Friday, May 10, 2013


The Excel Energy Center hours before game 4 of the Playoffs.

Rick's panoramic photo of the packed Xcel Energy Center.

I'm slowly acquiring the posture of "embracing."  Of leaning in and trusting that despite going outside of my comforts,  I can feel okay.  In fact, how I feel, can take a back seat if I am willing to propel myself right through.  

So on Tuesday, we embraced the opportunity to surprise the boys.  We picked them up from school early and had their bags packed and ready for them.  As an early birthday present for both boys, we got them tickets to the Minnesota Wild Playoff game.  It meant pushing other obligations to the side for awhile.  It meant lots of rescheduling, canceling and opting out of other things.  But... we just knew it'd be worth it.  We'd never gotten to see our own #7, Matt Cullen play in the playoffs before. 

The atmosphere was electric.  The Wild had just won at home on Sunday and we all were looking for a repeat performance.  The white towels waiting for us across our seats swung wildly through the air.  We stood more than we sat for the first period.

But when our back-up goalie was injured, and the first shot went in against us, the Xcel Energy Center slowly deflated.  Despite repeated power plays, we couldn't find the back of the net and the Wild lost to  the Blackhawks in game 4.  Last night, the Wild lost in game 5 of the playoffs with Chicago, and are now done for the season.  

The Wild went from a lockout all the way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs in a year fraught with a roller coaster of up and down moments.  We're so proud of our team!

As we customarily do, we used Hotwire to find a hotel room.  We've figured out that we can secure a room, at a 4/5 star hotel for a fraction of the cost of their usual rate.  We just don't always know what hotel we will end up at.  

The Commons turned out to be a real treat.  Even though we arrived late, crashed and had to leave first thing the next morning, I managed a few shots of some of the cool features I loved.

We arrived home Wednesday night.  By Thursday, I was so tired I couldn't muster enough energy to get out of bed.  

Today, here I am, one day before my son's 13th Birthday- two days before Mother's Day and 3 days before my other son's 11th Birthday, and I have nothing ready.

So I am going into the sun-filled day, embracing all that awaits as we plan our next few fun-infused days and praying for energy enough to see me through!  


  1. If you need ANY help today I am a good little shopper. Those pics are AMAZING!!! Do not hesitate to call me, please. 701.361.1759-just in case.

  2. The best way to enjoy these next few days...relax and ask for help! I'm sure there are many people who would love to! I love your pictures too. What a great birthday gift for the two boys who love hockey so much! I'm sure they will never forget that day. And, Happy Mother's Day a couple of days early! Hugs and love my friend! Eileen

  3. Praying for the energy to get done what is important, and spend time with those important to you, not in bed. Hoping it's a good weekend in your world!

  4. Hey... at least the day is sunny, even if you are drooping! Looks like you had an amazing time, taxing as it was. Relax and recoup! Thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  5. What a treat! Looks like a great hotel. So glad you felt well enough to go. I will pray for energy for you Vicky. Have a wonderful, happy, energy filled day!

  6. Prayers for renewed strength and energy, and joy in these new memories.

  7. That hotel is stunning! So glad you went and were able to have a good time even though you're paying for it now. And you don't have to have anything ready - that's why you took the trip to celebrate early! :)

    Happy, happy Mother's Day!

  8. 13! Wow. So now you'll be the mother of a teen. :) Seems like just yesterday Hunter turned 13. That was a fun but challenging year with lots of changes but we never really did that "horrid" thing everyone warns you about. Just a few emotional bumps and bruises and we both grew and changed. It's a great season of life, Vicky. And your baby 11. Oh my word....LOVE those "g." :)

    What a great hotel and a great tip. I never realized that you could save that much. I will definitely look them up next time we travel.

    Wishing you a blessed and fun Mother's Day and can't wait to hear about what you did. We are headed up to the mountains to recon for a camping trip in the future. Love me some mountains. Wish you were closer and our families could go together. By the way....that picture at the top is incredible. Love the effects you chose and it needs to be an actual painting. Amazing! (((((((BIG HUG)))))))

  9. I'll pray for you, if you want. It's unreal how many people I am blessed to know who are battling cancer, and I pray for each daily. God bless you.


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