Monday, July 18, 2011

Cully's Kids 2011!

Thursday evening officially kicked off Cully's Kids 2011 with a silent and live auction at Ushers in Moorhead.  Rick and I both attended and spent the night chatting amongst friends and watching generous people step forward with even more generous bids and checks and donations all for the sake of Cully's kids.  Matt Cullen, our homegrown hockey hero, plays for the Minnesota Wild, and he and his wife Bridget created the Cullen Children's Foundation.  The foundation provides financial resources to organizations that support children't healthcare needs, with an emphasis on cancer.

Friday morning, with Rick and his Dad donating their photography skills, and Nolan volunteering to haul golf bags, and Colton and I showing up just in case more hands were needed, we arrived at Oxbow Country Club.  Its been 14 years since I was last there.  July 12th, 1997, Rick and I had our wedding reception at Oxbow.  What a joyful step back in time it was for me to be in that setting on Friday, just three days after our anniversary.

For all of you Sioux fans out there, please note the UND Fighting Sioux flag flying proudly beneath the USA flag!

July has not disappointed us in the hot weather department.  The humidity soared and the temps hovered in the mid 80's. 

Rick arrived early to take some photos of Cully's Kids.  Many have faced more health challenges in their short lives than most of us will face in our lifetime.  Their courage in the face of illness, their sheer delight in life, their ability to persevere, the heroics they perform daily, are inspirations of an enormous magnitude.  

These three guys are more of our Moorhead contingency of hockey heroes.  Jeff Foss, who will be playing for Nashville Predator's AHL team the Milwaukee Admirals, come this fall, Brian Lee who plays defense for the Ottawa Senators, and Chris Vandevelde, who plays for the Edmonton Oilers.  We're so proud of our Moorhead hockey guys!  

Brian Lee with Zoe

Matt talking with Garett Grommesh.  Remember the boy that stole our hearts in Extreme Makeover Home Edition when he donated his house to a friend?  He was just as charming as ever.

Matt with another of his "kids." 

If you are around Matt and Bridget for any amount of time, you realize what a true partnership they have.  The foundation is clearly equal parts both of them.  Bridget with more of the kids.

Last summer, some friends and I took this photo with Chris Vandevelde.  Jen, on your right had won the Sioux jersey and Chris graciously agreed to sign it and take a photo with us.  

We giggled a lot this summer when "the guys" had Chris come over and "ask" to take a picture with Jen.  We all laughed and may have blushed a bit.  

We naturally thought we should repay the favor and leave an autograph for Chris.  We placed this on his seat at dinner for him to find later on that evening.  We hope he got a good laugh too!  

Jen's husband Ben, provided the printer and his expertise in printing to make the posters for each of the golf groups to have at the end of the day.  Rick took the photos, and Jena, seated at the table, designed the posters.  Jen trimmed the edges and by 2:00 pm the posters were all done! 

The golfers ready to tee off.

Matt in black, with oldest son Brooks, getting ready to tee off.

Hey, Dad, wait for me!

Zach Parise, of the New Jersey Devils, attended the event even though he is recovering from an injury and was not allowed to play in the tourney.

Coach Shercliffe, grabbed Nolan along with Zach and posed for a picture.  Could that smile be any wider on that kid?  Nolan even had the forethought to bring his hockey cards along and had Zach sign his card.  Nolan is one lucky kid.  

In between helping Rick with photos, I snuck upstairs to relive a few wedding moments from long ago. 

This is where we sat.  The sun finally broke through the clouds that July 12th day, 14 years ago, as we ate our dinner surrounded by family and friends.

I stood reflecting on that day.  It rained, buckets of rain.  Everyone told me rain on your wedding day was good luck.  Everyone was right.

Each room has its own unique flair. But rustic simplicity abounds  throughout the clubhouse.

The view out the window.

The dance floor area, and main bar.

I walked back through and found the most perfect view of the day... my superman, waiting for me.

Day three coming shortly... and oh yeah, it includes a dunk tank... 


  1. WOW! What an inspiring, joyful, nostalgic, community-minded, inter-generational weekend!

    Interesting how we can build such beautiful memories right on top other memories. Love the last photo that shows how much you and Rick were on the same emotional page.

    Thank you for sharing this Vicky.

  2. LOVE it Vicky! I was bummed we couldn't go this's such a positive experience. I saw Ryan's 4th grade teacher in one of your cute.
    Glad you got to reminisce about your wedding too. :)

  3. You're living fully, Vicky. I'm sorry I missed the event. You are on my mind a lot and I look forward to the chance to catch up when things are a little less busy. Your posts always make me smile!

  4. Wow! Gosh you are certainly doing a lot of good things and enjoying every minute.
    What a nice place to have a wedding.
    and with the weather being so sunny... well what more can you ask for :)

  5. Wow. They had quite the system there with the posters... that's so impressive that can be done onsite. And I loved being able to sneak a peek at what your life was 14 years ago. That picture of Rick standing at the window made my breath catch for you. I love that you are loved so well.

  6. I bet Vande remembered your friend Jen right away!

  7. What a great place! A beautiful day, a worthy event. Love the branches entwined with light....

  8. What a remarkable building and day for all of you.

    Your wedding must have been a very beautiful event.

  9. What an amazing event! All of the pictures are great. I'm so glad that everyone worked together, had fun together, and celebrated such fellowship together. Wonderful!


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