Friday, May 1, 2009

Colton's fruit salad.

For a boy who is a semi-picky eater, he sure does love a lot of aspects of food. He'll crawl up on my lap and say, "want to watch tv with me?" "Sure," I say. "What should we watch?" Almost always as we flip through the channels, its not the SpongeBob show or any other kind of kid's show that he'll choose. He will almost always light up as soon as a "cooking show" flashes on the screen. He is enthralled from start to finish. He is also no talk show food personality snob. No he is not. He doesn't care if you're Bobbie Flay or Rachel Ray, if you're talking food, he is listening! Although, Guy Fieri, with his "bleach-blonde hair in the air," has caused Colton to raise an eyebrow or bust a gut laughing. Sometimes Guy takes a bite of food that is sooo hot it "could cause your hair to stand on end," and he always says that as he dramatically looks up at his hair!

But hands down, Colton's favorite thing to do is help me "cook" or "bake." He gather's the ingredients, I measure, he dumps, I stir, he tastes :) Its a great tag-team sport we've perfected. With age however, he is branching out. The other day in a fit of boredom since mom has been sneezing and coughing and blech-ing, he came to me wanting the cookbook with all the pictures in it. He sat for the rest of the afternoon circlling page numbers and pictures of all the things he wanted to make. They ranged from dips to elaborate breads. But the one that had really caught his eye was a basic fruit salad. He came to me later for a recipe card and was so excited because he just knew he could make this salad. So he went through and carefully identified each fruit and asked Rick to write them down.

Here is how the list went:

pineapple... etc.,

And then, he convinced Rick to take him to the grocery store. If you cook at all, you know there are two big issues to this list. One, between the bananas and apples that brown quickly, and the melding of all these varieties, the taste was questionable at best. And two, the expense of all that fresh fruit, would be enough to blow the grocery budget for weeks to come.

But Dad, who does not cook, took on the shopping challenge and I waited anxiously to see how he would fare. Apparently after he got to about 30 (!) dollars worth of fruit, Dad drew the line. And here is the beauty of Dad's thinking quickly on their feet. He bought, bananas, grapes, strawberries, melon, and a few more fruits on sale, and ONE BIG CAN of fruit cocktail!! Score one for Dad.

So yesterday we made Colton's Fruit Salad. We drained the fruit cocktail first, and (sort of buried at the bottom of the bowl), then adorned the top with the fresh fruit. By the time we were done slicing and dicing, Colton was beaming. I have to admit, it looked pretty yummy.

Plus, we decided we needed a little dip for it and here is the one we tried:

We blended together:

1 8 oz. package of softened cream cheese

3/4 of a cup of packed light brown sugar

1 tsp. of vanilla

And the verdict? Delish!! I wouldn't typically put in a can of fruit cocktail with a fruit salad... but the things we will do to please a six 6 year old! Move over all of you Rachel Ray's and Bobby Flay's... Colton J is on his way :)


  1. Oh Gosh! You are so lucky to have a cook in the house!
    If he's doing such a great job at 6 imagine when he gets old 10?
    He'll be an absolute guru!

    And aren't Dads nice! Taking him out to do this was just fine :)
    GO COLTON!!!

  2. Oh, I am so in love with that face!

    If you'd like to try a cheaper version that doesn't need dip, just take a can of peach pie filling and add in cut up grapes, strawberries, bananas and a can of drained pineapple.

    He'll love it. [at least I do...]

  3. A.L.L.,
    Colton saw his picture on here today and he was still just grinning :) Thanks for your sweet comments.

    Gitz! It feels like forever even though its only been a few days :) So glad to see you making the rounds again and sportin a new springy green dell and all. Does he or she have a name yet? You know, with George being a male and all...

    The peach pie filling sounds really good :) It seems so many recipes call for jello and its just not my favorite. Colton would be excited for anything that has the word "pie" in it :)

  4. My daughter, Candace, loves to cook with me. This summer I am letting her go to a five day cooking class down in Atlanta. I am hoping it will really give her a good knowledge basis to work from for the rest of her life.
    Our oldest daughter, Kayla, was a soccer player and very good at academics. We have been trying to find Candace's thing that we could nuture and grow. Art and cooking seem to really get her interest so we are trying to encourage her creativity anyway we can.

    I love that you, your husband and Colton could make healthy eating fun. We eat fruit salad a lot and if I keep it cut up my family will it all the time. If I leave it in the bags and don't wash it for them it will rot!~

  5. Wow, Colton sounds like he has a real passion for cuisine : )

    My sister-in-law makes an amazing fruit salad with a dip that is just unbelievable--just mix a tub of Cool Whip (the low fat version is what we usually go with) with a package of one of the fruit-flavored Crystal Light containers (we usually end up with the raspberry flavor. It sounds weird, but it's terrific : )

  6. He sure is cute enough for his own cooking show! Love this post~

  7. What a cutie and hey its fantastic he is so interested in cooking shows. Perhaps a chef in the family in later years. His fruit salad looks divine as well and so does the dip. Well done and if only we didnt live so far away we all would hsve been around to join in. Tell Colton that Lilly from Australia said he did great!!! Now I am hungry for fruit....

  8. Ruthie, I think I am jealous of Candace :) How fun for her and its such a good skill to have in life. Isn't it great that they each have their own path in life? We are definitely finding the same thing out with our boys.

    KLo, I have to try the recipe for the salad, its sounds yummy and super easy, so my style :)

    Missy, thanks :)

    Lilly, his eyes got SO big when I told him what you said and then we promptly looked up Australia on the map... thanks for the impromptu geography lesson :)

  9. So impressive that he cooks!!! Cooking is VERY "in" right now so maybe he'll keep it up and develope a lifelong love for it.
    Also, I'm hungry and it sounds delish!


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