Friday, October 5, 2012


We got more than just a dusting of snow yesterday.  It seems so wrong to even type that word.  It was a  mad scramble of finding coats and hats, the scraper for the car, a sweater and boots.  

I woke up feeling yucky with a nauseous stomach and a headache.  But I had an early morning wound care appointment so I took a concoction of meds and headed out the door. 

A new scab had formed last week and after infusion this week, the scab came off, revealing all of the pink hypertrophic granulation that persists underneath.  Its so routine for me, I hardly blink.  

The sun was already breaking through the clouds by the time I came back home.  Despite chilly temps, the snow all melted away by last night.

Yesterday afternoon, Rick and I were so honored to have a team from Sundog come and shoot footage for a video they are making for Bell State Bank and Trust.  Bell State Bank asked me if I would be willing to talk about my experience with winning their 5,000 dollar Pay It Forward Viewers Choice Grand Prize, last April.  

My friend Amy came and agreed to be interviewed representing the book club gals who made the winning video for us.  We laughed, and cried.  The questions stirred emotions in us and the Kleenex box got passed around and around. I'll share a link for the video in a couple of months when its all done.  

I shared with everyone yesterday that anonymously, I have paid it forward with some of the funds I received. All of the other finalists were deserving to win.  I sent some of my money to a couple of them.  I also sent some funds to a few other people- not connected to the contest, but with deep financial need.  Blessings flow.  In and out.  I always pray I am a good steward of the blessings that have flowed in, and do my share to "pay it forward."  

We can all participate.  Has it every happened to you?  Has someone paid for your coffee ahead of you?  Or paid for your meal in the drive thru?  What other creative ideas have you heard of for paying it forward?  

Rick and I are taking a bit of an excursion next week.  Rick needs to go back to Idaho to shoot photos for a school- and I get to play assistant this time.  I'm excited to be going back to the place we lived for over 10 years.  We'll be driving through Yellowstone Park on our way, and also Jackson Hole, Wyoming, before arriving in Boise.   Grandpa Jim will be coming to stay with the boys.  

Watch for photos next week!  Be well everyone- and as my friend Robin likes to say- Live your moments full! 


  1. Lovely snow photos, Vicky.
    We are still in shorts and sleeveless tops as the temperatures still linger in the upper 80's here.
    Fall 'feelings' are in the air, though. I can smell it (am I the only one?)...and feel it. I look forward to the cooler temperatures.
    As you and Rick embark on your excursion next week, please know that it brings a smile from my heart to my face to know that you are going back to the place you lived for over a decade. May the wonderful memories you enjoyed and continue to enjoy together envelope you as you spend this time together. Sending you much love.

  2. A strange thing happened to me Vicki (not that it will surprise you, right?) Someone who reads my blog wanted me to do some writing courses and she wanted to pay for them. She knew I would not do them myself so she was giving me a nudge or a kick more like it. She said she liked the way I write and thought I should write a column for a newspaper or magazine. She is incredibly inspirational and always positive. She only wants me to pay back the money if I make a lot somehow through writing. If I do then I will repay the money plus 10% which will got to her charity she runs. The whole thing is a little strange. I have never met her in person although we have spoken over the phone for a while. I tossed it over and over before accepting. Sometimes you just have to trust, which for me is very hard to do. However, it is a wonderful feeling when someone supports you and sees possibility isn't it? Now it is my turn to pay it forward.

    As for you, what wonderful joy it will bring to the other people you helped also. A good news story and an inspiration for us all to do the same.

    Have a great trip with Rick. It will be fun just the two of you. And the boys will have some great Grandpa time (and I bet he needs it too).

    I can only imagine the snow as it is so hot here at the moment. Too hot. I would welcome some rain or just some cooler temps.

    I will say some prayers that your wound does what it should and soon. Take Care

  3. eyes full of tears as I finished reading this - thankful - so thankful I have connected with you and for YOU! I hope someday to share with you just HOW much you bless me - enjoy your time with Rick!

    Love you!

  4. Yay for couple time! I didn't know you lived in Idaho, Vicky, and I'll be looking forward to the memories and photos you share. Boo on the wound that refuses to heal but praying for a change.

    Glad for the snow melting away. I saw it sitting on your pretty flowers and thought how I would feel. I baby my flowers and find such joy in them. It's too soon for snow so good riddance to it in your area! Have fun, dear friend. You SO deserve it.

  5. Our snow is still with us plus a little more that came this morning. Hope you and your husband have an enjoyable time together. Blessings as you go on your way.

  6. You are just a sweet angel Vicky, thinking about others.
    I pay it forward through volunteer work and donations.
    Once you begin doing this its an 18 hour a day job and I always tell my husband it's easier to have a job. You do your 8 hours or what ever and then you are free.
    There is so much need in the world.
    Lately I've stopped everything but I think once my life is settled, things will go back into community work and my favorite, being with children.
    They are doors to heaven and the future.Pure joy to be around.

  7. Have a wonderful trip! I'm amazed that you already have snow so it already looks like winter. I'm just whispering winter because here in Oregon that means rain, cold, freezing and more rain, but sometimes snow.

  8. I'm so happy you and Rick can spend some time alone.....I love road trips. Enjoy my friend!

  9. Hi sweet friend!
    That is so kind that you paid it forward. You are so thoughtful, kind, and considerate.

    A few weeks ago, twice in one week people ahead of me in Starbucks paid for my drink! So I paid for the car behind me each time. Although it was something small, it sure meant a lot to me for someone to be so kind. It also feels good to do something nice for others.

    I enjoyed checking out the pictures of the snowfall. I remember that well growing up in Minot! Steve flew into Minneapolis two nights ago (he actually had an overnight there before he flew out the next day). He said it was chilly, but wasn't too bad. Although we love living in Las Vegas, I miss how pretty the snow looks, and also the change of seasons.

    Thinking of you!

  10. Ugh... that SNOW!!! It's cold here this morning, but the sun is already warning things up.

    Looking forward to pics of your trip!...

    I try to pay it forward often, it's a great feeling and the recipient is always surprised. I like to think they walk away with a feeling that kindness still prevails in this world, and that people do care about each other.


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When you get lucky

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