Friday, August 15, 2008

Change of Heart

Colton decided to take swimming lessons! After three classes of parent and child he decided to go it on his own and take beginners. I would even say he improved. He will ever so cautiously dip an ear in the water and sometimes his hair even gets wet... in places that is. He still would rather cling to his teacher (who was so darn cute who wouldn't want to hang on!)and floating on his back doesn't involve much of his back. But he was happy to be out there. He didn't even care that he didn't pass, the promised treat from the vending machine was sweet enough reward for him!

Nolan, most inspired from watching the Summer Olympics, really worked on his Phelps-like strokes. To my delight he was put in level III with one other overly eager 8 year old boy and a wonderful teacher who told me they were both advanced and so she would just keep challenging them. Not only did they both pass level III but she introduced them to half of level IV and they passed everything she introduced to them.

I can't tell you how amazed and inspired I am by Nolan and his athletic abiltiy. And it isn't because he is my son. Its because its safe to say he doesn't get that from me! And while there are always aspects of my relationship with Nolan that frustrate me I am so thrilled we have this common ground to share... love of the water. There really is something magical that happens when you see a love for something grow in your child. Now if he could only grow some love for schoolwork!

I'll post some (dark) pictures hopefully soon. My Javascript isn't working for some reason and my computer tech (Rick) has been holed up at the office. He came home at 10 pm last night and was gone by 7 this morning and its a Saturday...

**** Its only taken until Tuesday for Rick to discover that Colton had turned on the firewall protection... yea! We are back in business...


  1. I am laughing because Ryan was SO scared to take lessons...Kate was better, and this summer Olivia jumped off the board as a new little three year old. How different each child is. Oh, I can't swim to save my soul!
    See you at hockey!

  2. Won't it be fun to see what number 4 will be like? How very brave of Olivia! I'm so sad the pools are all closed now. Yes, we'll see you at hockey... feels so strange to be saying that!

  3. I love your new blog layout! Was that website "Cutest Blog on the Block" easy to use? I think you have inspired me to update mine too! PS. I'd love to see video of the boys swimming. I think we are going to start some swimming lessons too!

  4. Hey Heather, Yes, "Cutest Blog on the Block" has a lot of really cute templates... super easy to use and lots of good tips. Its fun being able to change them once in awhile!


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When you get lucky

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