Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The ghost town...

 I was taken aback when the words "ghost town" entered our conversation.  Really?  Here in Montana?  I knew instantly we should go.  We would take a new route to Bozeman, traveling the backroads.  As the distance between towns increased and the area grew more and more remote it eerily felt like we were traveling back in time.  Suddenly as we rounded a corner, the first evidence of a "town" popped into view.

 It was grand and imposing. I was channeling my inner Morticia... as I carefully walked through the overgrown sage and tumbleweeds.  How can you not flash back to the Adams Family when you see this house? 

Thankfully it was sunny and bright.  The visible modern day signs let me know it wasn't completely abandoned and neglected.  Oh for just one peek inside...  

But this was as close as I dared go...

Just a few hundred yards up the road, the town of Nevada City came into full view.  A few other cars had pulled in by this time and we were not the only ones walking about.  

While it was clear that everything was "authentic," signs of tourism abounded.  It was a young woman guarding the entrance to the buildings that told us that Nevada City was technically closed for the season.  But a film crew of college students had rented the place for the day.  While there were several areas we could not go, she did allow us access to parts not being filmed.  

Being surrounded by such rustic buildings, filled with antiques and relics of old, felt a little like Little House on the Prairie meets Gunsmoke.  

It was when the young woman pointed out the "hearse," of yesteryear that a chill went down my spine. The black stage coach even had a shelf built for a slab of ice... a cool but creepy vibe hung in the air.  

There were Saloons and mercantile stores, amongst sod-roofed houses.  

The tour guide told us we needed to come back some time when the buildings were open and we could get the full tour.  It was then that Rick asked her about paranormal activity.  I swear she lit up on the spot.  "Oh yes, if you believe in that sort of thing.  The ghost hunters swear the paranormal activity registers off the charts on their equipment."

Surprisingly we decided to leave just then.  We hastily said our goodbyes and thanked her for a glimpse of life in a mining town way back when.  "You're welcome, oh yeah, and if you are in the area we are planning a fun night for Halloween!"

I'll be thinking of you Nevada City, from the safe confines of my house- a thousand miles away- whew.  

Happy Halloween!  


  1. Dear Vicky,
    very spooky;o))))
    Happy Halloween and best wishes,

  2. Hi Barbara~ how good to hear from you! It was spooky and I can still get a chill thinking about it :) Hugs to you and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. lol That would have been a very interesting spot to be on Halloween night lol
    Can you imagine this being a bustling town once upon a time ago?
    I think it would have been a nice time to live.

  4. Great blog...and it looks like you've walked back in time. I would love to see this!!!
    The photos were perfect...kudos to the photographer.
    Love this, my friend....

  5. I love your photos and I'm sure it was fun to walk around the old buildings. Spooky, but fun!

  6. :)

    Oh Vicky, those photos are awesome. That first home with all the lil' coupla's and doo dads off the top looks so interesting. I'm with you...if only we could peek inside? Who built it? What were they like? Why did they have all the castle like stuff off the top? So interesting...

    Love your husband's questions too! ha!

    Too bad you didn't just point that car north when you hit Bozeman. It would have been a thrill & a pleasure to have you in our home. Reading your words though, it's like a piece of you is here with me!

    Hoping that the snow we are getting isn't filling up your streets too. Take care tonight & Happy Halloween.

  7. Now this is a place I'm putting on my list ...for sometime. I just love the feeling that comes with a place such as this, a little creepy, a little curious. It would be a haul from N.H. but thanks to you, I now know about it! Take care.

  8. So spooky it seems even in the day light with other people around. It the objects could talk I wonder what they'd say.

    Beautiful photographs, vicky xo

  9. How absolutely fascinating yet creepy lol. That house would have been amazing in it's heyday i bet. I love old mining towns. As for the ghosts they are better off left in peace. I have really enjoyed your trip. I have seen places I will never get to see. Stay well and happy sweet Vicky and glad you are home safely again.

  10. What a great place! I always love to think about when it was alive with activity and lives and stories and drama and, even if they didn't claim ghosts, you can almost hear the voices and see the people. It DOES look like Little House on The Prairie to me, too. Really good pictures - felt like I was there with you. I want to go in that BIG house!


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