Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Nolan's Teacher...

He's a good boy. Really. He is. When you ask him to do something he listens. Like today. I asked him to please go water the flowers and tomatoes in front of the house, and to soak them good. So I watched him happily get the hose and water to his hearts content. And then he came in the house and took his shower so we could leave for some errands.

After his shower I asked him to please put the hose away. Now I am thinking so far so good. No backtalk, and he seems eager to please. But I still forget there is a little boy in there somewhere.

It took just a few minutes too long to put the hose away. And it was quiet... way too quiet. I come around to the side of the house and this is how I find him... making a lake with the hose in the dirt patch beside the house. And he is covered in mud. Everywhere. I know better than to be angry. But I just had to ask why. If I said water the flowers and the tomatoes, why would he go to the side of the house and water the dirt patch? His answer "you didn't tell me NOT to water the side of the house."

Mrs. J., you should know, Nolan will be a great listener and do everything you ask to a letter T, however, also remember what he may do what you HAVEN'T asked him to do.



  1. I hope his teacher wasn't very stern with him! Children have to be allowed to remain children and not behave like grown ups who must adhere to all the rules, regulations and guidelines. It's the strictness and sternness that is shown at times, which takes away their innocence and happiness. That must not happen at any cost. Even if the teacher wasn't very good and was harsh, let Nolan know that he did no wrong that would hurt someone and was just being playful and that he IS allowed those liberties!

  2. Absolutely precious post about little boys....!!!
    "Snails and puppy dog tails"...gotta love 'em.
    I do! This is a great post, Vicky!

  3. This is funny. I can laugh as the drought does not allow us to use water in this way. My kids would be in trouble for using the water rather then getting dirty after a shower.

  4. Stillness, nobody was stern with him :) I bit my tongue as I saw it for what it was. But he did ruin his shirt, the clay in it isn't coming out at all. And he made us late for his haircut because we had to shower again... I am hoping he does understand that there are logical consequences that follow when get sidetracked.

    Jackie, thanks :) I was hoping the humor of the situation came through, and yes, such is the life of boys!

    Liss, I even told the boys how lucky they were precisely because of you :) There jaws dropped when I told them what your water restrictions are and why they exist!

  5. In his defense he was just trying to give you some good pictures :)

  6. I soooo love Nolan Vicky. What a delightful little boy. (Don't tell him I called him a little boy!)

  7. Vicky! I'm sorry to be such a deadbeat friend! Life has been incredibly hectic with the campaign and new launch. You are so sweet to keep coming and supporting everything while getting nothing in return.

    Boys and mud just go together, don't they? One of my favorite pictures is TWM and a friend covered in mud when they were supposed to be swinging. I never even knew they turned on the water hose. I think they must all know they were formed from the "dust of the earth" and they're all trying to revisit it!

  8. Stephanie, He must of known I needed something to blog about :)

    Robin, yes delightful + a little stinker= Nolan :) And you can't help but love him!

    Robynn, I completely understand how much is "on your plate" in terms of turmoil, not food :) Everything will settle down eventually... and I can't wait to hear how Bo is doing at college!

  9. Oh boy! Mud is the next best thing to clay and pottery. The feeling is so nice to the touch. No wonder kids love it.
    Thats the best way to keep cool and enjoy summer
    Have Fun Ma! lol

  10. Thanks for the reminder to bite our tongue to let our kids be kids. I have a hard time with that!!! Rush and rush, like the song says until life is no fun.

    We need to remember how important mud puddles are!!!

  11. Vic, so nice to see you back again! Yep, boys, and mud and lots of it!

    Amy, one thing the boys have taught me repeatedly is to make time for fun... they won't be refused some form of activity... either we plan something or they will FIND something!


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