Monday, September 14, 2009

Are you a Daddy's girl?


I am. Although I don't always honor the relationship like I want to. Its easy to be so caught up in the small men around here, I neglect the big boys, even when I don't mean to. Eventually the phone rings and both a gruff but aged voice that still hasn't grown accustomed to talking on the phone will blast through my cell phone "Well what happened to you?" "Hi Dad. I'm here, how are you?"

I always quickly rummage through my head for the last contact I've had with him knowing its been too long. I'm juggling the days and coming up short on the ones marked "Dad." If I am being honest, the last time we truly did something for my dad, was the day we took him out of town to a cousin's graduation, so that he could be see his brother and the rest of his family. Of course we came away with a big lesson compliments of Dad, which I blogged about here. Its funny how we think we are doing something for someone else, only to realize how much we are truly doing for ourselves in the process.

Like his birthday party. My dad turns 80 next week. With one successful surprise party thrown for my mom, I knew it was the perfect occasion to do something for dad. With the kids in school, I got to work. Taking full advantage of the beautifully sunny early evenings, I snuck dad outside, yanked off his oxygen for a minute and snapped a few photos. I did very little to edit the photo, and turned it over to Rick. His graphic designer made an invitation for us. Dad and I started getting together, gathering addresses, compiling lists and making plans.

But there are plenty of other things going on too. Rick is leaving for a week and half. I am still preparing to start doing daycare for two little girls. I have all kinds of back to school meetings to attend. I feel a bit stretched. Excited for so much newness, but stretched nonetheless.

Still, I noticed a spark in dad's eye. He worked long and hard on his list. He really thought through who he wanted to invite. As I sat addressing the invitations, a story was offered by dad, for each name. I can't help but think, if you receive one of these invites, you should know my father holds you in high esteem.

We capped off our writing campaign with lunch. I met him at his favorite lunch spot. He was breathless with excitement. He labored to just walk across the parking lot and I steadied him with an arm. I clearly saw what I had been missing. I couldn't help but think his excitement has masked his weariness, and the inability for even the oxygen to help him breathe freely.

Proof of my thinking came yesterday. Mom called to say Dad had a rough couple of days. He had chills, and an inability to catch his breath. I spoke with him and firmly suggested he allow mom to take him to the ER. He didn't refuse.

He is resting comfortably in the hospital now. I have to admit, if I hadn't been spending so much time with him, I may have missed the signs. If we had delayed much longer, we may have jeopardized his party. But if we're lucky, we'll get him well again. He has already informed his doctors he only has a few days he can stay. You see there's this party, and he doesn't want to miss it!

Once again I am reminded of just how much I am a Daddy's girl. How about you?


  1. It's really ironical that the relationships that mean the most to us, end up getting very little time from us. I am guilty of this too.

    I hope and pray your dad gets fighting fit in time for his 80th birthday :-)

  2. What a handsome man your father is. Sorry he is not feeling well. Good you convinced him to get to the hospital. Hope he feels better soon and enjoys the celebration you have planned.

    Take care of yourself, too!!

  3. Vicky this is beautiful. I have been feeling restless at night about not spending enough time with my parents. Prayers for your Dad's health. I look forward to pictures from his party!

  4. I'm not a daddy's girl, but I do love him to pieces !
    he raised 3 daughters to be very independent, yet we all know we can call on him for anything, anytime and anywhere....

    I was the first one to see him a few years ago after open heart surgery and it was the first time I ever saw him "weak" and that was an eye opener...but like your dad....he told the doctors he'd be out of their in record time and he was :)

    I hope the best for your dad !!

  5. Oh yes I am absolutely a Daddy's girl...I adore my Dad!

    I'm praying for your dad!!!!!!! Praying that he continues to improve and makes it home in time for his wonderful party! :)

  6. answer your first question: Yes.
    I know that you are a Daddy's girl too.
    I am praying for your Daddy...and you know that I will. Please, keep me posted as to how he is.

  7. Robin, I love knowing you'll pray for him, and he does too.

    Tranquility, so true, its a great irony and I hope it encourages you to spend some time with your loved ones :)

    Bonnie, thank you :) We're hoping for that outcome too.

    Anita, I so hope to able to share those pictures with everyone :) I hope you find the time and a way to spend time with your family soon!

    Beth, thank you for sharing about your dad :) Both of our dads have that similar strength and spirit that are hard to hold down for long!

    Stephanie, thank you for your prayers!!

    Jackie, I hope your mama is doing okay. So glad you are there with her in her time of need! Keeping you in my prayers too :)

  8. Yes, I was a daddy's girl and I really enjoyed my time spent with him as a child and as an adult. He was never a chore to me.

    I hope you dad is getting lots of rest do he is right for his party.

    I sounds lie those who have had the opportunity to meet your dad are extremely blessed.

  9. Hi Vicky! I too am a daddy's girl and this post brought tears to my eyes as well. I have a hard time seeing my dad labor through the aging affects of life and still see him as if he were 40 years old still. Thank God for being able to still capture moments like this. I will pray that he gets well in time for his party and that you have many many more times together!

  10. Vicky, what an incredible FACE - eyes and smile - you captured in your dear father's photo. You can tell he has a heart of gold and it would make sense that you would be a daddy's girl. I WISH I KNEW HIM! How good that you were able to spend time and see what was going on. I will be praying for him when I go to bed tonight to be well and "sprung" from the confines of his hosptial bed.

    No, I'm not a daddy's girl. Whatever my dad is I pray, by God's grace, that I may be completely opposite. He has used his powers for evil and not for good. But oh, he had potential. His is a wasted life. I praise GOD there are men like YOUR dad!

  11. Oh, Vicky, I pray that your dad is able to kick whatever it is that ails him in time for his party. What a blessing that you guys were able to spend this time together before he got sick. I'm sure he will be there with bells on...and that LOTS of pics will be taken!

  12. Oh, girlie... I'm so behind on your life. How's your dad doing now?


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