Friday, August 1, 2014

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The thistles have outdone themselves in our back yard.  It was hot outside, not a hint of a breeze even to cool me off as I worked.  Rick had sprayed the weeds, and they had started to topple over, but I knew I would have to pull them to completely get rid of them.

So I was ornery having to spend so much time getting rid of these nuisance weeds.  Didn't I have better things to do with my time?  

Sweat streamed down, and my lungs felt my exertion, making me feel lightheaded.

Here I have been trying to count my God-given gifts and be grateful.  And all I can see are thorny weeds!  

What is there to be grateful about weeds?

As if I weren't crabby enough, one stubborn weed had the thickest stalk and it was not budging.  I went and got a trimmer and hacked away at it.  I thought I had loosened it just enough.  So I leaned over, and with my gloved hands, pulled with all my might…

and bam!  I fell back, square on my behind, my glove flying off as my hand hit the thorny pile of weeds  by my side.


And yet... suddenly, all I could do was laugh.  

How ridiculous I was being! 

With a handful of thorns now anchored in the palm of my hand, I went inside to have Rick free me of them.  

As he sat there quietly plucking out the thorns with a tweezer, my mind slowed down.   These weeds are the epitome of summer- my favorite time of year. They're green and ripe with life, because of all the rain and sunshine we've had.   They're strong, and stubborn.  In a way, they are a shining example of how I need to be to continue to fight my way beyond cancer.  

I went back outside.

By the time I cleared out a patch, I felt such peace.  

It takes effort to turn our thoughts back to blessings, much like it takes effort to deal with the weeds.  But the work is so rewarding when we view it through the right lens. 

It was a blogging friend, and writer, Julie Garmon, who inspired this post with her own post "Forgetting What's Broken."    Thank you Julie!  

A trip to the lake last weekend was a blessing of pure abundance.  The wind was pretty strong and our launch off the access was rocky.  The waves were topped with white-caps and our boat jarringly took us over the waves, bouncing us hard out of our seats.

But the views on this lake are not to be missed.

We soon found our way over to the point.  Its shallow enough for all kinds of boats to gather and for friends to hang out.  

But the "attraction," is just on the other side.

The "mansion," is breathtaking.  Simply stunning each time we've driven past it on the lake.  

It stretches on and on and is hard to get all in one photo.

It was several years back when the owner was away, and our friend, a property manager, took the boys  to see the golf holes in the back, and then we all took a boat out for a ride.  Everything is so pristine, we tiptoed across the lawn, not wanting to disturb any part of it. 

But on this day we were merely passing by… blessed to be invited to visit friends at their beautiful lake home.

It doesn't, in case you were thinking…  "does it get any better than this?" 

And this little cutie… whose eye had an unfortunate encounter with a dresser the day before.  But when I asked if I could take his picture, he knew exactly what to do.  Can you get over those blue eyes? 

We left with our stomach's full, our hearts filled, and our lake dreams as big as they've ever been.  

Thankful to our friends for being such gracious hosts to us! 

What brings you joy, friends?  


  1. It looks the perfect summer day. And those weeds. Thanks for the reminder to look for the good.

    1. Susan- it was a beautiful summer day and I enjoyed it immensely. Yes- the effort to do so, truly is worth it :) Have a great weekend Susan- love and blessings to you!

    2. Awesome insightful post Vicky!

  2. You know Vicky...Much to Randy's dismay and I am sure a slowly shook finger from my father somewhere in heaven - I just taught Addison one of my most beloved lines from Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh ~ "You know, weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." - Addison says now that (Weeds are just misunderstood...)
    Randy says I broke his daughter ....
    I think I just gave her a better way to look at things !

  3. having fun with family is my favorite joy, and it looks as if you did just that! the water photos are stunning. how I'd love to be there too.

  4. ooh, family time in a beautiful setting, especially by the water, always brings me joy. Love your pictures! and WOW, those are the bluest eyes!

  5. Vicky... only you can see the beauty in weeds. That's why I always look forward to your posts. You are an inspiration.

  6. Being with my family on a little vacation. Which will happen soon!

  7. Wonderful post Vicky. I'm so happy you could enjoy restful time on the lake. Behind on your posts so will catch up this weekend.

  8. To play with my littles, date nights with my honey, and vacations with all of us together! :). Love the post!!!

  9. I simply love the picture of the smiling boys of summer in the pool.
    that's a keeper.

  10. This is beautiful Vicky. After another weary night of lots of tormenting dreams and little sleep I got up down, depressed and the day seems like a task. It is so hard to find joy. And yet if I don't... today will not be the gift God set it out to be.

  11. Oh how i loved this post! Loved all the picks...I wrote about weeds once...what is the very first flower a child gives you? so excited, with there lil hands full and clutching...Love and gift giving written all over there little face's's a Dandelion! and we as mothers put them in a vase of honor! Weeds then have a place too! and there are more then one weed the blooms and flowers...who choose to call them weeds? and thistles can sometimes look beautiful in a flower arrangement!!! It's all a matter of perspective. We have a choice to call them a weed..or see the beauty in the weed. I use to be a weeding fanatic (like my mom) anymore there are weeds that I think make my gardens more beautiful. More natural, more like a walk in nature..then a walk in landscape. All things were put here for a's choice to see that purpose... I remind myself of that daily. all things then that happen to us, have a greater purpose...To strength us, to teach us, to challenge us...the choice to see that is ours alone...Life has so many lesson's in it...just like falling on your butt with thistles and thorns choose laughter and a perspective of summer and sunshine! Thank you for the reminder. Love love love and many prayers always!

  12. Oh sweet Vicky,
    What joy, and learning, and love and wisdom you bring into my life... and your timing is impeccable! Ah, those pesky weeds. I can't stop smiling as I think about how you described them. They are so symbolic of the hard things in life we want to avoid, the things it takes work and sweat and tugging to remove. The things that a change in perspective about them can move us from grumbling to laughing, instantaneously. I laughed right along with you as you described your glove flying off and the relief your laughter brought to the situation.

    You said it all when you takes effort to turn our thoughts back to blessings!
    What a great reminder.

    And your lake pictures told a glorious story. I felt like you took me with you as I saw the big waves, the big blue eyes, the weekend time with loved ones. I am so grateful, so very grateful, that you are STABLE and able to take this all in...weeds, boating and days and weeks and months and years with those you love with all your heart, gifted by Him!

    Love you sweet friend, to the moon and back!

  13. To see you and your family enjoying the wonderful days of summer warms my heart.
    Beautiful photos of the lake, the home, and the guys.
    Sweet blue-eyed boy....and God bless his boo boo.
    Hugs and love to you and yours, Vicky.
    Love you,

  14. As I was reading about you pulling hard on that weed...I just knew what was going to happen,LOL. Your lake is beautiful, that mansion just crazy, and that little guy with the eye issue.....adorable.

  15. Thank you again for reminding me that I need to look for the blessings in life. Sometimes I get so caught up in things around me that it is hard for me to stop and smell the roses and focus on the blessings God has bestowed upon us. This week seeing things thru the eyes of two little ones makes me know life is short and I need to be thankful for lots of things that I have been taking forgranted! Love you girl, send that weeds on its way, and enjoy the lake!

  16. Have NEVER seen a mansion like that. Unbelievable. Seeing it will go on my bucket list. Any idea who owns it? If they had any idea that a local girl who is pretty famous is admiring their home I'm just betting you might get invited to tour it. I want that for you!

  17. Vicky, what is the name of the lake you are on and any idea who owns that home?


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