Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Finds… you won't want to miss

“We're all just walking each other home.” 
― Ram Dass

She couldn't have known it was my birthday.  It was a simple request sent through a private message to me from Dr. Terstriep. "Would I?"

Would I speak, again, at the 2nd annual Women's Breast Cancer Retreat on October 2nd, at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo?  

With barely a forethought, I was already on board in July. 

I would.

Then the details started sinking in.

The topic will be "Leaving a legacy."

And my 10 minute speaking time?

Expanded… to a full 30 minutes.


I've already decided the content won't be about leaving your legacy- but living your legacy.

And now I'm on the hunt for all the things I can gather about how you go about doing just that…

I am in a deeply contemplative state this week.  

It starts with this quote…

“We're all just walking each other home.” 
― Ram Dass

Then the earth shattering news that Robin Williams has passed away… 

It strikes me, that he might be the epitome of the idea of living your legacy when I think of all the days, and all the ways he left me moved, either with tears, or laughter and often both.  A legend of our time, never to be forgotten. 

So I spend my week doing this...

Enjoying the sunshine with my bestie.  Crosby loves being outside, and as the sun light has turned to that amber and golden hue that I adore, he spends every second of it with me.  

As I read and journal…  this stinker goes and gets not just one ball, but TWO.  

He is clearly living his doggie legacy, too.

And then because I've opened my heart to finding inspiration about living a legacy, look what lands in my lap.

I've been honored to have written for this gem of a magazine several times before- On The Minds Of Moms.  

Their most recent issue arrived in the mail today.  

Follow the link below… or go get a copy at the local grocery store.  

So worth your time to read! 

On The Minds of Moms: Heidi Odegaard: Giving Hope

Follow the link above for the rest of the uplifting and hope-filled story! 

But again, as if one story wasn't enough, look what else we found at the grocery store.

Two of my favorite people, living their legacy and inviting us all to be a part of it.

Area Woman Magazine: Cully's Kids 

Follow the link to read about the recap of the Cully's Kids final Celebrity Weekend.

You may just know the author- hehe- even though they may have accidentally left her name out… oops. 

If you are local, Area Woman magazine, and On The Minds of Moms can be picked up at your local grocery store for free!  

Are you inspired by someone, "living their legacy," that I should know about?  


  1. What an honor to be asked to speak again at the retreat - and for an expanded time of 30 minutes! You have a gift of telling your story, and in turn causing others to ponder life and look at things differently than before. This year, I am going to take a personal day and attend! And changing "leaving your legacy" to "living your legacy" is so YOU, another reminder that we can choose to live life from a different perspective. Can't wait!

    Sending love, light and hugs your way, my friend!

    1. You give such thoughtful and heartfelt encouragement- thank you! I'm so glad you will be there too, this year. I hope you will be as uplifted as I was afterwards :)

      Love and light to you sweet friend!

  2. Love how you have gently shifted the title of the talk to reflect the philosophy you espouse and live so beautifully! Can't wait to hear it.

    As for Robin Williams, we just never know the amount of pain and fear someone carries. However it also illustrates how the way we interpret or make meaning of our pain, fear or circumstance are SO crucial. You and your blog are a shining example of how the way you interpret your situation can make SUCH a difference. So helpful, for so many, Vicky. Wish Robin could have been privy to the way you make meaning of painful circumstances.

    Big hug. Stick with your gut reflections for your talk and you will do just fine!!!

    1. Thank you Bonnie- I deeply feel your kind words. I have to think the depths of Robin's pain simply didn't allow for him to see or feel anything else- he had to have truly suffered. It makes me feel doubly blessed that I am able to grasp the gifts I have been given :) Thanks for the gift of your encouragement! It truly honors me so.

  3. I love how you tie events and your life's philosophy together. I am always touched.

    1. Thank you Kass- my eyes/mind are set to see those things- they reaffirm everything for me. You, in turn, touch me, Kass- thank you!

  4. Love how God is pulling all of this together in your heart as you live your legacy! Even with Crosby! Thrilled for you to be speaking again--what a treat for everyone.

