Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


I can't seem to find a place to start with the telling of the tale of the big party. Or even a middle place. Not one moment stands out over the others as the logical place to start. Every photo I edit tells a story to me. Every photo contains a person connected to an event, a memory, a happening in my life, or in our lives. As long-time friends and relatives walked through the door, each represented a piece of the tapestry of our lives, flowing together to create one beautiful magical evening of remembrances, both old and new.

I'll get it right in my head and it will all tumble out eventually. But for now, I picked this photo first, the last one out of my camera this weekend. Its my mom and dad with their grandchildren. Its the end and the beginning. The middle part is me, trying to connect the dots of the past, in order to preserve the past for the future. No wonder I am struggling with the words.


  1. Oh Vicky, I am just thinking you should make a Blurb photo book of your dads party to keep all the memories alive.

    I made one for my GF's 40th birthday and it came out great.

    Sometimes no words are required as they say a photo is worth 1000 words. When you look at this shot you can feel the love and laughter.

  2. A wonderful picture Vicky, worth a thousand words :-) Soak all the warm feelings so that they last an eternity. Loads of love :-)

  3. What a priceless perfect moment!!!!!!!

    We're here when you're ready to spill :)

  4. Liss, great idea! I will check into it and that may be the perfect thing for him, thanks Liss!

    Tranquility, sound advice, I am sure trying to soak it in!

    Stephanie, thanks :)

  5. Oh finally! It let me comment. It would NOT let me in here last night.

    That picture really is worth a thousand words, Vicky. Your dad looks loved and happy and like he's right where he wants to be. Looking forward to hearing and seeing all the details. So glad you got to honor your deserving dad in such a beautiful way. :)

  6. Robynn, I'm glad the picture comes across that well. I can't help but laugh when I see it and it was just a fraction of the fun we had :)

  7. Hi Vicky

    another thing you might consider is a 'Blessing Book'

    I got all the children and grandchildren to draw and write about the grandparents, what they remembered - little anecdotes ,and things they treasured about them...and I compiled a Blessing Book with photographs as well, of the respective offspring with the GPs...

    the book has been so thumbed through and shown to all family members and friends that it is falling apart...a good endorsement I think...

    The day after I gave it to them on their Golden wedding Anniversary my Dad disappeared for a while and Mum returned after looking for him and said he had tears in his eyes from that blessed book...(she was making a joke)...

    the photo is just lovely Vicky...the wild ones and the wise ones...

    Happy days

  8. Vicky: A lovely photo. And what a great idea from Delwyn!!

    Vicky there is an award for you waiting on my blog.

  9. Vicky....I couldn't WAIT to get the Daddy's girl's see how your Daddy see how the party went...and WOW!!! Beautiful this....happiness all around...and I could go on and on and on....but you know that I know that you know....right? Right.
    Love to you and your wonderful family. I'll be back...I wanted to see your Daddy's face! Superb photo...superb meaning...and, my dear friend, you are a loving daughter...

  10. Delwyn, such a great idea! I looked into it today and its exactly the sort of thing I would love to put together. Thanks so much for the great tip :)

    Bonnie, thank you, I will come check it out :) So sweet of you to think of me!

    Jackie, Still working on those photos but soon I'll have it all posted! So glad to see you back and I pray mama Rose is doing much better :)

  11. What a fabulous picture! Everyone looks like they are thoroughly enjoying themselves and you father has the absolute best smile! These are photos that will e treasured by your children...and the years to come. Enjoy the moment!

  12. Alicia, so true :) I do think these will be treasured memories for years to come.

  13. Hi Vicky!!!
    OOOoooo...a new header. It looks great!! Thank you for your thoughts about Mama. She's feeling better every day. Many smiles to you, Vicky.

  14. My son wants to know if that was a stinky foot? LOL


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When you get lucky

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