Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"12 weeks of summer in two days"

The party invite was pretty much every 10 year olds dream of a party... swimming, tubing, jet skiing, boating, fishing, and sleeping over-night. Add in pizza and ribs and fruit and chips and dip and birthday cake and you'll know why my son almost didn't sleep the night before he left for the party. I think our host Jeff put it best "we're trying to pack 12 weeks of summer fun into two days."

But the best part of the party? Was when WE, the parents got to go to the lake and spend the day.  Rick brought along his zoom lens and got these fun photos of everyone tubing.

Alex and Riley, the birthday boy who turned 11.

Ryan and Alex

                             Kate, the brave, was excited to go with her Dad, Thad.

                                                               Nolan taking a turn by himself.

And then there's Kate's mom, Bonnie.  The only kind of water she likes is filled with chlorine, surrounded by cement.  Her "yuck" radar was on high alert as this was her first time spending time at the lake.  The best way to get her acquainted with the lake?  Why tubing behind the boat of course.

Thumbs up means go faster.   Thumbs down means slower, I'm ready to get off...  ummm Bonnie, they haven't even started yet.  C'mon Snooks, you can do it.

Head first into the water?  


Oh no...


... that was a close one.  Faster Kate?  Sure thing...

... the scream heard round the lake.  

Thumbs up and thumbs down... classic mother and daughter.   But guess who said they are ready to come back to the lake?  

They started as friends.

    Two days later, after swimming, tubing, jumping, fishing, in the hot summer sun, they left as friends.


                                                                    Sam and Colton

Thad and Bonnie




Kim and Kenzie



We barely got in the car before this little light was out.  

Thanks to our amazing hosts, Kim and Jeff.  They welcomed us to their little slice of paradise and we all left feeling rejuvenated from sunshine,  good food, amazing friends, and blessings overflowing.  

Same time next week?  *wink* *wink*


  1. Ha! You had me laughing out loud!!!! Seriously...you are so good at this. Btw, Kim told me no photos of her in a swimsuit or we can't come back. Don't ruin it for us Vicky!
    I will email you the one of you and Rick. Thank you so much for capturing my "first time."

  2. Great stories with photos, Vicky...
    I was soooo hoping that Bonnie would leave the confines of the pool and head for the lake...and YES!! she did! Good for you Bonnie (and for the driver of the boat for not tossing her!) What a beautiful time you all had....I love the photos.....the black and white near the end and the one of the lake: perfect! Great job....Vicky and hubby (with the telephoto lens.

  3. Looks like so much fun. Especially like the mother/daughter, thumbs up, thumbs down shot.

  4. Enjoying the day with you through these photos ... good job!

  5. Girl, that is the perfect part of summer. Glad you had friends to spread the love at just the right time.

    Soak it in.

  6. I loved your summer lake story. The pics are great....love the expressions of joy.

  7. Jackie thanks for the vote of confidence! I am the world's biggest baby. They had to give me a special ride on the boat and tube right up to the dock so I didn't have to touch the lake bottom. Oh well, baby steps!

  8. Vicky, what a fun pictorial and captions about a great time. My fav? The classic mother daughter with the thumbs up/thumbs down! And then there were the boys by the lake - all four - with smiles. Says it all. :) So glad for all of you!

  9. Oh my goodness! That is one amazing birthday party!!


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