    1. Julie- such thoughtful and encouraging words- truly blessed to have you here!

  5. you are living your legacy! such a example to so many! 30 min of! i think you have much to share it will be easy peasy! read the article you biggest concern in going on one of those missions is falling in love with the children and wanting to bring 1,2,3 or more would be so hard for me to leave. what a wonderful story! i am on handed typing and can't hit the cap keys. would so love to hear your speach! love to you and many continued prayers!!!

  6. I'm so glad I came back to this post. We were heading out of town Friday when I realized it was up, and life was fast paced. My first thought: oh no, no byline? That's not good! The byline is so important! Well, there will be others! And I'm excited about your October talk. I'm giving a big one then too so we'll have to get together and talk talks in the coming weeks, my friend. Love you lots and hope to see you soon, once the kids are settled back in? Crosby is looking SO HANDSOME by the way. The golden sun looks mighty good on him. :)

  7. You inspire me Vicky...truly. you know that living my legacy (one day at a time ) is so close to my heart and you do that. Looking forward to sharing your journey. ox

  8. Hello my dear friend, Vicky,
    I have missed being here and am glad to be back home from Cannon Beach after my retreat. Not an easy time, but lots of growing.

    I love the word "Legacy," to me, signals living your life with your purpose in mind.
    While so many use the word legacy in connection with how you want to be remembered, I think of living a legacy as living with intention. Being fully awake to all of the beauty that surrounds us, the miracle of being alive, the deep JOY in sharing love with those in our lives. Treasuring each day and all that it holds. Being cognizant of what is the core of our life, who we are and our journey every day.

    For me, this way of living life involves refection. Every day, when I reflect back and pray about it all, I am asking the good Lord to help me be who He wants me to be. In every interaction, with every person... was I loving? Was I kind? Was I authentic and transparent about my journey? Did I live with integrity? Did I extend myself to those around me. Am I growing with love and grace and gratitude?

    While people may remember our "accomplishments" as the world sees them, more importantly they will remember (as Maya Angelou says) how they felt being around us,
    how we treated them. How does their heart feel when they hear our name?

    Who inspires me with living a legacy? Three blessed and precious people come to mind.
    I see YOU doing that very thing, my sweet friend. Ann Voscamp also does that so, so well. By husband Bert is another. I am inspired by all three of you. You all three live with such joy and grace and honesty and intention. You remind me constantly that LIFE is a precious gift, not to be taken for granted. You all radiate peace and pleasure in even the smallest things. You are all three so grateful for every day and who is in it. You live each day to the fullest and know you aren't perfect, but you keep growing. You share your authentic and transparent selves. You are who you are, so genuine, and don't pretend to have it all together. You are, every day, making this world a better place by just being here.

    How absolutely perfect that you will be talking and sharing at that retreat! It will all come together, just perfectly!

    Loves to you my dear friend. I am sending you prayers, always prayers.
    To the moon and back again!

  9. I love to see you living a very full life.
    It makes me very happy and I always smile when I see people doing it.
    Crosby seems to be a wonderful dog but then how could he be otherwise.
    This is a gentle breed and very loving.
    Loves to you too Vicky and I always think of you and your family in my prayers.

  10. Living a Legacy is a wonderful topic, and as others have said, you are already doing this beautifully. I am convinced that you will find much to share and will be led step by step, with Grace from above, as you put pen to paper (or fingers to keys!)

    I was captured from the beginning of this post by the great quote - isn't that the truth? Walking each other Home, indeed. Thanks for blogging, Vicky- hugs from over here in Munich.

  11. Vicky... I know you will do a wonderful job speaking. Make sure someone takes a video for all your readers can enjoy it since most of us won't have the pleasure of seeing you in person!

  12. Hi Vicky, sorry I've been absent from your blog, but I just want to tell you how proud I am of you speaking at the Living Legacy. I wish I could be there to hear you speak. You will touch many lives and inspire many. God bless you Vicky and I think of you so often.

  13. They picked the right person - to speak AND to write. Wonderful, Vicky.


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