Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All the numbers round II

I posted one like this last summer and with one longggg week left before school starts, I oddly find myself in the same boat.

Round two, here goes...

36 =  the number of times I had to remind the boys we do not eat in the living room. Yes, thats ONE day.

488 =  the number of fights I break up in a day.  (Okay this may be a slight exaggeration, more like 483.) 

4 = the number of minutes I get to work on something without interruption, cough, NOLAN.

8 = the number of stinkin days left till school starts. ( I lasted 5 more days than last August)

88 =  the number of degrees above zero forecast for today.  

0 =  the number of pools left open in which to enjoy sweltering temps.

5 = the number of minutes out of the day that hubby is around.

1572 =  the number of things I'd like to do right now, minus kids.

1572 = is also the number of times I consider shipping the kids off to boot camp :)  Hm... coincidence  

< 3 =  the number of intact nerves I have right now.

 8  =  the number of people who have said they are in the same boat as me.  

Infinite  = the number of times I count my blessings that I have this time with the boys.  A few   
                days after they start school, I will miss them all over again.  

How about you?  What do your numbers look like today?  


  1. I'm glad that we're in the same boat :) I would add 1,474 times that my oldest son pushed my button this week. He's seem to be always looking for a fight. Gotta love those teen years. LOL.

  2. I spend much less time calculating 'numbers' now that I don't have wee ones in the house. I do recall wishing that I could simply just follow a thought to its completion before being interrupted, I don't know how many times a day.

    When you look back and at your children as young adults you will know it was all worth it - every grueling repetition.

  3. What a clever way to account for your interactions with your boys. I remember those exact feelings.

  4. Oh I could have written that post :)

  5. Gosh Vic .
    Sounds like you need a vacation lol

  6. After reading that, I need a sedative.
    Sounds like you DO need a vacation. But yes, 2 hours after they're out the door, you'll be missing them.
    That's just how it goes.

  7. I have plenty of days that have similar numbers! Thankfully the little cupcake is in especially good spirits living in her new house-- enough to get me through until school starts!

  8. 12. The number of loads of laundry that I have yet to do...
    Great post!

  9. I'm scared to figure out my numbers for today or yesterday, so I'll just look at yours, hee, hee.


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When you get lucky

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