you as well.

    Gitz, YES, PLEASE! You know just where I will put it and that I will see it everyday... plus I love that it leads me back to you :) Hmmm, a bit cheesy I know.

    Jackie, maybe trying to acquire some tools to frame my life, but hardly wise :) I'm only riding the crest of others going before me. Happy New Year to you too Jackie!

    Robin... its going to feel like a tall order I think the next couple of months but I too am curious to see how this plays out.

    Bonnie, don't feel dumb! I promise I could not articulate this earlier at the game. Shoot, this stuff does not come easily to me! I had to obsess over it to dig out any meaning :)

  7. I love how you focus on words that can help lead us in a positive direction in our lives. The new year is the perfect opportunity for this kind of reflection and commitment to moving forward.

    I want to climb and reach also. Blogging has actually been a great way for me to value what I can achieve and assess what I would like to do.

    Happy New Year Vickie!! I wish you all the best with your hopes and dreams for 2010:)

  8. Hello Vicky
    I wish you the best for an exciting new year full of all those wonderful words. And thankyou for reaching across the oceans in friendship over the last year.
    Happy days

  9. Thanks for the insight. im diggin that. reach. Why relax all your life and wait for things to be handed to you. when i think of "reach" i think where i could be if i did reach my goals. and then what is within reaching distance from that point. im excited to see all of the shiny things 2010 has to offer me. Im excited to reach out and work to get them. and Im excited to see where that takes me. Thanks again!

  10. Dearest Vicky!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! What a wonderful word for the year!!! Reach!!! It sums up so much...and is such an uplifting as well as challenging goal...You inspire me!!! And I want to stretch and reach with you!!!! Love you so much!!! You have truly been one of life's great gifts this year!!! Janine XOXO

  11. Reach sounds like a good choice after all :) Learn would be my second :)


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