Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being thankful in everything... even pink vomit.

Maybe it was reading about the teenage suicide in the newspaper Friday morning.  Cassidy Andel, another victim of "cyber bullying."  She was 16, from a small community not far from here, and she left her suicide note on her facebook page.  I stared at her picture all morning in disbelief.  She was beautiful.  And had to have had harbored deeply felt pain.  A haunting sense of having failed yet another child who didn't deserve this fate, sits uneasily within.  My words fail, while my emotion runs high.  You can ead more about Cassidy here

I awoke Saturday, with high hopes of a fun day.  

The day held such promise.  We made big plans.  We'd road trip to the high school football game 3 hours away and then we were given tickets to attend a St. Cloud State hockey game in the evening.  

The sun streaming in through the windows was blindingly bright.  Nothing however, that a pair of shades wouldn't fix.


 A nap in the car is always a good thing.  Although this would prove to tell an entirely different story later in the day.


We were all excited to visit the campus of St. John's to watch the section final football game.  The winner would advance to the state tournament. 


The campus was... gorgeous. Photobucket

A football game in November in Minnesota can be a miserably cold experience.  With the temps in the 50's and the sun shining down, this was one of those experiences you savor.


Our first glimpse of the Orange and Black.

Sitting in the warm sun, on the side of the hill waiting for football to start.

The Spuds as they take the football field. Photobucket

And this is where we stopped having fun.  Midway through the game,  Nolan started to throw up.  I ended up in the car with him in the parking lot for the second half of the game.  The team lost... badly.  Nolan was miserable.  I was hot with way too many layers of clothes to be stuck sitting in the car with a vomiting child.  Our hopes of attending the hockey game were slowly dashed.  

And yet, I was thankful.  Thankful it was only a 24 hour bug that ravaged that poor kid all night long.  I was thankful for Ziploc bags, disposable wipes, Pepto Bismol and Motrin.  For pink vomit, yep, even that.  For the whole messy, gross, long day.  I was thankful.  

A really wise friend once wrote, "I've learned that being thankful in everything is more important than being thankful for something. I want to be grateful for everything in my life, not just the special moments."  Sara Frankl  

What are you "thankful" for today? 


  1. The title of your blog had me reading and reading....and then at the end, I was misty-eyed. How can one get misty-eyed over vomit...and sickness... Well, the beginning of your blog says it all, Vicky. You have such a profound way of saying what is important....sharing those thoughts with words and photos.
    I am thankful for friends...friends that I can laugh with, cry with, pray with...and who will be there no matter what...I am thankful for my family...and my Heavenly Father who gave me all things to be thankful giving His Son for me. It is hard to be thankful for all things (because that includes the things that make us unhappy or sad...) but He told us to be thankful in ALL things.
    “… give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thess. 5:18)
    With love and smiles to you, my friend...for reminding me.

  2. Who leaves more beautiful comments than Teacher's Pet? You have no idea how much I miss all of you. This has been indescribable and I still can't sit at my computer to even try. My life is on my iPod and blog comments are frequently lost.

    But you're right, Vicky, to look for the silver (or pink) lining in everything. I've seen beautiful fruit in my warped orchard.

    I'm so sorry for this young girl. When my sister took her life it was proceeded by much life suffering but the deal was clinched one night at an "Up With People"'meeting and she tried to share her pain. A young man berated her and accused her of trying to draw attention to herself. She shut down and at 18, left us all behind when she jumped off a bridge into the Mississippi river. Oh, if people would only realize the good, or abject evil, words can do. It takes SO little to be kind.

    Miss you and love you.

  3. Vicky, like Jackie your blog title had me clicking over immediately! But I too had tears by the time I finished reading.
    Love the quote by our Gitz too...
    love you and you and never far from my mind as the holidays slowly descend, I find myself remembering my own journey of grief not so long ago. I'm holding your hand and praying for your heart.
    I'm thankful today for seasons in life. Ever changing seasons...

  4. What a beautifully inspiring post Vicky. Gratitude in the face of inconvenience, distress or loss really does change our perspective.
    You were clearly grateful that your dear son was alive and that you were there to help him through this difficult episode.

    I will take your lesson with me throughout my day. Hope Nolan is feeling back to normal.

    I am grateful/thankful that with a click of my mouse I can receive a sweet reminder from a wise friend.

  5. That sweet girl just killed me. This "bullying" is getting to out of control. I have been praying for her and her family.

    Poor Nolan, I heard that 24 hour bug is miserable. Glad he is feeling better.

