Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am, I think, I know...

I'm reflecting today and comparing my answers to the first ones I gave almost a year ago to this meme.  Round two, here goes...

I am: growing into more of myself every day.
I think: way too much about things that matter far too little sometimes.
I know:  I have the best blog peeps ever!  So grateful for everyone who chooses to come read here every day!
I want: to make sure I really live each day.
I have: to be reminded sometimes of how much I have... so blessed.
I dislike: the need to put anyone down for any reason, in judgement, word or action.
I miss: Dad, yelling at the Vikings games.  Dad, asking me to bake him an apple crisp.  Dad, wanting to go to Village Inn for pie... Dad, I miss Dad.
I fear: when my old friend fear gets too overpowering sometimes and I forget to be afraid but do it anyways.
 I feel: everything.  I have very little filter for not feeling.
I hear: nothing but the sound of my fingers flying over the keyboard... ahhhh bliss.
I smell: freshly baked banana bread and the remains of my morning coffee... more bliss.
I crave: a new adventure and wonder at the same time how I would fit it in?
I search: for the questions I should be asking.
I wonder: Who loves you?  Who inspires you?  What keeps you going? Will you share with me?
I regret: not knowing now what I will grow to regret...
I love: story, in a story, searching for the story, living a story.  
I care: deeply, even when I shouldn't.
I am always: a very curious girl
I worry: why yes, I (still) do.
I remember:  the way I felt at the time, over most everything else.
I have: so much I still want to do...
I dance: like I am 20 all over again but because I am 40- ish could care less who thinks I shouldn't anymore. HA.
I sing: no, really I don't, you're welcome
I don’t always: want to be so darn responsible
I argue: with my kids about NOT arguing :)
I write: to make sense of my world
I lose: myself in stories
I wish:  I could come and spend face time with each one of my blogging friends.  Each one.  
I listen: well I try, to listen less to the voice in my head, and more to the vibration in my heart.
I don't understand: Fourth Grade Math!  
I can usually be found: near my family, my home and my heart.
I am scared: but I keep trying anyway
I need: less and less things as the years go by.
I forget: sometimes that this moment is really all that any of us have... so... 
I am happy: to be exactly where I am, in this moment, and happy you are here with me.

How about you, care to answer?  If so, come back and let me know so I can read your answers too... 


  1. Love it Vicky! I think I have to copy you! :)

  2. What a wonderful set of reflections, Vicky!!! I LOVE getting to know you better!!! Glad I happened by today!!! I just felt like getting out to visit some of my favorite people, and well, you know I head here every time! Thinking of you, and praying for you every single day! Love you! Janine XO

  3. loved reading this and finding that many of my answers would echo yours :)

  4. I love this. and I would LOVE it if you came and spent time with me. SERIOUSLY! I need all the help I can get.

    Thank you for always hanging around with me. You are one of my five longest readers. Two tears and a few months now.....

    THANK YOU!!!

  5. Good post vicky. I relate to the "being so darn responsible"! It is hard not be when a family is depending on you! I know that craig tells me to be softer, and less in charge of everything...something I need to take to heart!

  6. YOU inspire me.

    There is so much good here. So hope and love and goodness. What a great journey, thank you for sharing it.

    I felt such a connection with so much of what you said. Dad, fear, love, dancing, and, yeesh, fourth grade math.

  7. I loved reading your reflections..a good write! I feel much the same way. :D

  8. when it comes to dancing and singing....we could be twins :)

  9. a wise, reflective woman - with a great sense of humor!

  10. Hello Vickie !!!!
    Everything is just so perfect here.
    Each and every reflections of yours is so precious and priceless !!.

    I'm just trying to copy a few of them which I don't have, and paste them in my forehead brain. I sincerely hope and wish that "it won't be a copyright infringement".

  11. Your heart is a wonderful place to be ... thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. Wonderful Vicky. I would really have to pause to think about those questions....

  13. I love reading your thoughts. I am very much like you, I wouldn't want to be in any other place. I'm totally happy where I am at in life, however, I wish I could do more for mankind. One day I hope to volunteer where my time is needed.

  14. That was lovely. I think about meeting my bloggies too. I hope they all know that if they're ever in Salt Lake City, they're welcome at my house.

  15. I love all of these responses. I should do this soon too. Each of your answers start my thinking. You're so good at that! I love how you write about "living the story." There's a poet in you, my friend :)

  16. I loved reading this Vicky - you are such a wonderful writer. You need to keep writing - you have a true gift.

  17. deep breath and a sigh. I've missed being here in those days I was too sick to sit up long enough. But I love reading this and feeling all about you again.


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When you get lucky

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