Friday, June 29, 2012

What makes a hero? **update**

Ask any hockey fan.  Who is your favorite player and why? You'd hear all kinds of names for all kinds of reasons.  The Minnesota Wild Road Tour came to town yesterday and I would guess some of the names you might hear mentioned could be Justin Falk, Chad Rau, our own Matt Cullen, or Wes Walz. Along with FSN tv announcer Anthony Lapanta, they were all part of the Minnesota Wild Road Tour this year.

I arrived at the parking lot to drop Colton off at 10:15, 45 minutes before the start of the event- and this is the line that had formed already.  The humidity was high, but so was the enthusiasm for the players.  In addition to meeting the players there was a climbing wall and several drawings for an autographed stick and puck.

Matt came right from his morning work out and donned a black Moorhead hat with the orange M on it.

The media interviewed the players before they sat down for autographs.

Then, Moorhead Youth Hockey Association President, Steve Iverson, presented Matt with a photo commemorating his 1,000th game.  Rick took the photo of Matt and created the print for him.  Steve didn't have a microphone so it was hard to hear his speech- but the words "hometown hero," were used. 

You would think NHL hockey players receive prints, photos, gifts, like this all the time.  That somehow they have stacks of memorabilia everywhere.  Perhaps they do.

But in an extremely genuine gesture, Matt called Rick yesterday while driving his boys to soccer.  After signing hundreds of photos, jersey's hats, etc., posing for pictures, answering questions for hours, he thought to call Rick and thank him. 

Matt is an exceptional hockey player.  The kids all admire his NHL career.  Those two things alone make him a stand out.  But to me, his truly distinguishing quality, is Matt's character and the genuine and humble way he conducts himself.  

I see the plastic surgeon today.  I will let you know what she has to say soon!  Thank you for all the emails, prayers, and well wishes!  


I returned home from meeting with Dr. Antoniuk awhile ago.  She poked and prodded and then re-cauterized the wound and dressed it again- and ouch.  Between the exam and almost back to back cauterizations, I was a bloody mess and am pretty sore. But...

She has a plan! I will go into detail when I can get some of the discomfort under control!  Be back soon! 


  1. Ouch, ouch, and double ouch!!

    So I take it Matt is from your hometown and famous? :) Clearly, I know nothing about hockey. How wonderful that he has mantained his character even with all the fame. I think most of the time we (as a whole) forget that stars are still regular people.

    1. I know how well you can relate to scars and non-healing and revisions, etc.

      And yes- Matt grew up in Moorhead where he started his hockey career :) I have more to share soon- his foundation raises a lot of money for kids going through cancer treatment...

  2. Oh, this is very cool, and the kids must be nuts with excitement. Matt sounds like a great guy, what a role model, huh?
    Hope things are looking up for you.

    1. Hi Mark- yes, we have quite a few good role models for our kids and feel really lucky because of it. Thanks for checking in - I hope things are well with you too!

  3. I love it when the sports people take time to sign autographs.

    Poor you Vicky. I feel your pain. :(

    1. I knew it wouldn't take much to get the discomfort gone and it was short lived. I only have a twinge or two when I overdo it with my arm :) Thanks for your concern Vic :)

  4. My dear sweet friend,
    What a brave girl you are with all that you are going through! I am so deeply humbled to be able to pray for you, Vicky. God is listening to the prayers of so many of us!
    I pray you have a good weekend, dear, and that the pain diminishes with each passing day.
    Carolynn {{{warm hugs}}}

    1. Hi Carolynn,

      Thank you for praying- the discomfort is already lessening. I even managed to go to a wedding last night and lasted till the early evening :)

      Have a lovely weekend and thank you for thinking of me :)

  5. Matt sure sounds like a heck of a guy...not just a great hockey player, but what a great human being!

    Glad you are done having your wound worked on for now...I cannot imagine the pain it must be.

    Please know I am thinking of you, and sending many warm hugs!

    1. Hi Jen,

      Thanks for your sweet words :) Yesterday I had more discomfort than I would normally, but I feel pretty fortunate that for the most part I don't have much pain :)

      Thanks for thinking of me sweetie!

  6. Being the Type A personality that I am whenever anyone says, "has a plan" its like music to my ears. That sounds like a positive step although clearly a painful one. Hope you get the pain under control quickly. As for what makes a Hero, well you are pretty much one to me. I certainly admire you for your courage and wonderful qualities.

    And yes, it is wonderful when the big name sports stars remain down to earth and appreciate their fans and where they came from. He is a great role model to your boys and everyone else who lined up for ages to get his signature. It is really heart warming when you hear about guys like that because there are plenty of the other kind who let fame go to their head and forget the fans.

    By the way I appreciate you taking time to comment on my posts when you have so much going on yourself right now. Anyway I am praying that this plan is going to be brilliant and looking forward to hearing your thoughts in your next post. xx

    1. Lilly- its been so good to have you back blogging again :) I "bond" with my blog peeps and truly miss them when they are absent- you were definitely missed! Yes- the Dr A has a plan and I am going illuminate what that is shortly :) Thanks for your encouragement always!

  7. Wow, I can't believe all the kids that came out to see Matt. How fun!

    I sure hope you have a better week, despite all this heat. Take care Vicky.

  8. Vicky,
    Having a plan is always a good thing ~ at least when the words are said by a professional ;)
    Seems when I say 'I have a plan' people run for cover or make sure they have their insurance paid up!!
    My thoughts are with you as always!!


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