Monday, October 22, 2012

Fully returning to me...

After just two quick days we left Yellowstone Park on our way to Twin Falls, Idaho.  Its awe inspiring to realize we covered maybe 5 hours worth of driving the third day,  but the scenery was vastly different round every bend.  

We stopped for one last waterfall of Yellowstone Park-  Cascade Falls. 

 I noticed this spot across a bridge down from where we parked.  I took my time walking.  I shot a few pics and then was drawn to cross the road.  I had to climb down a steep embankment.  Suddenly I dropped below the bridge and found myself in a valley, completely alone.  This wasn't a spot with paths or clearly marked areas for visitors.  But it was breathtaking and tranquil.  And I noticed, my breathing wasn't as labored.  We had descended some in elevation and the difference it made on my lungs was noticeable.  It was both an understated but powerful moment to feel like I was fully returning to the me I knew myself to be.  

There was a bit of a haze that was following us as we crossed into Wyoming and glimpsed the granite peaks of the Grand Tetons.  I also underexposed my photos a tad, so I did bump up the saturation on these.  

The sunshine was so bright and warm, the air crisp and water so blue and green.  Jenny Lake has always been a favorite of ours.  

We are accustomed to seeing more snow in the mountains and were surprised that very little snow has fallen yet this year.

I flew down the stairs this time.  Breathing easy, and longing to be on the rocks next to the water.

Reluctantly we left the lake and headed to Antelope Flats.  We were in search of "The most 
photographed barn in America."  Moulton Barn on Mormon row.  It just doesn't disappoint.  

We stopped in Jackson Hole for lunch.  It was in the 70's and we were shedding our jackets and long sleeves quickly.

Pumpkin-spiced latte... oh yes...

The park in the center of town has elk antlers at its entrances.  

We drove through Teton pass and crossed over into Idaho.  The sunshine and golden light following us as we traveled through Swan Valley along the Snake River, and on into Twin Falls.  


  1. Awesome pictures, as always! I love checking out all of the beautiful things you saw on your adventure. It's just gorgeous!

    I hope your week is off to a great start. Happy Monday, sweet Vicky! :)

  2. Vicky, those photos are just breathtaking, they are like National Geographic standard. What an eye you have and what an extra special journey it has been. And I am so glad you are finding you again. And pumpkin spiced latte? Never tried one but it sounds yum! And those elk antlers, how incredible - I would have never guess what they were. Thanks so much for sharing your trip, I feel like I have been on holidays too.

  3. Such beautiful photos that you've shared. Delighted to hear that you were physically feeling better as well.

  4. I have no words...God is awesome!

  5. What beautiful spots you are visiting.
    Very enjoyable to see.

  6. Asolutely awesome... larger than life! Jenny lake is so beautiful, the blue green of that water!!... you describe the atmosphere so well, Vicky...

  7. I called Hunter in from his regular studies to sit with me and view these photos, Vicky. I know I told you we want to go to these places so we took them in together and spent our time basking in the breathtaking scenery. THANK YOU for sharing all this and, like Robin said, I'm thrilled that you had times of feeling like your old self and that your breathing was easier. The little spot where you climbed down and found yourself quite alone was worth it. What a photo. I could look at that long and often. XOXOX

  8. You had me at "pumpkin spice..." :) Stunning, Vicky. I love that your treasures seem endless. So grateful for your sharing! And yes, I would love a pumpkin spice again soon! :)

  9. Being along with you on this beautiful trip was such a treat Vicky. I love how different the landscape were and how you captured each of them.

    I am glad you have found yourself back. Sending you love and energy xo

  10. What amazing, stunning photos! Looks like a great trip!


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When you get lucky

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