Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Buckets of...

tears! Both boys had their share of owies yesterday. Colton's front tooth has been dangling the past few days. With the hint of the new tooth poking through the old tooth didn't have much room left. It took a lot of convincing... we talked about the promise of the tooth fairy... and how impressed his friends would be... but finally it was mom's story of how Grandma Mary Ann flicked her tooth down her stomach in her efforts to pull her tooth and mommy ended up swallowing her tooth... Colton gave in. It took a few tries and a few tears... but the smile says it all!

Nolan, not to be outdone, took a hard fall from his bike yesterday. He held it together until he got home and saw the blood. Why does the sight of blood instantly trigger tears? Perhaps, I think his pride and feelings were hurt more than his knee. Besides, his cousin Mackenzie had fallen the night before and gotten her first owie and he liked how his Aunt Julie had propped her up on the pillows in mom and dad's bed... there is just always that little twinkle in Nolan's eye that makes you wonder.

I have to say, it isn't lost on me that the kinds of things that are making my children cry are loose teeth and falling off their bike... and I feel really lucky those very small things are what their tears are for.

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  1. Leiton SO wants to lose a tooth...I tell him to keep brushing and they will eventually fall out..hee hee.


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