Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Wired for Sound."

After getting home from book club last night, I came home to find all of your sweet and encouraging comments to yesterday's news. I really FEEL your concern, your encouragement, your support. Plus, it is oddly comforting to know so many of you have experience with this very thing. I really welcome hearing about your experience and any advice you have.

So I am went in early this morning and got my Holter monitor. As the cool x-ray tech with spiky hair and funky glasses told me as she first scraped my skin (ouch) then attached the electrodes, "you are now wired for sound." So for the next 24 hours I wear the monitor as I go about my daily routine, and I keep a little journal of when I have symptoms and what I am doing when they occur.

I am thinking the diagnosticians are going to get really tired of reading my journal as pretty much every time I begin an activity, its "here we go again." Walked to car, increased heart rate. Took Dakota outside in the backyard, short of breath. Went downstairs to wash clothes, increased heart rate and short of breath... etc... Blah! The person who reads the test will be shaking their head saying, "oh no, another SAHM, why couldn't I get the traveling circus performer, because you know THAT will be a fun read no matter what." (Have you read "Water for Elephants? Wow! We were all talking about it at book club last night. It was described as gritty and gripping, I couldn't agree more.)

So as I am sitting here blogging, its occurred to me my heart is performing pretty normally. So I'm off to drum up some business. I am either going to go and plan a birthday party for the boys next week, or join the circus. I'll let you know what I decide :)


  1. I think you've found the secret to your healing... just hang out with us bloggers! We obviously have a calming effect on you. :)

    Love you!

  2. I'm so impressed that you are able to carry on as normal wearing the monitor. Mine drove me nuts! Of course, I was very pregnant and miserable anyway! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've felt invisible for far too long and I need to do something about it, so I am. : )

    I hope your heart slows down and the doctors can figure out why this is happening to you.

  4. Why yes Gitz, you do :)

    Jill, you're so sweet :) t really hasn't been a bother. But I think you are right, being pregnant with the monitor would be much harder.

  5. Hey - you've just given me the perfect excuse for staying on-line, blogging my time keeps me happy and healthy!

  6. Serendipity, blogland has a way of keeping you from being too invisible :) Thanks for your well-wishes.

    Libby, there you go, the perfect excuse to keep on blogging :)

  7. I did the monitor thing. It was a pain. It turned out my rapid heart beat was caused by some medication I was taking.

  8. I see that you are on a monitor now. The Holter monitor is oh so familiar to me. Destiny is on one now for a 30 day study and my husband was constantly wearing one. In case you don't know, my hubby and Destiny both have atrial venticular tachycardia. Hubby's heart rate is often found to be in the mid 200's. Destiny's rate hasn't gone as high yet, but I keep waiting. Hubby has taken a long list of medications for his. He had an ablation 10 months ago. It helped a little, but not enough to eliminate the meds. He has taken Lanoxin, digoxin, and Lopressor the most. We aren't sure what, if any, medication Destiny will take. I believe they are leaning more towards an ablation right now. Good luck to you. I will be praying.

  9. Vicky My VICKY!!!

    I was gone for ten minutes and here you are!

    How wonderful that this was picked up and maybe you can find out what's going on and how to fix it. But I wish there was nothing to FIND! Were you not aware of it? Makes me wonder how long it's been going on that it would feel normal to you if you didn't notice it.

    I had these weird things called PVC's off and on for about five years and one day they just went away. OH! Maybe you could call that answered prayer! lol (I'm sorry, Lord. We pray, you answer, and then we stand around trying to figure out what happened!) I had to wear the holter a couple of times. But mine were intermittent - not like what you're describing. I would have them like 300 times a day but not all the time.

    I pray they can diagnose this quickly. OH! I love our blogging community but I think a whole bunch of us should just start our own town and move there so we could all be there for each other. We'll put Gitz right in the middle so everyone has to pass by and through all the time!

    I will be praying for you and sending you love across the miles! XOXOXOXO Robynn

  10. It is so good they let you go home and do this yourself as opposed to sitting in the hospital till they figure it all out. This way you also have time to self study.
    Sometimes the patients know more about their problem than the doctor.
    I hope it is nothing serious.
    I am not sure what advice I can offer. My Mom had a heart murmer and she lived with it all her life without problems and my grandmother had a hole in her heart and she had more than 6 children. They were strong in those days.
    Today they do excellent work with hearts, everything being micro.
    I am very positive things will all work out for you.
    Stay happy, strong and positive.
    You are just getting a modern day diagnostic for a tune up :)
    That's nothing.:)

  11. I remember something about you saying you had your gall bladder out?
    I remember reading that once you do that, you require an alkaline diet.
    Sometimes what you eat can affect other things which then affects your heart rate.
    So pay attention to what you eat at home and see if that helps your heart slow down.
    Take care Vicky. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  12. Dr. John, hope all is better now :) The monitor hasn't been too bad so far.

    Kaleena, my dad takes Lanoxin and Digoxin too. Wow, the 200's for your husband, that is so high. Mine sounds much more normal when you compare it to that... and poor little Destiny! She is far too young for such troubles.

    KLo, thank you :)

    Robynn, oh my heck, what are you doing here? Does this mean you are getting well yourself? I hope so. I think you may be on to something with your thoughts about a community... and Sara (I am fairly certain) will love the fact you put her at the center of it!!

    Thank you @ A Lady's Life, I too hope its just a modern day tune up :)

  13. If I'm in the middle does that mean I get to be Mayor?!?!?!

    I'm in! It'll be just like Little House on the Prairie with everyone looking out for each other.

    Except with indoor plumbing and internet access.


  14. Very interesting you should post this. My daughter, 25, had to do this last month. Really, I don't think they found much to worry about. She has Mitral Valve prolapse.

    Let us know....

  15. Gitz, I do believe Mayor Gitz has a nice ring to it :) Yes, exactly like little house on the prairie. Riley could be Jack!

    Julie, How is your daughter now? 25 is so young! Surely you are not old enough to have a 25-year-old daughter :)

  16. Sadly, he probably has more of the personality of Bandit [Jack's replacement] :)

  17. Now how could I have forgotten about Bandit? I could totally see this one even more clearly :)

  18. Vicky you have had a lot of stress of late too. You better blog more, who knew blogging could be beneficial for your health. I am glad you have kept your terrific sense of humour. Take Care and saying a prayer on the results.

  19. Vicky, you're kind. I also have a 27-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old son. Robin and I got started early. :-) Daughter is fine with the mitral valve prolapse. My mom and sister also have it.

    I'll keep checking your site to see how you're doing.

  20. Hey Vicki, I'm just getting time to check out the blog. First off, I go to Dr. Kelly too and she is just fantastic, isn't she. Secondly, not that I'm happy you are having to deal with this, but thankful it was found and you can get to the bottom of it sooner!

    We had a scare in my family in December regarding heart issues with my 19 year old niece but just a few short months later she is as good as new! I'm sure the same will apply to you. Keep us posted and take care!

  21. Sara,

    I appreciate your concern :) I agree, its best to figure out what you are dealing with and go from there. Gosh, 19 is really young! It does give you a scare, so glad to hear she is okay. I'll be sure to update everyone when I know something!

  22. And my apologies for spelling your name wrong. That is my biggest pet peeve and I did it, sorry.

  23. Sara, no worries :) Way too many ways to spell my name!


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