Monday, May 18, 2009


I started off my pre-weekend with a surprise in the mail... a pretty, springy, green necklace and earrings from the giveaway I won over at Just Jules. I love the fact that Jules, makes such pretty Jule-ry and gives it away at unsuspecting times. I had barely put it on and walked out the door and had someone comment on it. Got to love a statement piece!

I did not, however, get to wear it the next day. Instead I wore layers and layers of clothing, including a hoodie for my head and a blanket over my legs and mittens on my hands. Nolan had his baseball jamboree. They took their team photos and then played 3 different hour-long games against, 3 different teams. Honestly, you would have thought we were at a hockey game, for the way we were bundled. The sky was blue and it was sunny, but NOT WARM, due to the strong wind blowing the chilly air.

But the team had fun. You can tell there is a passion to play baseball amongst these kids. And the hero of the day for our team? I think it would have to be Sami, who smacked the ball out of the infield and got a triple out of it and then Nolan hit her home. Yeah, thats right, Sami is a girl, but if you asked Nolan, he'd say she's just one of the guys! So the Titan Machinery Volcanoes went 2-0 and tied 1. I love watching a good baseball game!

By the time we got home in the afternoon, it was warmer. Nolan got his first mowing of the season under his belt. Nolan loves to mow. He has been obsessed with mowers since he could walk. His favorite were the plastic 5 dollar red ones we'd find at Kmart. He'd mow the whole front yard with his little pretend version of a mower when he was three. As he grew, he started taking the real mower out. We wouldn't let him mow, but he'd push it every chance he got. At nine, he has finally earned his stripes and does a decent job.

So after playing in 3 baseball games, and mowing the front and back yard, guess what the boys did next? Went golfing. The boys love golfing! But that is where it all crashed and burned. Or I should say, Nolan crashed and burned. He was a walking zombie and came home early and put himself to bed.

My project was tackling a rhubarb cake. Look at all of my rhubarb above in the pictures. The recipe I used called for a dash of ginger to be added to the rhubarb and I can't say I liked it. Plus it had a lot of steps to it, so I'll go back to some of my standard recipes next time. But it felt good to bake with something out of the garden. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year? How about you... what do you love this time of the year?


  1. It's so funny... I was going to comment on how big Nolan looks in his baseball uniform, but then I thought he looked so small behind that big lawn mower!!! :)

    I love that you have rhubarb in your yard on purpose... we used to have tons of rhubarb [and asparagus] but we always had to go in certain ditches in the country roads where they grew wild to pick them. I don't know why we never just transplanted them to make it easier, but it was always fun to go hunting in the ditches :)

  2. Sara, I have pictures of Nolan mowing with the big mower when he has to raise his hands over his head to reach the handle of it. OBSESSED I tell you. I'll have to dig out all of this mowing photos some day, literally dozens of them. At least he can maneuver it fairly well although 9 still seems kind of young to me.

  3. I only went to one game... and it was FREEZING. I saw a baby there in a stroller with no hat on, and I about flipped out. It wasn't right!

  4. Bonnie, even Colton lasted only through pictures and asked to go to Grandma's house. Lots of people only came for a game or two. We even went to Subway in-between and had soup to try and get the chill out!

  5. Hi, just checking in! I froze on Saturday too, walking the development for the neighborhood rummage sales, will it ever warm up?

    Also, we had gotten some rhubarb from a friend and I made a cake on Saturday, reminds me of spring/summer, now if only the weather would cooperate.

    Have a good week and tell Nolan good job on mowing.

  6. Hi Sara, always good to hear from you :) Rhubarb seems to be a common Spring theme. I just went to get the mail and it already is feeling warmer, so maybe there is hope!! Have a good week too, and I'll tell Nolan for you :)

  7. mmm, fresh rhubarb! Cake sounds good! I used to make a sort of rhubarb compote (chopped, boiled with sugar), and put it on yogurt with granola and brown sugar. Ahh, love the summer!

  8. All around lovely and cold and fun and miserable - Spring in MN for you huh?!

  9. Hi Chelsea :) What a pleasant surprise. I was just thinking of doing a preserve with it or adding in some strawberries and making a sauce or something. I'll have to see what I can find!

    Jules, yeah spring, cuz its pre-SUMMER! I just can't help but look ahead and hope for warmer :) Today its sunny and 72, I'll take it.

  10. beautiful necklace!
    Oh I love this time of year too! Sun and flip flops and short sleeves and browning it was freezing here!!!
    I've never cooked with rhuburb! I should try it!!!
    Love to you~

  11. Love, love, love the necklace! These pics are so great! Love the mowing picture! You will have to take another next year, same place, same mower, and see how he has grown! He looks so determined in that pic! Great Post!

  12. I bet the necklace looks beautiful on you and she picked the right person to set it off. :)

    I love capable kids and you should be proud that at his age he can do chores like this. That's great!

  13. Robin, I was a lucky girl to win and you had me at flip-flops :) Try some rhubarb, its got a tart taste to it but you just surround it with all kinds of sugary goodness!

    Missy, good idea, lol lets just hope he doesn't become mower averse in the next few months :)

    Robynn, you're so sweet :) He is very strong willed and take charge when he puts his mind to it. I hope he will continue to know he is capable!

  14. Very pretty necklace and rhubarb already?
    Mine takes all summer to grow but I never pick it. My Mom used to make great rhubarb. I should look it up and see how to make some.
    Thanks for the reminder. :)
    I'm busy with soccer . My boy is leaving on a trip again on Wednesday. Its for the play offs.
    They made it. lol
    Well hope you are feeling well
    Have a good one:)

  15. Hi Vic, wish your son and his team good luck in the playoffs! How exciting. Will you get to go watch too? Are they far from where you live? There is nothing like the fun and excitement of playoffs. I hope you will tell us more about it, in a post maybe? Go Team!

  16. Good on Nolan, that is great!! I think your necklace is great and I am so glad you won this. As for rhubarb I love it but have never tired it in a cake so I would liek to try that sometimes. i hope you are well. As for this time of season its almost winter here so.....I love the garden in spring, thats my favourite thing.

  17. I also like the sound of Rhubarb cake, I think it sound very yummy.

    I need a lawn mower that works or one I can start anyway. Can't wait till my boy is older enough to mow for me.

  18. Lilly, I couldn't keep him back if I tried :) If I find a good rhubarb cake recipe I'll pass it along so you can try if you like. Although, its the wrong season for you, so wait till its spring :) And yes, I agree with the garden, so excited to get mine in the ground!

    Liss, Its wonderful how much Nolan wants to be like an adult when it comes to helping out! Your son will too soon enough :) I will pass along a good recipe for rhubarb cake when I get one!!


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When you get lucky

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