Saturday, August 23, 2008

Signs of Fall...

We woke up to a cool blast of air today that sent me in search of LONG PANTS... and it was a tough search. It seems that both boys have grown so much over the summer that even jeans they wore last spring left their ankles showing. Of course in true "boy" mode they would have both been perfectly fine with wearing them that way. I was undeterred and they appeased me with wearing sweatpants that will do for today.

Rick and the boys are packing the car to go and meet grandpa in Detroit Lakes to go fishing for the day as I write this. They are going in search of muskies and even had to go and buy a "cowgirl" lure.

We almost lost Nolan however. On the way back from haircuts this morning he noticed the Cobber football team scrimmaging. He was convinced it was a game and he should really be there. I am fairly certain we could have dropped him off and gone to find him several hours later transfixed in the same exact place we left him. But the call of the fish was just a little more persuasive today.

And I am off on a quest for all things canning related. Our tomatoes are ripening and that means one thing... it's salsa making time!

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When you get lucky

When you get lucky

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