Saturday, June 2, 2012


 Dance like the photo’s not being tagged. Love like you’ve never been unfriended. Sing like nobody’s following. Share like you care. And do it all like it won’t end up on youtube!

Its been a wonderfully busy few days.  

School ended Thursday.

The boys got haircuts... they refuse pictures...

Carrie took the boys to Space Aliens while I filled in my calendar with all that we will do the month of June:

Nolan: Junior golf tour, blueline hockey camp, FP-3, baseball, and hockey practice for an upcoming tourney.  

Colton: Junior golf lessons, blueline hockey camp, baseball, and summer rec program.

My whole calendar is filled already! 


Jordy took Nolan skating as we gear up for... hockey camp and tourney in June... Nolan hasn't skated since March...

Nolan confessed:  "Dad, I like baseball, but I LOVE hockey- I miss skating..." 

We're packing to go to the lake this weekend...

I went for a wee bit of a long walk yesterday with Darla, my walking partner, and burned my lungs good for the rest of the day.

I have to remind myself not to do it all right away... but oh how I want to!  

And this little buddy, Crosby, has wormed his way into our lives and taken up residence in our hearts.  

I feel the fullness of my blessings and gratitude oozes through every pore.  

I wish you all a relaxing and wonderful weekend! 


  1. Sounds divine Vicky - and you have made it so with the choices you make each moment in how to view and embrace your world. I leave, as always, inspired to live fully.

  2. Hi sweet Vicky~
    Sounds like you have a very busy June!
    I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend at the lake. It's HOT here in Vegas. Hit 105* yesterday, and supposed to be that hot again today.
    Thinking of you!
    PS--You mentioned Space Aliens....and we hadn't ever been to one until a few years ago in Minot. They have one right by the mall. We've been there a few times now when we've been back. :)

  3. Lovely post Vicky.
    Crosby is soo cute!!

  4. Forgot to tell you that Colton wanted the cheapest thing on the menu ($4.99) so he could have more money for tokens. He then proceeded to ask the waitress if there would be tax on the meal...haha!

  5. Vicky, we are near Lake Minnewaska and it is gorgeous here. I hope it's the same where you are! Good for you for walking what you did. Each step counts for something. :)

  6. I love this post. FULL of Joy. And boy did that dog grow up fast. Very handsome.

  7. The complicated joys of the simple joy of living. Love it. Hey, my honorary nephew is headed to St. Olaf's in the fall. I understand it's about 75 miles away from you. I SO hope I get to go see him there sometime and that means maybe I would get to see you, too??? :)

  8. Simple equals perfect for me. Oh how you must be rearing to go. That puppy is adorable. Busy times are ahead, take care.

  9. Sounds like a refreshingly normal weekend, and I love all your plans.

  10. Breathe in every precious and wonderful moment at the lake, my friend.
    I love the photo of Crosby. He's telling us all to relax, enjoy the sunshine and wonderful air that God gives us...strrrretch out and take time to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
    Love you, Vicky.

  11. Oh yes - the schedule being full is good! I love the last line in your post "I feel the fullness of my blessings and gratitude oozes through every pore."

    I often feel that way; so VERY thankful that I can't contain myself - it oozes out of my eyes and tastes salty :)) I cry alot lately - good cries mostly!

    So glad you had a good weekend!


  12. Gratitude oozing out of every pore... The best feeling in the world.


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