Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Colton's 11th Birthday!

Colton, can you wink?  Or 20 seconds that is one of my all time favorites.  

Dear Colton,

You were such a "big" baby we called you "Bubba" for the longest time, but to see your long and lean limbs and torso these days, Bubba just doesn't cut it anymore.

You are your mother's son.  You are the peace keeper, the calm maker and the care taker.  You have bonded to me fiercely and are the first to throw your arms around me unabashedly.  I love how open and generous your spirit is.  You're the first to curl up with me when I rest and then you look at me with your big doe eyes and long lashes and say so sweetly "Can we please watch Chopped?"  It doesn't matter what I am in the middle of watching, how can I resist those eyes?

Those same eyes that laser right through when you are mad.  Your nose crinkles at the top, your eyes light on fire and then your nostrils flare- we call those "Power Ranger" eyes and whoever is you target is in trouble when you reach your boiling point.  But so often those big doe eyes fill with crocodile tears first, and when they start to spill, mommy is the first thing you seek.  My heart always beats an extra beat when I see those tears that melt me on the spot.

You're funny as heck and crack us up with the things you say. I went back and found this little gem from several years ago.  We called it... 

Dear Colton's future wife,

When Colton tells you one day that "meatloaf" has chocolate spread over the top of it, could you just go along with him?  Oh, and nod your head when he tells you his mother made it with ham? I've stood on my head so many times trying to get the boys to try various dishes I make for supper.   Colton has always had an aversion to meat.  But I am learning that if you give a dish a creative name,  like "sugar-and-chocolate-covered-no-thats-not-meat-underneath-surprise-loaf," you stand half a chance that they will take a bite.  So what if he only heard the "ham" part of the hamburger.  And I can get by with calling brown sugar and ketchup "chocolate."  Please, future wife, forgive me. 

The little turkey ate 4 pieces and swears its his favorite meal EVER.  It was such a hit, just wait till you see what we're having tomorrow night...  "hey-thats-not-tuna, noodle casserole,  with yep- those-are-green-skittles-inside."  

Bubba Jack- I love you to the moon and back. 


I will be having my mri of my brain today with sedation.  I will most likely sleep the rest of the day.
Thank you to everyone for their prayers!  Scan results with Dr. Foster tomorrow morning~ 

All shall be well~


  1. Oh what a wonderfull posting from a wonderfull mum for her wonderfull son!!!

    With tears in my eyes a want to say you "I am thinking of you and a pray only for you is by mail" ;-).

    I love you and send you big hugs and bussals also!


  2. prayed for you this morning when the alarm to do so on my phone went off. prayed for peace beyond what a sedative can provide. hugs!

  3. I prayed for you this morning. I hope you can feel those of us who pray for you.
    I love the wink! give Colton a big hug and wish him "happy birthday" from all of us out here in Blogland.

  4. Saying a prayer for you Vicki, Love your story. Happy Birthday to Colton. Praying all shall be well with your MRI. Hugs.

  5. Everything WILL be well!

    Happy Birthday, Colton. You are a ladykiller in the making. Those eyes will melt them every time... your mother is proof.

  6. All SHALL be well <3

    And Bubba Jack (love that) , such a handsome young man you are. Dear Future Wife... you've got a keeper right there, and lucky you that he's been raised by such a wonderful mom.

  7. What a funny post. I love the first picture Colton looks so precious you just want to hug him lol And the winking video is funny too.

    Good luck on your scan dear girl!

  8. Oh Vicky!!! This is the cutest post. Love the wink!!

  9. Happy 11th Birthday to Colton! Colton was such a cute little guy. And, he's growing into a handsome young man. I loved this post. It put a big smile on my face. Reminds me of one of my daughters! Hope all went well today, Vicky. Thinking of you!

  10. Thinking of you. Blessings for your sons on their birthdays.

  11. Happy birthday, Colton! Love the picture of you two.

    Praying for best results possible and a whole lot of peace as you wait.

  12. So precious, Vicky! Thanks for the joy of meeting your son just now.

    Hope yesterday went well.

    Much love to you and yours.

  13. Such an adorable picture of sweet Colton rocking out with his headphones!!

  14. Aww so adorable. Gorgeous boy with a gorgeous Mama. Cling tight to one another and I loved your letter to his future wife. You are so creative.

  15. Coming in as I do sometimes catching up too late to be timely enough to say Happy Birthday to this cutie. When you describe him I see and hear Hunter so clearly. Cut from the same mold. Just precious. LOVE the pics and the video!


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