Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Secret and a Contest

Jules over at Just Jules is doing a giveaway for one of her handmade pieces of jewelry. To be eligible for the giveaway she is asking you to answer the question "I am..." using a black marker on a sheet of white paper and taking a picture of it and sharing it on your blog. She plans to use the pictures on her blog in a photo project. If you'd like to enter just follow the link to her blog and follow the steps. Jules actually lives just a few hours from me in Minnesota.

So this was my entry... and no I'm not pregnant :) But I did go to the doctor. Last Thursday. The dermatologist. To have my moles checked. Glamourous, yes. So guess what she found?

Are you sitting down? What I am going to share with you is going to sound familiar... I had a rapid heartbeat. And I didn't think much of it. I could have been anxious wondering if I was going to have moles removed. We do have a strong family history for melanoma, and I don't mess around with too much sun. But at some point I do expect Dr. Kelly to tell me that one of my 562 moles does look suspicious.

However, my moles were fine. So with the coast clear, the nurse decided to check my heart rate one more time... she got the same number. Is this beginning to ring a bell for you as much as it did for me? I couldn't help but think of our sweet Stellan and Mckmamaand his long road with SVT, or supraventricular tachycardia.

So a normal heart beats at a rate of 60 to 80 beats per minute. Mine was at 134. Both times it was checked. So Dr. Kelly insisted I call my doctor and get it checked. I went to my internal medicine doctor on Monday. My heart rate was 136. I had lab work and an ECG. Guess what it showed? That my heart was beating rapidly :) But the technical, medical term for this? Tachycardia. It seems there are several forms this can take and that is what needs to be determined next.

What are the odds? I thought I was following Stellan's story so closely because, well just look at him and all of his cuteness. But was there another reason my path crossed with his? And MckMama, and her uncanny ability to digest large amounts of medical jargon and make sense of it and post it all? What a Godsend that has been.

And maybe my own words are coming to fruition. Do you recall my fondness for the E.E. Cummings poem "I carry your heart in my heart?" These were the words I used in a post back in December:

"I've loved this poem for so long now. And every time we lose yet another loved one, I carry them in my heart. It wouldn't surprise if a doctor ever told me my heart was enlarged. I'd tell him or her the truth. Its big because its filled with a lot of hearts I've carrried with me for years."

So I am getting some more tests scheduled and have a referral to a cardiologist. And I am taking it very easy. Other than having a cold I haven't felt too poorly. But I have been short of breath lately and a little lightheaded at times.

I've always anticipated I'd have to be careful with my moles. It wasn't a huge surprise either when I had my gallbladder out at 29. But it never really occurred to me, the other thing I could end up getting from my Dad along with the smattering of moles, is his big heart :) both figuratively and literally.

And now my secret is out.


  1. Vicky, we will be praying for you. Keep us posted as to what the Doctor says.
    Love you!

  2. want to know why else this whole thing is extra interesting to me?? Kate and I went to the dermatologist two weeks ago, and our hearts were NOT checked. I have been many times, and never once has my heart been listened to there. If you think about it, why would it?
    I will be thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.

  3. Thanks Julie, I appreciate that :) I will keep you up to date.

    Bonnie, thanks :) I guess I've never questioned it, but she is always very thorough! That is a coincidence, isn't it? I know I wouldn't have gone in to get it checked, I wasn't tuned in to it at all, I just thought I was really out of shape :)

  4. Praying for you Vicky. Praise God that your dermatologist took your pulse!

    I had a similar heart rate when I was pregnant. It would shoot up for no reason and make me jittery. My heart rate was the same as the baby's. They did all sorts of tests and determined that it was just an abnormal beat.

    I pray that your tests reveal nothing serious. Please keep us posted. :)

  5. Thank you Jill :) My underlying health is good and I too am hopeful it won't be anything serious, but it will be good to know that for certain.

  6. I'll keep your health issues in my prayers...and I'll make an appointment to see the dermatologist!

  7. Oh my word, I'm so glad they checked your heart. I haven't had my moles checked in years, but they never took vitals when they did. Blessing that they did for you!!!

    Here's what I think you should do: rest and relax at my house where there is no stress [other than the first two minutes you arrive when the dog freaks out and raises anyone's pulse...] I just wish that rest was enough to take care of this, but whatever the doctors decide, please be extra careful and cautious and vigilant. I've become a bit attached to you and want you healthy and happy. :)

    Love to you... and prayers as always...

  8. Libby, thank you :) I think the dermatologists are going to have a big surge in numbers :)

    Gitz, I think that is my new favorite Sara saying "I'm a bit attached to you." I am coming, I just know we will make it happen, and that couch has my name written all over it when I get there. And my lap has Riley's name written all over it too :) You know I will update when I know something. Love to you!

  9. Oh Gosh ! It is a good thing you discovered it. I love your description of you and your Dads big Heart.

    Big Hearts for
    Wonderful people,
    who become Great Giants in our lives.

    Be vigilent and take good care of yourself.

  10. OHHHHH I Love this post. I have goose bumps! I am so in love with blogland and that your worlds collided with this case before you found out about yourself. Best of luck.

    Far less important - thanks for playing along. I will transfer you pic over and put you in the drawing.

    Until all others you have until Sunday night CST to play along.


  11. Oh Vicky! My daughter, Emma has SVT, diagnosised in '07 after she blacked out several times. She needs to have an ablation, which someday she might go through with, but for now she puts up with heartrates at about 185 when she's just walking up the stairs. It's not dangerous (her kind) supposedly. We did see 2 cardiologist before we found one we loved. I'll be praying for the right Dr. who has the wisdom you need. love to you and your precious heart...

  12. Small world! I have to take medication for the same thing! I had a whole battery of test just to find out that I have a rapid beating heart! Kind of has a mind of its own! I take two pills and day and I am back to normal! Whatever that is! I will be praying that your heart heals itself or for a simple solution!

  13. Me again! I love this poem too! I loved what you said about an enlarged heart!

  14. A.L.L., thanks for your kind words and yes I will be vigilant :)

    Jules, thanks for coming up with the fun idea for the basis of the post. Blogland is amazing for the paths it puts you on and what it brings to you!

    Robin, I am so glad you shared that with me!! That relieves me to know about someone else who has been through it and is doing well. Love to you :)

    Missy, you too? Can I ask what you take? Thanks for the encouragement and the prayers, its appreciated :)

  15. Just now had the chance to catch up on my reading. I'll be praying for you Vicky. Keep us posted.

  16. I check my heart rate every morning.

  17. Hi I just come over from Jules blog to read your answer.

    I think you have a beautiful bolg.

  18. Dr. John, so do I... now :)

    Liss, welcome :) Thanks for the kind words and I loved your response to the I am...

  19. Oh vicky I have missed all of this news. I hope things are ok and I think this might be quite common. The good thing is you are proactive about your health and therefore things will be able to be managed quickly if there is an issue. Take Care. And you are right you have a big heart, you do.

  20. Yes, Lilly, I think I will be fine too :) Thank you for your concern!


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