Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Favre can you go?

If you are a Minnesota Vikings fan the big news yesterday was the return of #4 Brett Favre.

 How cool he debuted the start of his twentieth season last night in our front yard?

I know... can you believe it?
Hey, its really me.

That ankle he had surgery on appears to be healthy, although a bit scrawny.  

Hand it off like this...

Coach Childress, is that you?


Some sources say the team is looking a little "young" this season.

But with the likes of veterans Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen returning, most think the team will contend for a spot in the Super Bowl again.

AP with 6 trying to take him down and he hangs on to the ball... hope returns.

All the way this year guys, what do you say?  

Brett aka Nolan

The smell of football is in the air.   You'll notice he even got a haircut so his helmet wouldn't feel so tight.  He plays his first football game with pads, on Saturday.  We'll see how FAVRE this QB can go :)


  1. Funny post, Vicky!
    So now you are a football mom!

  2. Hey Nolan - Favre never looked SO COOL!

    I think you have a couple of 'stars' on your hands there Vicky!

    Fun post.

  3. I LOVE a yard full of boys playing ball!

  4. LOL...and here I thought I had Bret Favre in my backyard.

    (I wish!!) love the photos of the kids.

  5. LOVE the haircut! Let's get rid of long hockey hair and bring back the buzz cut!

  6. It's time for football season! Yay! :0) I love this posts Vicky, it really made me smile.

  7. Wow so much fun I bet its nicer than to have all that hockey gear on.

  8. Eek, I'm a Packer fan...and Brett used to be all mine!!!

    Funny picture. Go Vikings! Not! Hehe...

  9. Looks like "Favre" had a super duper time!!


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