Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday so far

Between extensive and uninspired attempts to keep the boys busy, which is honestly mostly for the benefit of trying to keep them out of trouble, and surviving a crazy work schedule for dh, while also trying to get everyone ready for school... I've done the one sure thing I've grown to count on when life gets out of balance, I got sick. Its just a viral bug that has settled in my throat and chest... but it has left me with little energy for much of anything right now.

So we settled in with bowls of soup, watching the The Sound of Music on tv and bid adieu and auf wiedersehen to summer. School starts Tuesday, and then I have a couple of days to get ready for my next "little" project... my new "job" of sorts which I will reveal later this week. I hope to be back visiting everyone soon :)


  1. Oh Vicky....please take care of your throat and chest. Don't let it go too far without going to the doctor...please.
    Take care of you. There is too much 'gunk' going around right now..and I want you to please tell me that if it doesn't get better soon, you'll go to the doctor.
    I'll check back with you later and nag you some more!!!
    Hugs and love,

  2. So sorry to hear of your ill health! Get well soon Vicky! Have warm water at all times and keep warm too! Have herbal remedies and you should be fighting fit soon!

  3. Oh yes it must be going around. It started with Caleb and is making its rounds around our house currently.

    Hope you feel better soon....seems to only last a few days but it's rouch.

  4. it must be in the air....
    I thought I was getting sick, but it turned out to be a an awful day of just allergies attacking my head and face....

    I hope yours is short lived, too !!

  5. Is the cold any better today? Hope you are taking some medicines along with everything warm!

  6. Hmmm. The chest and throat thing....any fever? We just had friends go down with the swine flu - the whole house, all 7 of them - (husband is a nurse so it was bound to happen) and they had the chest thing that comes with the cough. Nobody felt great and some were sicker than others but all have recovered. Many at Bo's college are down with swine. It appears to be like the regular flu only maybe more short lived. Only a few seem to have it attack really badly. Take good care and don't PUSH as we moms do so WELL!

    Love and hugs to you. Wish I could bring you soup!


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