    I am thankful for home today, home sweet home!

  6. Such an inspiring and motivating post,Vickie...Just great!!!! and hats off to you!!
    Thanksgiving even on loss of such a beautiful life is what always connects you to the Almighty so well. An attitude of gratefulness of all the good things in our life is instantly natural for most of us.But an attitude of gratitude is even more laborious if we are experiencing difficult and painful emotions as result of what is happening in our lives. There is a verse in the Bible that says "In all things give thanks." Notice the writer did not say "for all things give thanks." We are not necessarily required to be thankful for what we are going through. We need to be thankful in everything we are experiencing. When you went up to your mom for no reason and simply said "thank you mom," you had no specific reason in mind. It was a "just because" thank you. We ought to develop a just because type of gratitude in all circumstances. When we do, our awareness heightens and, we begin to find more reasons to be thankful for that did not seem to be there before. Even the not-so-good past experiences in your life have helped to develop you as the person you are today with regards to emotional growth and the wisdom you received. Be thankful!
    Remember to be thankful "in" everything. Thankful for what the experience means and not for what it gives.

    Vickie ,you have such a big heart to be thankful to HIM liberally even when you were in acute pain during Nolan's illness.I can simply salute you still and straight headed !!!!.
    Again I say "Great,Great,Great... Inspiring post!.
    With Regards and love in HIS name,

  7. I'm so sorry to hear your fun day ended with sickness. Boy, life can sure throw curves at us.

    Thanks for the inspiration of your words and thoughts today.

    I'm thankful that I can be with my parents today as my dad finds out this morning his fate with cancer and his future treatments.

  8. Thankful the extraordinary November we are experiencing this year ... and so much more.

    Your words carry so much wisdom ... as do Sara's. I know they have been learned through great hardship.

  9. I'm glad it was only a 24 hr bug and that the rest of your family seems to have been unscathed by the germs! And yes, thankful for everything, even when things don't go as planned.

    Today I'm thankful for a smooth school morning, hot soup for lunch, the living room my 2yo destroyed, another day with my husband and kids.

  10. Um, not pink vomit, I'll have to be honest about that :-)

    Glad he's feeling better. I'm thankful for a warm fire and hot chocolate tonight as we've gotten our first snow. *sigh*

  11. Jackie, thank YOU for sharing the bible verse :) as well as your love and encouragement always. Amen to your list, I would say its pretty similar to my own. Much love to you...

    Robynn, I miss you too! I pray often for some pain management and symptom relief for you. I am so sorry you are still going through such a tough time... far too long now. The loss of your sister had to have left a deep void and I am so sorry for that. My words are so inadequate in comparison to that
    loss... Love you Robynn... miss you too :)

    Robin, thank you sweet friend for your love and prayers. I feel all of your prayers and feel so blessed to have them. Love you...

    Bonnie, you have it exactly right, I just didn't want to lose focus on the fact I had everything I needed available to me, even if it wasn't what I had expected or wanted. I was still okay regardless. Thank you for your kind words :)

    Melissa, I know, my heart still hurts over the whole thing. I am so glad your home safely, and had such a great trip :)

    Dr Yadav, thank you so much for sharing your insight and perspective. I think it is a very wise perspective and such an important distinction to make... be thankful IN everything, rather than for everything. So wise and true. Thank you for your kind and generous words! Its always an honor to have you here :)

    Lisa, I am thinking of you and will keep you and your Dad in my prayers. Please give him my warmest regards. I too am glad you are able to be there for him. Blessings to you!

    Susan, amen to a beautiful November :) I am relishing every bit of it. Sara's words always serve me well and I carry her outlook with me...

    Amanda, me too, 24 hours is much more manageable than anything much longer than that. He is well and the rest of us are okay so far. From your list I can tell you as well practice gratitude... its a great list.

    Karen, amen to the fire... but crossing fingers the snow holds off till December... ha, we'll see... that may be a stretch :)

  12. Pepto will NOT come out of carpet! LOL
    Great photos! Nothing cuter than kids napping in the car!

  13. Sorry to hear about the pink vomit. (You know that sounds kind of like a name for a punk rock band. Now I don't know why my mind went there. LOL)

    Anyway, I'm so happy that you give me a chance to stop and reflect on all that I am truly grateful for. Today, I'm grateful for the chance to play with my kids. It's fun to see their excitement when good old mom joins in the game (hopefully I won't injure myself!)

  14. Thankful for this reminder, really thankful!

  15. I love you, dear heart. Thanks for the reminder to take my own advice :)


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