Friday, July 22, 2011

Cully's Kids picnic

It shouldn't surprise me. Its always hot. Its the third day of the event and with the heat a factor all three days, we're wearing out. But all you see are smiles everywhere. Because it doesn't matter what your "battle" is, cancer, or physical disability, or childhood disease of one kind or another, Cully's Kids show up to this event and participate to the fullest. And we forget. All of us forget about the battles, the illness, the scars... the heaviness of life sometimes. We forget, and become kids again through the joy being spread by one of Cully's kids. You can't help it. They smile with their whole face, their whole hearts. And don't tell them they can't throw, or run, or be a part of it. Because clearly, they do, they are, they will be a part of it.

                                        The volunteer crew minutes before the gates opened.

Matt taking a picture with one of the sponsors of the picnic.  

And cheering on Cully's Kids will be their biggest fans, Matt and Bridget. They aren't just the faces behind the foundation, they are the real deal, supporting and helping these families year round.  When Rick asked me to go get Matt and ask if he was ready to go in the dunk tank, I asked Bridget if she wanted a turn too, or better yet, maybe they could go together.  They both lit up- without a moment's hesitation, she said yes!   He climbed in first and then helped her lower onto his lap.  The first boy up, took aim and fired one solid shot...

and dunked them the very first time!  The crowd went wild.  The kids couldn't wait for their turn to dunk Matt and Bridget.  Actually the adults were secretly hoping for their turn in the dunk tank at some point too.  You could have wrung out our shirts with sweat from the humidity.  

Grant got a turn next.  He threw and threw and even though it would brush the button, it wasn't hard enough to spring Matt from his seat.... so 

Bridget got in again and on the first throw... splash!  He got her good!

I can't tell whose smile is bigger?

Brynn getting her face painted. 

The official start to the running of the bases.  See what I mean?  These kids weren't going to let a little heat, and a wheelchair, or crutches get in the way of running the bases.  Their spirit was contagious.

Matt, Mark, and Joe Cullen all took a base to give high fives to the runners.  

Grant is doing wheelies across the bases... 

Hi Dad!  

This little guy's mom was told by doctors he may never walk.  His brave momma took him to Europe for a new experimental treatment and guess what?  Not only is he walking, he may be shedding those crutches soon.  

When you show up to volunteer you you think you are going to contribute something.  But actually you walk away inspired, with a lump in your throat and a renewed sense of what "living life to the fullest," looks like.  


  1. Pure delight to see the joy on all the faces. How inspiring it must be to actually be there participating! Thanks so much for sharing this Vicky. I am leaving with a glow in my heart and a smile on my face.

  2. Vicky this made me smile, I am so hopeful for the little boy, hoping he will shed his crutches. They were having so much fun. It is a wonderful feeling left in your heart from volunteering for sure. hugs to you,
    have a great weekend. hope you are feeling well.

  3. Oh, such inspiration and courage and JOY!!!..

  4. What a gift for all in this day ... your pictures tell such stories.

  5. How inspiring. What would we do without volunteers? Great story Vicky.

  6. Thank you for caring for the little ones. I have only one left at home.

    Take care of yourself as you do for the little ones.
    Remember, we are all God’s children.


  7. This so inspiring. I love the joy on that little boy's face.


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