Monday, June 11, 2012

Look good feel better

I have found that definite milestones along the cancer journey turn your attention to the "collateral damage" left in its wake.  My hair had already begun to thin.  I had cut it twice, each time hoping to create some volume of some sort.  Then one day I noticed my eyebrows started to thin and fall out, along with my eyelashes.  Add in the accompanying black circles, and sunken skin below my eyes and  it was a harsh reality to look sometimes, as unwell as I felt.

I had chemo the day before.  But when I asked about the "Look Good Feel Better," program, they told me the once a month session was the next day.  I'd been putting it off, but I could no longer deny I could use some help.

I couldn't have known I'd be the only one in class!  Plus, the woman who helped me purchase my wig is the cosmetologist, Vi, who teaches the make-up application for the class, on your left in the photo.  I was so surprised to walk in and see her there.  Vi is a breast cancer survivor herself and is the perfect person to teach from a place of understanding what it is like.

And the woman to your right is Sandy.  Sandy is a volunteer with a perpetual smile on her face.  She brings the warm blankets, the snacks, the concern and compassion for what you might be feeling during infusion.  On one day when I was struggling to fight off the nausea while still needing something in my stomach, she offered to make toast.  To this day I don't know if it was the toast that tasted so good, or if it was all the love it was made with that really agreed with me.  But Sandy finds a way to serve all of us, and minister to us and always says her goodbyes in the form of a blessing.  The one time my chemo got bumped to a Thursday, I made them go through a lot of extra steps so that I could go back to my regular Tuesdays.

The other incentive for attending the class is in that little red bag above.  It contains make up samples from some very well known companies.  There is Clinque, Estee Lauder, Mac, Nars, Merle Norman, Lancome, etc.  There is everything from cleanser to foundation to eyebrow pencils.  Its several hundred dollars worth of make-up to help us look good, and feel better.  The program is absolutely free, and sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  Every community should have a Look Good Feel Better program and its definitely worth attending it!

Speaking of "looking good," I had to laugh at Nolan.  To me this is quintessential "boy" reasoning.  When school is in session he is so good about getting up and showering.  But he was a little frustrated that mom still insisted on a shower in the morning when it was summer vacation.  The past few days, while I've seen Nolan get in the shower and come back out with clean shorts and t-shirt on, his hair doesn't have that squeaky clean appearance to it.  Assuming he might be ready for a new shampoo that could clean his hair better I asked him about it.  Completely exasperated with me he said, "Oh mom, you said I needed to get in the shower everyday, you did NOT say I had to wash my hair or use soap every day!"

Ha!  Will I ever learn?


  1. Such a wonderful program and such wonderful volunteers... I think you're beautiful my friend...

  2. Extra hugs to your two angel friends in the photo above.
    The Look Good Feel Better program is wonderful; I'd never heard of it, so it was very interesting to read about it and what the ACS does...above and beyond.
    Great story about Nolan. Another smile for my day! My friend Vicky always brings me a smile.
    You're looking great as usual. Smiles right back to you.

  3. Hi Vicky!!

    What a wonderful program! So glad you were able to take advantage (but not glad you needed to, if you know what i mean)

    Oh for the love of boys!


  4. Smiling at your boy's take on summer showers. And happy for you to keep meeting such wonderful people. I suspect it has a lot to do with wonderful you.

  5. Hmmm, I have had that exact same conversation with Camden!

    I have heard wonderful things about that program. Actually tried to go twice, and it was cancelled once, and once I couldn't find the hospital conference room.

  6. BOYZ!! hahahaha So glad for you about the love and care products!

  7. LOLOL... that's a boy for you. Now in just a few years when girls are just a little more important... he will be asking for a certain kind of shampoo...and a certain kind of deoderant...

    What a great program... so glad you have these resources.

  8. I'm so glad you posted about the Look Good, Feel Better program. I've never heard of it, but will look into the program in my area. I would love to volunteer for a program that helps women feel better after cancer treatments.

    Oh boys....aren't they interesting creatures!

  9. Vicky, I love Nolan's response. So literal. I wonder what he did in that five seconds he was standing in the shower, full clothed. :) Kids! :) Gotta love em. And Vi used to own the place where I had my hair cut a long, long time ago, back in college. :)

  10. Love your Nolanism! That sounds like my Nathanism for sure!!!

    Thinking of you and praying for you often...
    Michelle :)

  11. Dearest Vicky,
    You are such a testimony of God's love and faithfulness. It is such a privilege to bring you before God's throne each evening.
    I think you look so pretty in your new wig and I'm so glad you are being pampered!
    Thank you for your sweet comment and inquiry on my blog. I found some information about the dolly that you and I both have...and, I hope you will find it fun and interesting.
    Blessings and many prayers,
    Carolynn xo

  12. What a wonderful program! I think that's so awesome! :)

    The story you shared about Nolan is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  13. What a great program ! I don't know if they have one here or not. I may have to ask around and see.

    Your boys make me smile . So like a boy to make the request we elders makeandmake it into something totally different. He made me laugh out loud! Hope you are ableroenjoy the summer and the boys. Activities day by day!

  14. I've never heard of this program, Vicky, but how wonderful it is! Everyone knows that when they feel good about themselves, they actually do feel better!

    Boys will be boys, always! And along with that goes boy's reasoning too! :0)

    Hope you are enjoying your summer days! Hugs, my friend!!!

  15. Nolan sounds like my son. I asked him to read so he did and very well.
    Then I asked him if he understood it.

    He said you told me to read, not to understand it too lol
    So he was reading and not paying attention to what he was reading.
    This is boys for you.

  16. What a great program Vicky. And very much needed too. I love my makeup. I hope you enjoy all those wonderful products.

    I told you in one of the recent photos you posted that your makeup looks beautiful. Were you using some of these products?

    Had to laugh about Nolan - boys are the same all over the world. Thanks for the smile.

  17. what an amazing program i just learned about....thank you for that.....oh and by the way, i think you look fabulous !!

    and gotta love them and their idea of cleanliness :)

  18. Thanks for the chuckle, Vicky & Nolan.

    And what a great program! You deserve far more than free makeup, my friend. <3


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