Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Be living it...

"Believing something is one thing.  But the best only comes when you decide to be living it." ~ Ann Voskamp

The sunrise was spectacular as we left early Saturday morning for hockey.  I had talked to mom to be sure she was okay with me going.  She assured me she wasn't feeling up to moving out of her chair.  She had a queasy stomach and they were bringing her something to help settle it so she could take her meds.  "Go." she said. Quite firmly. 

So we headed up north.  

We were playing the number 3 team in the state according to some Bantam AA rankings.   How would we match up?

The arena was great.  We loved the wood beams, making it truly feel like a "barn," and yet it was comfortable instead of freezing cold inside.

The game got off to a quick start.  My stomach told me right away Grand Rapids was going to give us a good game.  I was clenching my fists, and stomping my feet in nervousness, until the very end.  While #6 put the first two goals in net for us, my own #7 came up with a shot from the corner that none of saw coming- including the goalie.  It literally went in off the goalies back. 

Our boys would go on to win 3-2. 

I kept seeing this sign and thought, how did they know that about us?  Okay- so its their sign.  But truly, our team exemplifies this in every way. These boys, are the true definition of team.  

Yet, there's one thing we want, too.  The dream.  See those banners hanging across the rink?  These boys, would like to win one too.  

One team.  One dream.

So we left the arena and headed even further up North to Duluth.  Its always a beautiful sight dropping down into the city.

Sunday morning is when I received the phone call.

Mom, had a terrible fall at Bethany.

She was headed via ambulance to the ER.

We made some quick calls, as we were 5 hours away.

Our cousin, Pam, was our saving grace.

Seeing mom Sunday night, was one of the hardest things I've had to lay eyes on in a long time.  She is in rough shape.  She is black and blue, from head to toe.

She has a broken wrist.  Potassium built up in her system to a dangerous level and affected her kidneys and her heart.  

But despite everything, her feisty spirit shines through.

I'll be off spending time with mom in the hospital for however long it takes to see her through.

By the way, we won our second game to- 2-0.  #7, with the help of all his team mates, got two pucks past the Cloquet goalie and they won another big game.

"Believing something is one thing.  But the best only comes when you decide to be living it." ~ Ann Voskamp

So many truths in the quote.  

"Be living it, while believing in it…"  Amen.


  1. That truly is an incredible quote.

    We will be praying for your dear mom. I think that feisty spirit is something else to see, even in the roughest of patches.

    Yes, a true barn! I love it. Hockey does something good in us, doesn't it? Makes me want to give a little fist pump. We are cheering you on, Vicky. Much love today.

  2. OH.NO... how could they let her fall??? I'm sooooooo sorry! Extra prayers for both of you!

  3. So very sorry to hear about your mom - I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers!

  4. So, so, so true. It's what I'm working on/struggling with. Bless you and your dear Mom. I now how hard it all is, and yet a blessing.

  5. Oh, Mom! Prayers for you in the Sandwich - taking care of her, chasing dreams with boys, and taking care of yourself. And the wooden beams - an old barn for sure.

  6. OH, NO!!!... Thinking of you and your mom sweet friend. Sending prayers for her to be strong again and trusting her feisty spirit will help her pull through

  7. First, yay for the wins and the work and the dream and the team. Yay for being able to be there and be in your mom seat cheering your mom cheers and being the support for those dreaming hearts. I'm so happy you could be and that you went.

    Second, I'm SO sorry about your mom. Your mom IS feisty and those feisty types try everything alone and will unless they are quite literally tied into a bed and who wants to live like that? My stepdad was the same and took a few hospital tumbles with people coming and going. And the same....black and blue. He was a stubborn old dog and was determined to do it all his own way. And he paid for it. But he wouldn't have wanted it any other way and if he had to live tied down and monitored for everything so he could live like that for who knows how long, he would NEVER have chosen that.

    Take care of YOU, Vicky, and I'm grateful there is a cousin nearby to help. So much falls to you. Prayers for endurance. XO

  8. Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your Mom and strength for you. Glad the team won!!! xxxooo

  9. I'm so sorry honey...praying for your mom to be at peace and pain free and begin healing. (So happy you won) ox

  10. Vicky, I'm glad you got to experience those games. Life just keeps happening as you move through it day by day. Just focus on the next thing right? I do miss you. Let's try to find space for coffee soon. Lots of love and prayers for you and your mama.

  11. Oh my sweet friend,
    Way to go #7!! I bet your proud Momma's heart was pounding out of your chest. I'm so, so happy you were there to see Nolan living his dream.

    And I am so very sorry about your Mom's awful fall. Know that I am praying for her and for you...as you navigate each day...it's joy and it's challenges.

    Sending you loves and hugs and prayers, sweet Vicky...to the moon and back!

  12. I LOVE your sentence, "Despite everything her feisty spirit shines through."

    I'm so glad you went to the game. Even with the fall, God took care of your mom.

    So much love~~~

  13. Oh, your sweet mother. This morning I am overcome with melancholy. Maybe I shouldn't write. I'm listening to classical music. That always intensifies my emotions. I remember when my son, Todd was little, he heard the Beatles for the first time, and having only been exposed to the endless practicing of his parents and their operatic ramblings, he exclaimed, "Oh, I LOVE this music. It stays good the WHOLE time!" ....along with the music, or because of it, I'm feeling so much love for my children, my parents, your children, your parents....and you!

  14. Such a powerful quote. I'm so sorry about your poor mama.

  15. One team one dream. Love it!

    Ours was the 3 Muskateer slogan: One for all and all for one! Worked great!

    Poor Mom. Hard for old people. I remember what my Mom put me through.
    Once I put her hands solidly onto a porch rail. She was holding tight. To shut the front door I had to turn around a second and she had a black out that second, for a second. Her head just missed a cement post by half an inch. After that she was just fine and normal as can be. Scared the daylights out of me though.
    Dr said this was part of her disease. No matter how careful or responsible you are,
    if it's going to happen, it will.There is nothing one can do.
    Just keep your fingers crossed Vicky and hope for the best.

  16. Sending love and prayer and oh how I love that quote.

  17. Good morning from South Florida. ..sending warm thoughts to you and your mom. As always just a note to acknowledge that you are heard. Your triumphs and heartbreak count. Your vulnerability takes my breath at times. Did you ever see the movie Elizabethtown? The family slogan is: if it wasn't this it would be something else. Good movie. Love, Arie


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