Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What are the odds?



What are the odds that not one but two boys in the same family would lose a tooth today? Better yet, what are the odds their mother, in loading the dishwasher, would dump both of those teeth out and watch them swish down the drain? Since that person is me... thats a good bet today. Thank goodness I have an in with the tooth fairy, and that neither of the boys witnessed the great sink escape!


  1. O! I bet that was a heart-attack moment! Wait til they're older and want to see where all those teeth went. TWM COUNTED all his and made me accountable for two that were missing. lol

    This is a memory they will have for a lifetime. How FUN!

  2. The Tooth Fairy is a love...and she makes all things right.
    I love this story!!!

  3. Funny you should mention them losing teeth. My girls BOTH lost a tooth on Sunday. The tooth fairy gets it easy at our house. This is the 2nd time they both lost a tooth on the same day!

  4. oh no...teeth down the slink ?
    it's all kind of funny :)
    good thing you know the tooth fairy !

    and yes....it really is gorgeous this time of year here, which looks just like your neck of the woods.....

    so I'm not complaining at all....no, I'll save that until winter, where I speak my mind....lots !

  5. :) Good thing they didn't want to keep them!

    The tooth fairy was busy last night!

  6. Oh, no! I've heard the tooth fairy has x-ray vision and can see the holes where the teeth were, thereby proving the loss of one. She has too many teeth anyway. :)

    That's neat that your boys lost teeth on the same day. They look so much alike in that picture.

  7. Oooops! What absolutely beautiful boys - with teeth or without!!!

  8. Robynn, Oh no! Don't tell me that... oh no. I managed to substitute teeth last night, but I am in big trouble if they count some day!

    Jackie, the tooth fairy is losing her mind as she completely forgot to come last night! The never ending saga!

    Kaleena, now that IS a coincidence isn't it?

    Beth, I thought it was pretty funny myself, after a bit :) You and I will both be speaking our minds lots come winter!!

    Stephanie, you would THINK the tooth fairy was busy... but no, forgetful yes, busy no :)

    Jill, yeah, if she had bothered to come :) I substituted teeth and then she forgot, she is so fired!

    Bonnie, thanks :) Coming to see you shortly again :)

  9. I find this amusing as our tooth fairy just forgets to come constantly.

    Once my daughter told me she thinks the tooth fairy needs to get an assistant so she get though her rounds and kids don't miss out.

    I agree tooth fairy needs an assistant.

    PS: she lost a tooth on Sunday too.

  10. So did the boys get gifts from the tooth fairy for loosing teeth? :)

  11. NO WAY! Man, they are so cute in those pics...


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